19 March 2009

I am so loved by all.

I know this picture won't deter you from reading on. So i'd just place it right at the top. In any case, 你知道我是美的. Haha.


Bracelets are my new love. This here is less than $2. But it looks like it's $200 on me.
Kidding. Just looks like $80.

Please also notice that the new EZ-Link card is very ugly.
But mine is not =D

I had a gathering with the Lovelies and i will show you the pictures once JoeyMa updates them into her blog. Haha. But for now..

This is what i wore that day. Bloody jumper gave me a hard time when i need the toilet. I just remembered photobucket haven't restore my pictures yet. So if you can't see the pictures in this post, curse photobucket along with me.

Then i went on to meet Ym.

I typed wrongly in Photoshop. I meant like THE HUNK.

I know, i look quite sweet here.

Random: I love my new brella
*Plays Rihanna most irritating/lovable song*

Dinner at Sudoku. HAHAHA. That's not the name. Funny, i didn't bother to remember the name but most of the food are not very nice. So it's okay, you don't need to know.

Dessert at Canele.

And the sweet little things from the gathering =))

Cammie. Okay, why do people call themselves Camwhore, seriously? One stupid person uses it, and then everyone use it (I used it too like years ago). I am gonna call myself a Cammie. Sweet right. Why CamWHORE? Camdy? Cami? Whatever. Why Camwhore? Lol.. WHY?

Ending off with a cute little box of sweet-sweet chocolate.
As you can see, i have been in pretty pleasant mood lately.

More pictures (OF ME ME ME and others) soon!


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