10 March 2009

A Messy Post (Like any other) =D

Hello babies! I know this is something really gross to start with but i think i am one of those who are very prone to having sore eyes. Maybe becox i like to rub my eyes, maybe becox i frequently check for batsai using my sometimes dirty fingers or maybe just becox i am damn sway okay.

So i got this like one week ago i think.

HAHA.. I know. I am also laughing.

You remember this right..



_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

BunnYu came back from some ang moh country (I STILL CANNOT REMEMBER WHERE, is it Melbourne, Perth, Australia or where?) and we met up! Woo hoo~!

You wanna know why she is not smiling so happily? Becox..

We were wearing TWINS outfit that day. Unplanned of course. She wouldn't do a gross thing like this. And i didn't care if she liked it or not, i call both of us as 姐妹花 that day. LOL!!! I know she didnt like it AT ALL. But i don't care!

I gave Mz harsh shadow to make him look more man. He's available okay, if anyone's keen. ONLY FEMALES APPLICANTS ELIGIBLE.

And me~ V^.^V
Err okay.. That sign i typed is quite gross.

I stayed at my parent's after dinner and KTV with the two guys.

At 3am

Super black and tasty LorMee with A LOT A LOT A LOT of crispy fish.
At beach road. Opens 2am - 10am. But it's tastier at 2am.

Randomly, this fruit bread at Breaktalk is the bestest i ever tried. SO DAMN MUCH LIAO!

Hmm.. So i just shared with you my grossest pic, my gorgeous friends, my pretty face at 3am without makeup, Ho Liao bread and the world's best Lor Mee, it is not too much to ask for these right?

I really have no idea where to find these except at the freaking far airport. So please get this for me if you see it, thanks. I will not pay you. Hahaha...

I am going to get myself this REALLY SOON. Okay, how about this, I'd give you the toytoy inside if you get me Ferrero Garden. Fair deal?


P/S: I have no courage to shave my eyebrows afterall. Thanks for the emails and smses to let me know it's a bad choice to shave it! ^.^ Phew!

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