18 June 2009

My Last Birthday Party

Not like i am going to die or anything but i just don't think i'd have anymore Birthday Party. I mean.. Maybe like a birthday celebration in a lounge, over a cocktail, chilling with friends and tidbits and then maybe a nice Chocolate cake at the end of it. So, since i am taking it as my last birthday party, please don't mind my (very cute) dressing here okay. Eh, i never had any Princess-like party ever okay. I mean you guys sure got like nice pretty pong pong dress at your birthday party when you were young right? Now i am just trying to relive some childhood i missed out!

So! Behohoho!

Oh wait, before i show you the pictures of my birthday party, i'd like to take this chance to tell the people (only two lah) who email me to say he/she would rather vote for so-and-so in SgBlogAward.. OKAY GO AHEAD AND VOTE for whoever and then go MASTURBATE yourself after voting, as a form of reward becox whoever you voted for will not do that for you. Okay?

Don't be stupid lah, you wanna see breast, butt and faces (in any case, nicer ones), go google it and you'd get to see it. Don't need to go to such extend as if whoever you are rooting for is some kind of angels. Angls dress like this.

Got smoke, got shimshim, got translucent harp with glow in the dark bling bling etc etc.

Not squeezing their breast between their arms in every picture they take and then have difficulties trying to explain to their children years down the road why every other man get to see their mum in bed wearing skimpy bikini or dressed in some Japanese uniform being shot by 6 JGP at the same time.

Okay, i have nothing against that, i mean i understand different people are okay with doing different things. But just don't come telling me that is highly likeable and that.. THAT I AM NOT!?! Hahaha.. You can say that THAT is highly likeable and i am quite lovely too. Then like that i am okay. If not, just shut up and don't talk to me. I don't need to know who you are thinking of when you are wanking off. Thanks. And and, i believe you must be gross =)) You must be a bit Bui Bui You You 肥肥油油.


On the side note, my new work hangout has got like really fun people. I'd tell you more okay. And remind me to tell you about my Angel Tarot Card and me okay!

SO PICTURES! And it's just like how i always order KFC,


First up! NiaoNiao my beloved little sis and i!

My crazy buddies. This is like the only normal one i can find among all.

Look abit like ROM hor. Hehe! My girly cousin and i. Can't believe it, we used to be childhood playmates and now everyone have grown up. It's like almost everyone has a namecard now. NiaoNiao! Where's yours?!

Err.. This picture is just to show you that i love my boney back =D

Ah Bong. Please agree with me he looks like Mark Chay or Chai whatever.
That super hunky single eyelid guy! Who swims! Haha!

This is what mingling is all about right - Having your strapless bra keep dropping.

In the KTV room.

Cake-Cutting time~
And i totally look like some kinda HEAD in this picture with that two round cakes.

The head blowing itself. By the way i did those hair myself.
Having worked in the airline before does help a untidy girl like me afterall.

Why people never grow out of the bite-out-the-candles-from-the-cake that stupid game?!
LOL. But i am so smart, i thought of the head-clamping bio-mechanic device myself.

Clean and sound.

Evil 4th sis who was trying so hard to get my face in those cakes.

My cake distribution assistant - Naomi!

Two cakes goning..

Then we play a fool!

Just wanna show you the side i love most about Silver.

There would be nothing special about this picture if i hadn't make the linkage of this and..


And this! V^.^V

Peace out! With my girl cousins Daphne & Deline! And NiaoNiao you know already!

So this is just part ONE of my last birthday party. Will show you more again!

For now, tata.

Have Fun, a lot of fun =))


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