15 May 2010


This is a blog that is also a media channel.
For people to get information about me, about the things i do, about the things people invited me to do and so tell me, what did i say wrong, it's all about sharing.

Why tekan me?

我只是一只小小, 很票亮, 很票亮的 small small fry. Small fry!!! No upsize!

So appearing on Wanbao (read the similar article here) again just proved that if there's a "Media Darling Award" for bloggers, i should get it. Becox i NEVER scold the newspaper. Previously i didn't, now also not going to! Simply becox, YOU CAN NEVER FIGHT THEM!!!

The way they put up the stories, Phew~ *salute*
Totally made me look like a slut. A stupid slut that is.
So point is, they are so good, they can always sell whatever they put up.

If they are ever bloggers, they might be better than me. Haha.
And when that happens, please don't make things difficult for them okay? *act kind*


If i look anything like a begger on the internet, then begger these days must be doing damn well.
Cheeks rosy rosy one, hair so neat, looks like smelling good some more.

You know what, whatever i am being accused of here, many others should be too. So if they are not having a hard time, please don't pin-point this small-fry-no-upsize here.

And yes, i am affected. But i am not sad. FOR WHAT?! You all go STOMP read their comments. Totally no class. Not even hurting. Maybe just a few pieces of pork lards, OLD pork lards who keep harping on strawberry, strawberry, strawberry, strawberry, strawberry. DURIAN lah!!!

Strawberry, strawberry, strawberry.. *mumble with twitching left lips*

I am a spikey durian with bittersweet flesh!!!

BigAndStrongDurianQiu (Durian tree)


ikashi said...

LOL media darling award, totally agree.

hope you're not too upset regarding the recent incident.

I think its the media fault for not catching your humour. If they spend the time to read through your entries, I think they will change opinions about you, like how a sweet girl you are.

But cannot blame them la. Their job requires them to stir dabian and make gossip news at the expense of their victims.

Like they say, Shit happens!
Don't let this get to you personally and keep blogging the way you always do!

Oh ya, you mentioned before your mindset of life will affect how you look. HAHA so don't get too upset if not grow old very fast. :P

your latest loyal fan

Carmen said...

Where you bought the conditioner? I'm trying to find a better conditioner for my tangling hair. HA!