13 May 2010

Pimping my -AAAAAA


If i am not wrong, people like me not becox i look good. But becox i am good.

Good at photoshop, good at being nice to people, good at looking good even when i am not that good-looking. Good at saying silly things that make people laugh. Good at putting in effort for advertorials and good at sharing the good things with my readers.

So why do i deserve this?

Picture 1

I am not trying to go head on against anybody, i am not trying to upset anyone, so don't get started on all the tagging nasty stuff on my blog and emailing me BULLSHIT like this and then ask me not to take it as an offence.

Am i being too petty? But thing here is, i don't see myself having too many advertorials and sponsors. Those are good stuffs i am sharing, is that bad? Are good stuffs ever enough?

You have no idea how thrilled i am EACH TIME i get people emailing me to ask me if i could help them spread a word about their service / product. I am happy not only becox i get paid to do it, also not just becox i get free stuff out of it but becox i am genuinely glad that people like me to help them with letting more people know about their stuffs!

人家看得起你才讓你幫忙. Right?

And yes, it feels good that some of them recognise bloggers who put in effort and take pride in their blogs.

And then no, i don't think too highly of myself, i have a self-esteem problem. Low self-esteem. So i don't think having slightly more advertorials on my blog means i think too highly of myself. It just mean that i might be good at what i am doing. Might. And when i tell you are ugly and you should just get off my back, it's either i am really pissed or you are really ugly. And if it's both, God bless you. I am generally nicer to prettier looking people.

That's all.

Having said all this, anyone wanna sponsor a boobs job?
A pair of boobs.

HAHAHA. I am serious! Now that i have made my TRUE INTENTION clear, that i am not out here to 'squeeze money' out of you guys, i just wanna check if anyone wanna sponsor a boobs job for me, so that i can OPENLY share with people how it's like, if it's dangerous, how the boobs feel like after. Hahaha.

It's all about sharing. And i am a very sharing person =DDD

Bye bye.

Oh, and.. I already have a hair sponsor, clothings sponsorssss, plenty of movies to go to, invites to good meals and a YACHT RIDE for my birthday, so i don't think you're expecting more, right?

But i am.


P/P/S: I really don't like to swear in front of my readers. I swear.


Anonymous said...

I'm reading this post in 2013 and I'm thinking - what a silly POV!

SweetCakes said...

I'm reading this in 2013, and I'm thinking that what the girl wrote was a silly POV. Advertorials makes blogs more interesting, and it's not like you are forcing them to buy right?