10 February 2010


This is a sudden inspired blogpost about some bloggers who totally don't put effort in doing their adverts. I mean, Xiaxue is sooooooo hot in the sphere and yet she didn't get carried away and still puts in so much effort in doing up her adverts. Or even if she doesn't, at least it looks like she did. Nice pics, powerful and convincing write up and all. It's not like she's hot, popular and then take it for granted that her reader will just buy her words and buy whatever service/ product she is advertising for.

It is also not like she has too many car show/ beer-serving/ ushering event to do that she has to just cut and paste instructions from email her advertisers sent her.

Check this.

Picture 2
Screenshot from one of the "racequeen-model-blogger" (WHAT ARE THEY EXACTLY?!)

And somebody always pull her level too high in photoshop. Maybe that's her way to stand out in pictures. Haha. But seriously babe, you have the glow! You win! Yay~

Hahaha. I don't know, it just makes me wonder why some advertisers are so dumb. Think about it, when a reader log on to a blog, they see your product pictures, and next (if they are really too damn free) they will read about your company write up, how good you are etc, those might be true, might be facts (but so?), then they will look forward to how the blogger advertise for it. Like, any nice pictures of her.. Any cute write up about the blogger and your product etc etc.. I am no expert here okay. All i am saying is from a blog-reader point of view myself, i just find adverts from these blogger.. Pointless. Effortlessly bad. I don't even want to read through. I'd just scroll down to see if there are any more pictures of her to let me have a good luagh at or to be awed at.

And worst. Blur picture.

See this.

Don't be mistaken of me okay. I don't dislike them or anything. I just find their advertorial.. Not so good at all. I mean really, I MUST MAKE MY POINT. I don't dislike them!!! Even when people ask if i like XS, i'd say i like her cox she's quite cute but i just don't really know who i like cox her pics are just.. I don't know, it's like another girl.

Eh whatwhatwhat, i photoshop too, i know. But 90% (even given that half of them are hypocrites or just being nice and not want to hurt my feelings, there is a good 45% truthful answer of the 100%) of the people i asked to check if my photoshopped pictures on my blog look like me in real, SAID YES.

Only 5% say "NO, YOU LOOK BETTER IN REAL LIFE" and the other
5% say "NO, COX I AM A LOSER"


Okay, The199Shop pictures tomorrow. You'd get to see my wig =DDD

Weeee~ I love blogging you know. Cox i like to talk when there's someone to talk to in real time but when i am with my comp, i STILL wanna be talking to someone. And that's you guys =)) I promise i will never treat you guys like my money-tree. LOL. But if it happens to be, that means i am damn good =D You know what i mean, then i'd be like Xiaxue!!! Lol. It's like she never treated her readers like moneytree (or at least that what i feel strongly), she shares the most interesting parts of her life and all. And please! I cried 3 times for each of the 3 times i watch the video Mike proposed to her! See!!! I feel connected as her reader! AND!!! SHE MAKES BIG MONEY OUT OF HER BLOG.

But meanwhile, if someone don't really blog becox they want to talk to you, you and you, then you shouldn't help them earn money by giving them hits. If you want to see boobies, there is always googlesearch.



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