09 April 2009

Garang Guni - Clean out your shit

Dress from GuBoZua

"This is my blog and i can say whatever i like. If you don't like it, FO!"

That is what some 16 year old girl will tell you if you get low enough to spam on thier blog. But i'd tell you very very simply, IT IS RUDE, and you should not do that. Okay? And it shows a lot on how much your mother has taught you. Or maybe if your mum is too busy working, than it shows a lot on how much your father has taught you. Or if both of them are busy working, it shows how much you'd gone through as a sad, lonely and love-deprived child. HAHAHA.

Don't bother reading that chunk. I never put effort in trying to make those losers angry.

I'd be busy next week. So you guys should start downloading my pictures and print them out and paste them right beside your bed and pray, "I hope Qiuting blogs soon. God, i do"

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Very randomly, i was at a pet shop today after my facial and there was this guy (who's short but try to look damn sat with a ciggie, and puff out smoke with a painful-macho expression, AND looks like he is very insecure with his height cox i swear he has been stuffing himself with protein pack or something) and this lady (who works at the airport cox she still has the black pleated skirt and flower top on, quite pretty but please read on), and when i stepped in, the girl was asking the guy about the prices among different breed of pups. Then as their conversation went on, i knew the girl was just trying to act cute and blur hoping that the guy would think she is, so i got a little turned off. Then they were talking about black and white chow chow.

Just wanna insert some pictures for you guys to see.

White chow chow

Black chow chow - SO CUTE! ^.^ Like a bear right?

When i was walking pass them to get out, you know what the girl was asking to add on to her bloody cute blurness?!?!

"Hmm.. Then can mix the black one and the white one anot? Can mate them? How will it turn out ah?"

WHAT????!!!! You siao ah?! You think like Indian and Angmoh mix, Chinese and African mix, so easy is it?! We still turn out looking like human afterall. But you know what that dog is going to turn out to be not?! You think will turn out a panda meh?! If turn out weird, will you promise to still love it not?

Actually the girl did continue with, "will it be like the ear white then the paw black then the face and body different colour ... ... ... ..." ANYWAY.

You really should just stay off dogs. Better, you should turn into a chow chow =)) Then i'd talk to your owner and ask her (hopefully as cute-cute and blur-blur as you) to mix you with a poodle.

Cool man, then you'd be like the teddy bear who f-ed Goldilocks in the fairy tale.
Wouldn't you totally love it?
Huh? Miss CuteBlur?

Pui! You guys would prefer these kind of girls than me?! Then why point your fingers at me? I'm just being frank! Go do something to the people around you who made you unhappy. Don't come here till you are balanced! Haha.


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