20 May 2010

Irritating, Useless Ants LOVE Candy

Hello all, if you are my friend. Stop asking me if i read what Stompers said about me most recently. I don't even know if they are against breast implants altogether or just really dislike me, and i figured it doesn't matter, only becox they will leave me alone very soon. Not becox they are actually just some lao kokoks who are eager to go online to see who ate on the bus today and who didn't give up a seat to their fellow lao ah pek, thus, making me feel very unjustifiable for them to call me not-pretty/ ugly.

Oh hi, this is my not-so-pretty picture!
Really i swear, this is one of the not so pretty one.
Eh?!? Really ah?! BUT STILL VERY CHIO LEH!

I am not just here to take it back at the retards with poor eye sight who say i am ugly (eh, "not pretty" is already super wrong to use on me, "ugly" is you better go eat shit cox you talk nonsense) but i just wanna share with MY READERS what's going on in my brain (yes, not-so-smart kind of brain, but still got enough moral not to be unnecessarily mean to someone i don't know).

It's like.. I don't even know if i am right or actually maybe they were right that i shouldn't crack a joke like that. But why shouldn't i? This is still my blog right? I mean, i can say i am going to commit suicide now and you guys won't take it to heart right?!

Then why so worked up over two silicon bags?!

Maybe saline, i don't know. Prefer fats injection anyway.

So to my lovely readers, and to all the kind-hearted souls out there who are gracious enough to know that there is no need to spit saliva on someone just becox everyone is doing it, you guys are really, really cool =)

大頭娃娃 at a photoshoot today.

I'd like to believe i am pretty anyways. More like beautiful to be specific. HAHA.

Anything but a pushover. OIE! I kena push-over most part of my life still not enough huh?!
None of you guys here deserves to be treated like dirt. Unless you behave like one.
Don't use this line back on me, i behave like a very strong girl who refuse to think that dirts are right.
So if you are being bullied, please stand up for yourself unless you have a manyzer who will help you speak up. I don't. So i am going to kill all the ants myself.

I am like a candy.
Ants love to have a piece of me.

No, eat my shit. My candy-sweet-shit.



P/S: Oh~ can't talk so much now. Plenty of advertorials to do up~
*flicks sponsored pretty hair and sashays off, waves a backview goodbye*


Anonymous said...

Big or small, there will be someone for you. The most important is... You made them so BIG, then you meet someone who 吃不消...

Wait he scares being suffocated? Wait he afraid he sucks silion leaks...? Wait he too scare to squeeze in case bags break?

Stay natural. Be comfortable with your body. Use push up bras, stuff those sponges... Don't take to the knife.

And ignore those busybodies. ^.^

Anonymous said...

Like the classic Chinese doll look, very beautiful.