16 June 2009

Don't Vote For Me

Princess Photoshop Pout

I'd tell you how the party went yesterday but for now, don't vote for me at SgBlog Award held by Omy.

I am saying don't vote for me cox i know you totally can't resist doing so. And will still do so in the end.. Err.. Like the Magnum TVC? "My name is Eva.. How can i resist temptation.."

Is my sense of humuor coming back yet? LOL!!!
You think i care about you! I think it's very funny leh!!!

Anyway, vote for me. HAHA.

Vote here.

You'd see Christalle there too. Vote for her AFTER you vote for me. LOL. WHAT?! Just one click more, not very hard right?!

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Actually i had wanted to tell my family yesterday at the party that i really Love them and that having them was a great blessing God given me.

My family isn't rich but i was taught to be honest enough.
My family doesn't always have enough but i grew up sharing.
My family can't give me everything but i am comforted that i have everything else.

I have the most supportive family.

And to the girly cousinsss who came, you guys are like my sisters too.

It's a lot of work you have to go through to be related by blood to someone else.

Okay enough about my family and I. I hope that you all will start to place your family in one of your priorities if they are not yet in there. I shifted out at 18, and only three years later, before my brain scan, then i realise that i really Love them and that i have for so long, neglected them. Especially to my 4th sis who had a major car accident, i'd like to say Sorry to her for not being there for her when she was on the wheelchair and still not there for her when she was on crutches. I know it's over but i'd just like to say Sorry to her and that i Love her very much and is very grateful that she is always so supportive of the things i do. She is a brave woman and.. And i hope she will not be so lazy anymore! Fuck you seriously big time if you think i am writing worst than a primary school student, okay, you have no heart, like totally.

Okay i think i am really done talking about that. It's 4am now (I am just done with uploading pictures to photobucket) and i am going to wrap this up.

I will be busy and this is the only night i think a lot about intangible stuffs. So it's a little scattered but you are used to it lah, huh?

Since you have read so much boring stuff about me, you get to see another picture =D

I totally don't care about you if you don't hart me. Cox' Silver told me i am lovely and i hunpercently buy whatever she says. HAHAHA.

If anyone email me stupid things again, i am so going to.. Not reply *rolleyes*


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