02 June 2009


Currently everything i do seems to HAVE to make sense.

And it's good becox then there'd be no more luggage buying and executive wear shopping, just to fly to Hong Kong for a few months then come back with a lovesick heart and leave Singapore again with a lonely soul.

And it's great becox now i do not buy every single peice of dirt cheap outfit hoping to bring out the worth i saw in it. And then have it stucked in my wardrobe, which is already pathetically over-packed.

And.. I do not buy anymore cute pretty ribbons and pinning that the whole world will love my handstitch.

I think i have enough of being a quitter.. Maybe yes, i was weak-minded. Maybe i was just not smart enough to choose the right thing to start on, then quitting was just being smart after being dumb.

Now it's as if i really know what i am doing, for the first time.

I am sharing this with you, from the bottom of my heart.. I feel like i have a purpose in life now. That is to work hard enough.. For me to be able to provide the essential needs of my loved ones. The restare just secondary. Importantly, it only matters when you are with the ones you love. And everything you do, should be out of the Love for them, and for your self-improvement. Sigh.. I rock.

But i still can't grow out of little cute pink stuff and.. Blogging ; )

Good luck to everyone.

I'd have to make it, this time.

Agent Q

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