09 February 2009

Passing Through

Brought the kids for a haircut you can tell they badly need.
Three cheers to being good-looking and having confidence.

And say NO to ugly childhood. I totally been through that, the ugly childhood thing. Good looking and cute kids (adult too) can do anything they want and still be loved afterwards. About a month ago, i was at Ikea and i almost can kill a kid there. But i don't wanna talk about it (i had wanted to) anymore becox one of the resolution for this year is to have less a foul-mouth and to be more easy on the not-so-lovable things and people.

Bestest of the VeryBest Tau Suan

This china lady attending to the dessert stall in Tampines, is totally friendly and she is always generous with the liao. I asked for more YouTiao, she gave me this big bag of crunchy, fresh YouTiao.. FOR FREE. Man, she is totally lovable. And she always smiles when she serves! Err.. If you are cheapskate enough to want to know where the shop is, ask again.

山水畫 for the ones who doesn't like me. YET.

And also to those who bother to send me email and join my blogshop mailing list just to tell me how much i suck and how much you hate my 'fakeness' in all my pictures and in my blog, you know what.. I won't tell you i don't care. Because i do. Who loves to be hated right? But it's really too bad.. I can't help being..


Aww.. But it's okay Sweetheart.. You'd be fine, you just need to find yourself and learn how to find appreciation in other people's beauty. That should make you a happier person.

I know, i am so kind-hearted that i just tried to counsel you, it upsets you too.

But whatever, you know.


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