25 April 2009

I know you are already wondering..

Why do i put such a blurred, low-resolution, pui-cao-nua picture, right at the top of my post when i should be posting up some chio chio pictures, since i haven't blogged as regular as before. You'd find out okay, it's totally fun.

Random LoveMySelf shots..

I cut my hair.

I lied. I didn't. Please totally check out my top can? Very basic, long and slim fit. Bought it at $3.90 at Carrefour. You know what's the best thing? The material! You see those dotty holes? If you have a baby/ toddler at home, you sure can find something very similar in their wardrobe.

Don't mind all the weird colour tinge ah.
Sometimes you just get hooked to it for a while.

And me without makeup. BUT with a bit of photoshop.

OH OH, before i forget!



Tomorrow i'm heading to JB!!!!! Weeeeeeee!!!!
FOOOOOOoooood!!! Mango in hiamjio and daoyou!!!
I am going to stuffed myself until like i go at 45kg.. And come back at 46 okay. HAHAHA. Just the thought of it!!! FOOooood!

Also i am going to the most exciting location for a job next week. EXCITED!

Plus plus, i got myself a pink dress for my birthday. EXCITED!

And and and! I just done a shoot for a new blogshop! EXCITED to show you the pictures!

So! You still remember i got something to show you today?












You want a picture of yourself like that? Email me. Maybe i'd consider. Remember to send one with the stupid slanted eye ok!

XOXO - A bit gross coming from me, i know. But i am having hangover after finally watching Paris Hilton's BFF on MTV channel. Hahaha. Anyway, TTYN TTYL.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I burst into laughter see the edited version. Damn~ It's so cute, you are so talented~ It's a like doll~

I am grate you have finally a comment that I can showcase in my blog. I can't just pump everything into what I want to do, QiuT. I have wanted to make a big blockbuster, and I know I can do it, but... in real, we'd need some strategic cooperations.

I can't do the 3D rendering alone, cos given the constrain, that'd take forever. I can't shoot a blockbuster alone, without cuties and hunks who are suitable for movies. I am not interested in Steven Lim's style of havoc videos.

I have a reputation to maintain as well, you see. LOL~

But I am going to walk North, anyway. That's one thing I want to do for a long time. Singapore is just so... 'stuffy'. LOL~

Well... we all can see that the current productions are mostly crappy, especially in Singapore... So it's now a good chance since the environment is so bloody weak. And it's 无奈 waiting for opportunity among the weaknesses.

Have an EXCITING day, QiuT.