21 November 2010

We could use a little help here..

I don't know what are the repercussions of asking a favour here or if there's gonna be any.

I just want to find MooMoo a good home.

MooMoo loves to be around people he's gotten used to..

 Ultimate responsible dog.

MooMoo is my sister's doggie. But very unfortunately, she can't keep him anymore. And i probably shouldn't say this.. But if i could make a choice, i would choose the dog over the human who's trying to make things difficult. I've never share anything like this on my blog ever before.. But i'm on rather lousy terms with my mum, and so is every one else in the family. But it's just a matter of how much we DO NOT care enough to get out of this happening. Until the day she's gone.

I'm not a 14 yro whining about family problems. It's not about family problems, i'm beyond that. Took it as.. Everyone's responsible for their own happiness, own lives.. Now it's about finding MooMoo a good home. A home that can accept him, and love him. We could have been that home, if not for her. And MooMoo can't make his own choice. We have to arrange a better place for him.

Everyone in the house loves MooMoo. He's a darling. And every time he sees me, he'd whine like "Quick come in! I wanna play bite bite. Come in!" and i'd be standing outside holding out a BIG bag of treats. And then he'd whine even harder. Haha. He knows! He knows exactly who's nice to him and who's doesn't like him. And he knows who can play REALLY rough with him. Me! =')

He's a lot more gentle to my sister than me. Becox i'm always prying his jaws open and neck-biting him with my fingers-jaw and pinning him on the floor. Then he'd pretend like he's giving up, until i let go, he'd jump up and try to pound on me! He's a big playful puppy! 7 months old.. Drank a lot of goat's milk when he's young. Heh.

Omg, i gotta stop typing everything that comes to me, when i think of MooMoo. It's gonna be sad but MooMoo's adoption should be a happy thing. Becox he will stay in a more suitable place and have a family where everyone can accept him.

I'm spreading this link becox they are helping people put up their pets (cats, dogs, rabbit, hamster, all inclusive) for adoption at NO CHARGE. These are nice people. I'm only doing a small effort compared to the big idea they are pushing..


If you haven't know of the vicious cycle from the puppy mill to the pet shop to your house..

Doggies in puppy mills.

They give birth over and over again, in this much of space with minimal food. And they keep doing it for their whole life until they fall sick/ old, they might be sold for a dirt-low price.. Or worst.. Be fed to the other dogs as food.

And we pay money for their puppies.

After reading case after case of puppy mill horror, i can't help but to feel that those dogs are suffering, and we're the cause of it. Even i am guilty for feeling "Omg i can keep another doggy!" when i visit the pet shop at Vivo where all the puppies are fluffy, clean and cute.. Now i have to think of their parents.

Help me spread a word for MooMoo's adoption, and visit The Rehomer's website.

Even if your friends/ family/ relatives can't adopt MooMoo, they can adopt and help another pet.

MooMoo's adoption details here.


Shenae said...

Aww.That's really sad.Try to convince your mum a little more?I'm so sorry.

Moon said...

I feel sad for those dogs/puppy.

wt said...

hi babe, hope you dont mind me giving you a little about my thoughts. well, moomoo sounds like a really wonderful pet and he really love your family [ok, probably not much of your mum]. despite how reluctant, moomoo has no choice on whether he can stay or not - no matter how he really wants to. and by giving him away, it might be traumatizing for him. well.. we don't know what they are thinking, but putting yourself in moomoo's shoes.. what if you were forced to leave the house filled with people you are familiar with and loved? since you cant convince your mum to keep moomoo, just keep it.

QiuQiu said...

wt, I would very much want to keep it. My nephew wants to keep it. My sister herself wants to keep it. And my dad doesn't mind.

But my mum isn't mentally stable. Two night ago police came. Cox she was making A LOT of noise. I can't tell you how she make those noise. But police came. And that's why we are finding all ways now, to see if we can give MooMoo a better place..

So.. It hurts me a lot to help give him away.. But i can't kill my mum, like i'm serious. I can't kill her.

So giving MooMoo a chance for a better condition, might be better for him..

Anonymous said...

it's never easy to give a pet/dog away and i'm sure QT has no choice but to do so. as long as the dog is given to a new family who loves him, it's actually better for the dog cos they can sense human emotions, they know who loves them, who doesn't.

i know cos my mum secretly gave my dog to my aunt when i was 12 years old. i was very upset but the dog was very much loved by my aunt's family. whenever we visit the dog, she would still be so excited & happpy to see us. i could also tell that the dog was very happy living with my aunt's family....

now that i am much older & have 2 dogs of my own, sometimes i will leave them with my parents for a few weeks when i am travelling. my 2 boys are very happy living temporarily with my parents, niece & nephew too. 1 of them even followed my mum around and sat patiently in the kitchen, contented just to look at my mum cooking, hoping he will get some extra food of cos ha ha...

i have also helped to look after my neighbour's dog when he was travelling. the dog was very happy living with me for a couple of weeks too.

it seems to me as long as the dogs are loved & well fed, they are happy anywhere :)

as long as QT makes sure that the new family treats her dog well and is very much loved, her dog will be happier in the end.

- said...

But what if moomoo can't get used to the new family?

I believe you guys will always have the fear of his new family and how they treat him right? :-)

When I read this post and the post on The Rehomers, I feel like crying haha. Because it's as if, moomoo is a human.

But I understand how much it hurts you inside, haha. Can see that you love him alot!

If i were you, I really wouldn't give him away, but I guess I can't say anything much because idk what the real situation is like.

Anyway, hope you will give moomoo a good farewell party if someone really adopts him :-)

Anonymous said...

I totally understand how you feel. When my dog first came to our house, I quarreled with my mother non-stop for the first few weeks. She would blame every single thing that went wrong on my dog. She would mention that she wants the dog out of the house every single day. It is nerve wrecking, sickening and extremely upsetting.

& when things started to get on the right track, my sister got bitten by my dog and she had to go to the hospital. (The entire fault lies with my sister as she's the one who provoked the dog) Trust me, I nearly died thinking about the emotional #@$!5 I have to go through again. Up till now, she would bring the incident up and mention about giving the dog away every now and then. :@

Anw, hope Moo Moo finds a good home!(; I think he would be better off in a new home. He wouldn't want to be the cause of your family's unhappiness! Don't be too upset as dogs/animals are extremely adaptable to their surroundings. My adopted dog got used to our home within 3 days. (: Take care.

QiuQiu said...

Thanks for sharing, you all..

We're still looking for good people to take in MooMoo =(

QiuQiu said...

Last anon, i know about the EVERYTHING ALSO DOG'S FAULT thing.

My mum had skin problem (not severe, just a bit of dryness) since 10 years ago. And now she blames MooMoo for it.


Anonymous said...

No matter what, do give him to her nice owner & not those who are animal abusive. really dread those who fucking abuse animals!!!

Coco Tai said...

Aw I'm glad you posted this for the fact that puppy mills need to keep being exposed for the shit that they are! Also, I wish I could adopt MooMoo, he's so cute! Keep trying, I'm sure you can find him a good home!


Anonymous said...

Everyone's responsible for their own happiness, own lives..

It's LIFES !