22 July 2009

Picture Post

I also don't know! Why always kena swollen eye. LOL. But this was about two weeks ago. So now~ I look something like this..

Okay, okay.. Stop shouting.. Alright Alright.. Thanks thanks.. I KNOW!!!
IT IS SO CHIO RIGHT?! I super love my hair now. One, it gives my face a lot of shade from the sun. Two, it makes my face look smaller. Three, i haven't comb/ brush my hair for like two weeks already and it still look so neat. Haha. The perfect hair style for super lazy ladies.

I found this randomly, one of the series from the newspaper shoot. And since the SgBlog Award is still going on, please vote for me at http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/category/
Thank you ^.^ Seriously, i just want the KOKA or the phone! Haha..

My work phone!!! Actually when i first place the stickers on, it looks damn chio to me. It's like this phone cost me $5. But after the stickers, it looks like it's.. $30? But after a while, it looks very Mo Beng to me.. *sigh*

Ferrero GARDEN from JoeyMa!!!

Thank you! I don't care if i look damn weird in this picture. I just wanna thank Joey for the gift.

At a Teochew restaurant. Hehe..

And my super chio sister.



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Agnes Sim said...

the newspaper photo is so nice..u are so awesome in those shot