05 April 2009

The Happiest Day of my life

Counter starts April 2009.

Hehe. Know why?! Cox!!!

1) A bus inspector ask for my Ez-Link card (FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!)
Finally i can show off my pretty Ez-Link card!!! Scroll down if you don't know which one.

2) Someone ask me if my nose was real or went through plastic surgery. OMG. Can you even imagine how HAPPY i was?! That means what you know not?! That means my nose operation is working!!! I pinch my nose and pull, pinch and pull, every single chance arises! I do in when i am reading, i do it when i am watching TV prog, i do it when i am waiting for bus, i do in on the bus, i do it when i am waiting for dabao food, i do it when i shit! I do it almost all the time! And i think it's working for myself too! WEEEEEEEEE~~~~!

3) I finally moved my sexy ass off to print my updated folio. I know the usual thing to say is "got my lazy butt off to do something" or something like that. But hey, i am SO SPECIAL. Haha..


Sue me for being childish.



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