20 January 2010

Hello babies!!! It's 4.45am!!! GOSH! Just wanna show you some love and mainly, to show off my steals on ebay (my husband, lover and cyber-sex-partner now)! I feel like i am so devoted to ebay you know. Today i was looking for a blusher brush, and obviously i will either buy it from XinMa or Ta Zhiang right. But i saw, $4.90 for a not-so-chio but seems soft enough. But i didn't buy cox i have to consider ebay's feeling. It'd be like i never consult it first, and then just buy something from somewhere else. Lol.. Like i thought to myself then, "Maybe i can find a pink brush, at $1.99, free postage?" But now i think again, siao lah.. I gotta bear with my current smelly brush for 15 days before i can have the pink brush. But anyway, i don't put on makeup everyday, like maybe once a week or something. AHEM. Natural beauty, remember? =DDD

Okay, you ready?!

Remember how ebay and i first met? I thought to myself.. "This is kind of place i want to marry" haha. I think he's full of righteousness for people who are not so willing to spend silly sum of money on things that they don't really need but just want to have. Haha.. Like these..

$10.40 SGD - Fringe + Top back hair that is good for the natural blending of the hair colour AND if you have rebonded hair and the hair at the back grows out to be curly, then the top hair can cover the ugly outgrowns too =DDD THIS IS SO FOR ME!
There is a major online store in Singapore-Msia selling wigs, fringe peices, extension etc. Anything hairy.. But after i saw ebay's wigs prices (just a fraction, definitely less than half the price), i just totally no-hiu that store already. I mean even Xinma is selling the same thing, but not as nice. HAHAHA. Okay anyway, my point is, they all sell the same thing, but my ebay sells it cheaper. Of course you gotta factor in the waiting for shipment to arrive lah. But you do spree also same what.

Mine is in this colour. Sadly.. I should have chosen the black one =(((
And when it first arrive, it's a bit smelly, like new car leather smell. Haha. But just air it, and it'd be okay.

My full wig - $19 SGD comes with free registered postage to your doorstep!

Then i got tired of wigs so i moved on to watches.

I literately sat up till almost 5am just to keep this mine!

And this! SGD5.10!!!


Tired! Bye!



dblchin (double chin) said...

lemme know of the website plsssss i also wana buy

dblchin (double chin) said...

maybe you should post a pic of your look with the wig