10 July 2009

Goodbye to 秋婷 =)

I would sincerely like to thanks Mdm K.

And hope that everything will be smoother and better for me from now on. This is not an action for more wealth nor fame nor anything greedy. It's just to let me lead a normal comfortable life.. With enough to use and enough to give back.


Ganbatte! ^.^ Gotta head ICA very soon. YES I CAN SO TOTALLY CHANGE MY IC PICTURE! I mean.. C'mon, i have grown so much prettier than i was when i was 15. Now people actually throw me weird stares when they check my IC you know.. Like when i buy cigarettes.. *purposely mentioning* OH YES~ I get checked when i buy cigarettes.. What to do when you look like you are below 18? Hmm? *blur look*


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