12 March 2009

Simple update

The sidebar photo album is updated. Please totally check me out.

Currently reading through Tuesdays with Morrie over again (Ym, do not worry, i have not sticked a single peice of pi sai in your book. And i will not) and it sure helps lighten me up. Life's beautiful. Mine is, i am, i hope you are too.

No makeup = No eyebrow
Can someone tell me serisouly, if Martell/XO helps?!
So desperate! No shaving, no plucking. Then how to make thicker?

I PROMISE, i will kill all the ants in my room by end of this month, or i will change my name to Ugly Ang Gu Keuh. You know that's not gonna happen.

I also promise, never to weigh more than 48kg and never to weigh less than 44kg. Becox i saw..


Kinda sure i will never turn out like that. But i am putting this here just so that i will feel better being 46kg now. And not hoping for 45 so badly.

I am so caught in between! I want to lose 1kg but i want my Ferrero Garden too.



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