10 January 2010


Any clue where this is?

Yay! ^.^

Choosing what design to be inspired by..

I can't help but to show you how super pretty Gina is..

I said! I can't help it! Lol.. She's so chio can?! Like i feel so shameful and guilty cox i can't keep my eyes off her features!!! Lol.. Big eyes, sharp small nose, SMALL UNTIL CANNOT SMALL face!!! SO JEALOUS!!! You see the anyhow green hair clip on her head? She still look very pretty even with that on..

Guess what, i bought a pink one =)))))

Ahem. Moving on.

It doesn't look as shiny as it really is in the pictures and i don't wanna photoshop in any glitters cox i think this way you can see the nails better.. I know, i am a very honest and considerate blogger. Thanks, thanks..

My Milly's nail looks chio everywhere =DD

Camwhore abit more =D


Call 8383 5395 for appointment now.

Milly's New Bugis Outlet

The new outlet stands more than 400 sq, is one of the largest retail/service shop in Bugis street.

I gotta go back for hair extension before CNY!! And i'd be checking out the Bugis outlet! Weee~


And the beautiful lady behind all these, the ladyboss Milly~ ^.^


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