30 August 2010

Okay this is serious.

I will be doing something to my hair mid of end September.

So i have at least three weeks to decide.

DO I PERM my hair? Big waves. Not curls.

What do you guys think?

Last time i tried i was 16 and i look like a 60 year old hooker.

Yah yah yah, this is me.

But now i have Artica and Juno to take care of my hair, so i am not fearful of the result at all. It's just that.. I bought a curler from Watson yesterday. And i can curl my hair if need to, but the result will be loop-sided. Like this.

One side curl inwards, one side curl outwards.
So end up i very skewed to the left. Lol.

HOW?!?! Do i just keep and touch up my straightened hair or do i perm it? I think i'd look like Karen Mok (above picture) if i perm my hair. Like tall, rather slim, yellow and crazy.

But she's only crazy in the movies, and actually very elegant IRL. But i'd look crazy EVERYTIME with permed and messy hair.

HOW?!?! Lol.. HOW?!?!

What would i do without Artica......?!



Jiahui said...

heh if you have lots of time to spare, go for it. i've hair texture like yours and going from rebonded to permed took me even more time then mere touching up of curly roots would have! i'd to sit through the straightening of my roots and then the perming of the ends. i did mine in seoul and the effect was very nice for six months, but for a fuss-free look, straight is always better. haha. permed hair means you look like aunty without makeup and also means more styling is necessary. BUT it also means u never need to brush yr hair anymore and can get away with washing your hair less often. like you, i HATE washing hair too, cuz it's so thick.

whoa long comment, anw try it once if you've never done it before! i did!


Esther said...

I got the same fan as yours at home!!!!!

Anonymous said...

besides that, would you enjoy to suck a big cock?