19 February 2009


So here's one to keep you waiting and mainly for me to come in and feel..
"WOAH. My photoshop skill quite good."
Lol. I really don't think i am as pretty as i photoshop myself to be.

And i also don't think anyone needs to critisize me for that. Cox if i can pay for surgery and be pretty in real life as in pictures, then i will be as generally-hated as Miss Dawn. But of course you won't hate me that much cox i am not that rich. Haha. You guys huh.. Better start to be less jealous, and more loving.. No one deserves to be hated when all of them starts out wanting to be loved, just like yourself.

"I don't like this person. I must get to know her more."

I know VDay is over and i didn't write nice stuff about it but i hope Love in general.. Would.. AIYAH. Damn awkard to say all these.. But.. LOVE WILL FIND THE WAY!

Ah. Whatever!


Be busy for a while again. So hope you guys will.. Live life choosing to be happy, everyday. There is no better way to go through life.