08 January 2010


What have you guys been up to (rhetorical question).
Cox i don't really care! HAHAH.

I bought like officially 2 wigs, and battling for 3 more now. Whoever is at the other end of the world fighting with me over the wigs i am bidding for, their head will be ultra smelly. I don't care okay!!! Really cannot wait for them to arrive!!! WEEEEeeeeeeee!!! You can't wait to see it too right?!

Did i show you the lovely blue checked shirt i got from The199Shop that i wore to Malacca? I didn't right? Becox i am such a lazy ass lately, i didn't photoshop the Malacca trip picture. Therefore you don't get to see it yet. BUT.

Check out my tourist sticker at Zheng He museum 8))
This hat cost like SGD3 =DDD

This is me in Malacca, same day, two different hat =DD
This Marie Cat hat you see here, is $1.90 from Japan Home right outside Bugis Village.
I KNOW!!! GO NOW!!! ^.^

I got twenty thousand pictures to show you, all of my tidbits and bingies.
I am a MEGA TIDBIT BINGER of late! =D


Milly write up tonight is loveeee ^.^
Wait for it okay. Pretty pictures~


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