11 February 2009

Go ahead & Shoot!

I had a photoshoot with Lawrence and here's some snaps. It's only now that i realise i didn't take a picture with Lawrence! But it's okay, you get to see me *bin pei gao gao*

Sweetest NiaoNiao (Emmy) accompanied me for the shoot.
To Niao: Althou you eat a lot, you still rock and ilu!

Miss Love doing me.



Becaming.. HAHA.. No such words, kids.

Becamed. LOL!!! I am so smart leh!

Becum. OMG!!! I know!!! Smarter by each picture time!

Can barely wait to see Lawrence final product of the pictures!

P.S - Apologies for the mini picture size! Think my camera's screwed. Are you happy, or unhappy about that? Hehe..

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