25 November 2010


Don't worry~ It's not a post to dress ugly people down.
It's a post to help boys and girls save money! =D

When i was 17, i look like shit. No pictures to show, if you're not convinced becox i look quite decent now (SHUTUP I DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK) and plus you're free enough, go check out my archives. Haha. I LOOKED LIKE SHIT.

But I thought i was chio. And i head out very often. Eat Long John Silver also must eat in town area. It just seemed more cool. Lol. I know you know what i mean right.. Haha!

And please don't say that i am also thinking that i am very chio now but will come to realise in five years time that i'm actually ugly. I am an adult now, i don't make visual mistakes like this anymore. HAHAHA!

Anyway, to get to town area, young girls like me back then have to get pass this area of SELF-DOUBT and SELF-WORTHY area. This area is right there once you step out of Orchard MRT.

"Hi! I'm from XXX models"

"Would you be keen in modeling?"

"You are very tall! Are you a model?"

"We're looking for models for an advertisement"

"We have a modeling assignment now that needs girls like you"

"Are you local? Becox you look like Eurasian/ Korean/ Japanese/ Taiwanese"

"Don't worry, not all models need to be tall, you are not very tall but you got the look for print-ads"

And in your heart, you start asking yourself, "Oh wow.. I'm really that good? How can i be that good? Or maybe i am that good? Bleah, it's not possible.. Well, maybe it is?"

GIRLS, C'MON, you know what you look like. If you're pretty, good for you, don't be flattered by random folk running after you on the street telling you you are pretty. If you're pretty, be confident, you don't need to buy this shit, just tell the bugger,

"YEAH I KNOW, i am as perfect as you say. Why do i need you then?"


Trust me, the poor dude will not chase after you even if you have the talent and caliber of a TOPESTEST SUPEREST model.

Why? Simply becox these fuckers are not out for talent-hunting. They are out for the weak-minded girls and boys with MONEY. In short, they are out for whoever has the MONEY.

And if you're not that good looking, YOU KNOW IT. Okay. Yeah all the stories about ugly-duckling to beautiful swan, chubby pig to pork ribs, whatever. It will happen if you work on it. Buying cosmetics and plastic surgeries will do the job but buying compliments won't bring you there. It'd just make you more insecure than you could ever be.

I am going to bring you through what's gonna happen if you believe the sweet-talkers at the train station.

They gonna take your number and might call you on the spot to make sure that that IS your number, make an appointment with you to meet at their office. And climax of praises that's gonna be sang for you, is when you're finally at their office.

There they will have plenty of fashion magazines and plenty of newspaper cutouts, they are going to tell you all the great thing you will be if you sign up the package to be part of them. Then they'd talk about money. And if you're skeptical about paying, they'd pull out pictures of their models whom appeared on various media.

Assuming YOU ARE DUMB, becox you were already dumb enough to even go to their office, i can safely say you won't know which agencies the top models in Singapore are attached to. You won't know if they are even attached to any or if they are self-managed.

So the money-eater can tell you Rebecca Tan used to be managed by them, showing you pictures of Rebecca Tan on cover, print-ads, TVC screenshots etc. And you'd buy the story becox you know Rebecca Tan! Who doesn't! Even if you don't know her name, you must have seen her face somewhere.

And becox you're so doped on praises, you'd think that the guy who's been showering you with compliments for the past one hour, cannot be lying to you about such stuff. Somemore if he don't know her, why keep so many pictures of her, right!

I am quoting Rebecca Tan as example for a specific reason, will share why later.

Then you'd be convinced.
"If he can bring her up there, and he sees so much in me, i can make it too!"


Not becox you can't. It's becox he cannot bring you there. Becox you're in the wrong place. Becox you're too naive.

What's gonna happen next is, they gonna show you a list of packages. It will all differ by the number of images/ looks/ styles you gonna be photographed in, number of pictures, sizes of pictures, whether or not your 'comp card' and portfolio will appear in their office/ website respectively, whether or not you wanna sign up for their courses to modelling.

It can range from $288 - $2888 (the higher price range is usually what they call, ARTISTE price. Meaning if you pay the premium price, they gonna groom and market you as a model-artiste and pitch you for hosting/ singing/ acting gigs). These days the price might be a lot different, not sure.

Truth to be told, i used to buy these compliment. In fact, I BOUGHT it with $6 and $348 on two separate occasions.

I can mention names becox whatever i'm gonna write are just based on real-life account of what i encountered before. I have no idea if they have changed the way they work now, but this is what i went through when i was 17 turning 18. And the convo is obviously, to what i can remember best.

I was approached at the self-worthy area numerous times. And this one time, i started to believe that it could be true! Since so many times people have been approaching me, i must be really up to it, right?! So i agreed to go to the agency office for a talk.

My first encounter was with 我-models international. They are not "我-models" but i don't wanna get into trouble so you go figure out. They might be a better agency now, since i just went to check their website, and under "Projects", they do have some decent folio to show. So i am not saying anything about them NOW, i am talking about what happened about 6 years ago.

This is where i spoke with a guy, let's just call him Mr A.

He seemed REALLY nice, composed and professional. So it goes.

First phase, lasted 15mins, throw compliments at me like mad, like it's all free.

"Your features are very sharp and defined, photographers love to shoot this kind of faces the most."

"Wow, you are very tall. That's great we can put you in runway shows."

"Many girls are pretty but they don't have the X-factor. But you're different, you have this charisma that people will take notice of."

"Hang on, let me show you which model you remind me of"


"Do you know her?"

I said no but i've seen her on various ads.

"Yes, she's my friend. I wanted to get her onboard but she ah, tsk, go and sign with another agency before that. But she's keen, she wants to join us but you know, all the contract problem and all, very complicated. But we're working it out."

"Anyway your style and charisma is like hers, very quiet, very cool. You have this edge on your face when you don't smile and just sits there. But when you smile, it gives you another image. Very healthy, clean and approachable. I call that commercial value. And you have that."

OH REALLY?  WHY AM I BLOGGING NOW EARNING MY BUCKS INSTEAD? Lololol!!! Why am i not modelling?! Why am i blogging shit about you now??? MR A!!! Why??? ANSWER ME! WHY AM I NOT ON COVER PAGE?!?!?! Photographers like my face, no?!?! Lolol!

Anyway, A spent the next 30 mins trying to get me to pay a down payment of minimum $100 for a $288 (the lowest) package. He finally gave up when i say i only have $11 cash with me and my bank has no money becox my pay hasn't come in yet.

So GUESS WHAT? He didn't let me go! Of course he cao bin (show smelly-face) me after i make that confession but NO, he didn't let me go. He ask me how much can i pay if that's the case.

?!?!?!??!?!??! So hard up! So i had no choice but to do my calculation.

I figured out of $11, i need $2 to get home, $3 to have a meal if i don't order iced-milo.
I'd still have $6.

And for $6, i got a slip of receipt that states a balance of $282 if i ever choose to go back for the $288 package.

And i never went back, not becox i didn't want to be a top model, but i was just too paiseh to go back becox the last time i left, there was no smile on A's face. It was just.. That LJ bin, no smile, no approachable feelings. NO COMMERCIAL VALUE. Lol.

So couple of months down, there's this day i feel hopeful, again.

I was 'scouted' at Ochard Road MRT by Create Talent and they got lucky. I bought their compliments and went to the office, signed a $288 package even after all the pushing for higher value packages.

Same thing here, they might be doing better now. But I DON'T CARE, i'm talking about back then.

And included in the $288 package i was supposed to have pictures for a glamour look and a casual look. I was told to prepare for my own outfit for casual look becox they want to showcase my REAL personality better. And turn out, the glamour look was a bridal gown -.-"

Before makeup, i was asked if i wanna use this ampoule-like thing, say it's for my face to absorb the makeup better, if not i will look cakey and yellow on the pictures. So obviously, i said, yes. AND IT COST $35.

No choice right? I already spent $288, i don't wanna look like a jaundice patient on the loose!!! Who would have knew they so fucked up, don't know photoshop??? I know about photoshop when i was 19, use it when i was 20 going 21. But that's becox i am a outsider! They are supposed to be professional in this line, CANNOT HELP ME PHOTOSHOP MEH?!

During makeup, i realise the lady who sold me the package was also the photographer -.-

Finally, i was asked if i wanna put on fake eye lash if not i'd look asleep and 沒有精神 (no energy) in the pictures.

So i said yes! Why would i want pictures of me looking lethargic?!

$25 for a pair, ONE PAIR, ONE okay, O, N, E, ONE.
ONE FUCKING PAIR of eyelashes for $25!!! Top quality, she said.

So all in all, i paid $348 for these lovely pictures. I DIDN'T PHOTOSHOP ANYTHING EXCEPT pulling back the colour to what it look like on the printouts.

This is the casual wear i was wearing that day.
Nb the $25 eyelashes didn't make me look more awake leh?!?!?

Hi, i am 17, but i look like 37 and have pointy hip bones.

Okay this one nothing to complain about since.. I got megawatt smile like naturally lol.
But she could have at least liquify my face.

Hi! I am a pinoy bride! SHIP ME OVER!!! To be wife okay! Not maid! =DDD
Stupid photographer don't even have the decency to tidy up my hair line.

Wish i weren't there..

Look at my fingers! I had babyfats!

And Create Talent only called me once for casting, that's after 9 months or so after the photoshoot, say it's for a sports branding. I went. Obviously didn't get the job.

One year plus touching two years after the call for the sports branding, they called again. I was actually a bit disturbed why they still have my number, does it mean they still have my pictures? OH NO. Lol. So i told them to please strike me out of their list. And don't have to call me for casting like this even thou it's only ONCE IN A FUCKING BLUE moon they call.

Actually i'm writing this becox i've got too many emails/ fb msg from random girls asking about whether i think they can be models cox a certain agency approached them. And when i ask them, which agency is that? It's always "我" or "Create Talent".

If that's not bad enough, my own friends call / text me before to ask about both "我" and "create talent". Just one month plus ago my guy friend say he was approached by Create Talent. He told me what they offer him seems very promising, but it's $800 plus that he has to pay. And my sister's friend, a 40 over year old lady, was approached too. And she was asked to pay $400 plus to join their database of talents and do up a basic portfolio for TV series, TVC and printads etc.

"HAHA", I just summed it up.

I'd always tell random girls what i think of these agencies, since they asked. But i'd also tell them to think of it the logical way.

Do you see big players like Diva, Phantom, Looque, Mannequin, Avenue, Carries etc, DO YOU SEE THEM HUNTING YOU DOWN on the street?

No. They are managing their resources in air-conditioned rooms.
And their resources are models and jobs. NOT models' own money.

But for the rest who pound on you like vultures at the MRT station, their resources is your money, and that's about all.


I don't mean anything else but a question.

ARE YOU REALLY THAT GOOD? If yes, go do up your folio with TFCD (please find decent ones) and approach reputable agencies to join them. From there you will get jobs if you are, like you think, good. Then you can update your portfolio with actual printads and editorial spreads in magazines! ^.^ JIAYOU!

If you're not that confident/ good-looking, you can still try! I do think previous modeling experience helped me a great deal in being more confident today. I also believe in making things happen. If you want it enough, you might just have it =)) Like me! I never know what was in store for me when i started blogging, but it turned out good! ^.^

You can be anything, but who are you going to do it with, and how are you getting there?

Talking about believing that you can be anything if you put your heart to it, I just found something interesting. Create Talent also agrees that you can be anything! They even have a website to tell you not to believe in online rumours about them! It's call http://createtalentsscam.net/

I quote from that site "99% of whom we scouted had successfully received jobs and gained so much more"

I must be the sway-lao-sai 1% ='(


No offense, just speaking from a consumer's point of view. Since it's as if they are positioning themselves as a product for sale more than being an agency that's representing their talents/ models.

But anyway, if everyone can be top-models, who's gonna be the receptionist? Who's gonna serve us food? Who's gonna attend to the passenger in-flight? WHO, IS GOING TO STAND BESIDE CARS WEARING SKIMPY CLOTHES and POSE FOR UNCLES WITH DSLRs? Huh? These people are ALL, NOT models, but they are still making a living, and it's not by being a model, and it's fine. Hahaha!

And you know it, when you look like shit. You also know it if you look great. You don't need to be bought over by insincere compliments. Importantly, don't pay for it.

You are the best person to compliment yourself =D

CONFIDENCE is the best makeup, following by a great smile! And i just read Xiaxue's blog about her invisalign. I WANT TO SAVE $$ TO DO!!!

Oh and and, people who keep accusing you of being OVER-confident, don't give a shit to that. LOL. Becox i used to bitch about girls who're OBVIOUSLY OVER-confident. I'd be like "EEeeee. SHE THINK SHE VERY PRETTY?!" BAM! Retribution.

NOTE: All comments here (except my own) do not reflect my own opinion on the agencies of which i shared my experiences about, and i neither confirm or deny the suggestions for the names of the agency people have commented.


Anonymous said...

Ewww, hate such agencies seriously. I go approached by wo-models before but i heard rumours bout ppl paying for the portfolio. Thats why i chose not to believe anything they say.

sophiewillocq said...

I read through some of the stuff in the Create Talents Scam thing, e.g. "I checked up with the other agencies and concluded that Create Talents has one of the most affordable rates around for portfolios hence I knew that I was at the right place and time."

I don't understand why girls don't seem to know that agencies DO NOT CHARGE for portfolios! Like you only pay for the hard cover book ($50?) and maybe comcard if you want to print the nice nice kind. If not they'll just arrange TFCDs for you.

When I was like 11 or something my mom paid a few hundred dollars for some shots of me (so young so vain already hahaha), which amounted to NOTHING obviously. I wonder now if that was Create Talents.

And I got approached by I-Models at 14, and I can tell that at 14 I look like ultimate nerd and ultimate shit (at least at 11 still can act young and cute) because it's that awkward puberty period hahaha. Like no fringe and wearing specs.
Went with my mom again and we got damn suspicious once they asked us to pay. Plus the office looked super shitty.

Qiuting said...

Sophie omg LOLOLOL at your awkward puberty period!!!! LOLOL!!! And i know how shitty their office is. So how? I look like Rebecca Tan or not? WHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! WTF!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, i know this damn er guy called steven lim, i always see him scouting!!! And sometimes, i feel like giving him a slap as well for hunting innocent ppl for their money! U should state his name down as well!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I was approached by them many many times when I was at Bugis, City hall even Orchard dammit same china women! I was damm furious and irritated by her and told her " You already approached me like so many times already, I'm not interested okay!." I give them fake number when they frist approached me.

Anonymous said...

BUGIS ALOT PEOPLE LIKE THAT SCOUTING. there are like 5 woman scouting and they follow you around. they are probably from china trying to earn some money . and its annoying. once, i saw that they approached some 30 or 40plus year old guy telling him that he qualify -.-

Shine Koh said...

THUMBS UP for this post!!
like totallyyyyy.

if the naive girls ask me about 'paying for portfolio' again, i'll just give them this link to your blog man!!!!! anw that two agencies that you mentioned are so (in)famous for this. SERIOUSLY, AWESOME POST LA!

delatrizx said...

Hehehe damn funny and you're so daring to post your old pics! I've hidden all of mine far far away and am pretending they never existed!

But ok la at least the photoshoot kind look acceptable..not pictures of gawkiness in ugly specs, ugly hair and oily face kind....

Oh wait you posted that in your Adonis entry. QiuQiu you damn brave lah!!! -bow down-

Anonymous said...

I got "scouted" by BOTH of the model agencies before (countless times in fact, and it's like... at least fives times) and their newest trick is? "WE NEED YOU FOR A KFC MODEL AD." Okay you want KFC models? Go buy chicken la! I know of many scams that happened before so when they handed me the card, I felt highly skeptical of it and when they passed a middle-aged lady the same card, I knew that something was wrong. I know that I'm not HIDEOUSSSS but I'm definitely not model-material so that's it.

God, I don't even know they'd cast people. I think it's more likely that they're using the money to secure 'photoshoots'. If you don't get casted, they'll only give excuses like 'Merchants/clients are not interested'. Sigh, lol.

Luckily I didn't even take a bus/cab down to their offices lmao! Waste transportation $$! Budget/cheapo queen ftw mah!

We learnt it from the best ;)

Anonymous said...

I heard that create talents and imodels have the same boss. STUPID and my sister got scammed. She actually paid about 1k for her stupid portfolio recently. Wished she had discussed it with us. Ugh so pissed. They're so fucked up.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you know its retribution . Or more like human-psycho .

It's too bad , cuz no one likes people who "chou mei"

JasLyn. said...

SIAO. Which modelling agent will ask you to pay money one!!! Agents will earn their mony when their models get a casting and they take afew % from their earnings. Haix. Why you go and believe them... And I dont think SG girls are pretty enough to be on Fashion mags.. maybe just 2% of them can cos they got angmoh father of smth..

Anonymous said...

i think most likely hor, the authentic agents will just approach u & pass u their namecards. they won't harass u like salespeople, just tell u to contact them if u are interested.

the thing is, why are the cheats still around? nobody reported them to police?

Anonymous said...

hahaha You look like those china bride wenting to be marry off in the picture :D..

Apple said...

You did an awesome post! I were first scouted by a very wu lu modeling agency at merchant court that I cant even remember the name now (but not wo or create talent that i can remember of), that were almost 8 years back. Glads that I didnt fall into their trick, cause I know I look like shit (bad complexion, very thick makeup, ugly dressing sense) so how can it be right, and when they told me about the package, I walked off. Ever since then when i meet such ppls scouting, i will just ignore and walk away. I read before in forum and in fact just this morning in FP forum thread about this modeling scam. Seems that quite many peoples kanna conned, that's the way agencies make $$$ and just see the portfolio they did for you. Their MUA skill is really terrible, see the makeup you did for urself is so much better than their MUA.
Thumb up for this post. And is really good that this can spread to the peoples out there to be aware of this scam.

light said...

Oh wow. I got approached by "我" at orchard too! And the woman also praised me, said I looked very nice etc. WHEN I DIDN'T PUT ANY MAKEUP THAT DAY. LOL LOL. But luckily I didn't go to their office otherwise I would have been scammed!

Anonymous said...

I guess you can only have yourself to pay for being so naive.

Btw, retribution is prolly the right word.

Anonymous said...

hm, i'm from wo actually and i was worried about getting scammed and everything before i joined. but in the end i decided to join them and i've been with them for 3 weeks only but have gotten at least 5 casting calls already. so maybe i guess it varies for different people...felicia chin was from wo initially and from there she got the chance to get into mediacorp.

AIPOH:D said...

QiuQiu, I think i got cheated.. :(
but I'm still under the 'training' and 'contract'.
It's a course/training package for artitste/singer.
I have paid over a thousand & Have been asked to continue to pay..:(
I feel that the company is cheating my money, making use of my passion..

I really don't know what to do, & it's so depressing.

Can you give me some suggestions? Maybe I can tell you the story more in details?


Anonymous said...

QiuQiu!i wan to put on braces/invisalign too! :D im 22. im always scared that it might be too late for a 20-plus person to hv braces.but recently i just happen to see that it's nvr too late for anything that u wan to do! we can always live YOUNG!let's save money together!!:D

AIPOH:D said...

thanks qiuqiu..

It's a contract thingy...
I told them I want to leave, but they told me to pay finish my whole course fee. & whether or not if i want to leave.it's my choice..

They seems so nice & everything seems so negotiable when I have not paid. But after I paid, it's like a different story.

& I can't say/sue them for cheating me cause I agreed on it:( I didn't know things will turn out to be so ugly. & after I read your blog. I realised.. I might got cheated.

the sad thing is, I don't want to add burden on my mum. & I don't think my parents will have the time to help me about this. they have got their own things to worry :(

Can I report to the police? or how can I make them pay me back? :(

Nat T said...

I also got scouted by some China woman outside Bugis Junction. When she asked for my number, I saw that she already had 2 names on her notebook.

WTH in one day you can find 3 potential models? LUCKY HER!


Lucky I do research and never go lah.

Anonymous said...

steven lim makes people pay $50 to be on his blog.
And the pictures are all super gross and oily kinda face. I had a good laugh while looking at them! All kena scam obviously they are not model material!

If you just MIA can they do anything? Or ask them for a refund? Demand for it, don't smile!
I don't understand how it can be a contract when you PAID for it. Its not like they paid you!

Anonymous said...

Qiuqiu , after reading your post i am feeling so dumb..
Last year i joined this company called " Imodels holdings" .Paid a total of 1 thousand plus for portfolio ..because i did ard 100 photoshots. They smsed me for events in the first few mths , i didnt attend any events because of school.
and this year , they are not smsing me anymore..

Qiuting said...

Last anon, i'm sorry about it =( I know how SIAN it feels. But take it as an expensive lesson? And if you're still keen in modelling, like i said in the post, you can still try with some other avenues =)) Jiayou!

Your Applepie said...

ya ! I was 'scouted' by CT several times too ! and they ask me to pay like 600 + . which is like wtf.

Anonymous said...

They charged me $670 for the shoot of 5 looks which mostly were with my own clothings.
3 Castings after one year , never got in too.
Eyelashes were $12 per pair which I could have brought my own at $12 for 10 pairs.

Anonymous said...

i was scouted 3 times from i-models or create talents few months back! i almost went but lucky i didn't

Qiuting said...

LOL. $12 i can buy twenty pairs of eyelashes online -.- HOW THEY MANAGE TO SURVIVE TIL NOW!!!!!

AIPOH:D said...

The whole course cost around $2000.

I requested to pay by installment, they said it was against the rules but they can make exemptions. I have paid more than half of it now:(

I told her I wish to quit & have refund before the class started, she told me It's an 'Agreement" & i have to pay the full amount even if I'm not going.

So since I paid the downpayment, I went for the course. & i realise.. It's not worth that value. But I just started for a month plus.

I really hope it will turn better cause I feel so cheated now.

Anonymous said...

so i was wondering, if right now, Create Talent is still a scam?

SHERENA(: said...


I recently joined Phantom and they didnt charge me for any portfolio! They took the pics for me and give me opportunities. No money involved can!


Qiuting said...

Sherena!!! YAH LOR!!! Phantom all these professional ones, their job casting is not like serve beer, stand beside car wear skimpy clothes somemore! Don't know why there'd be girls who think that CT can make them a model becox they give casting to this kinda of lup sup jobs.

Anonymous said...

Haha you got yourself a new blog reader. You're damn funny and I like how you're so frank :)

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say nice site.

Anonymous said...

Seriously thank you sooo much ! Im going to wo agency office tomorrow actually, but after reading this blog. I change my mind! Thanks again for sharing this :)

Anonymous said...

Hi!! So glad I came across this blog or I will be cheated!!:) let me share my experience too:) I was approached by this petite grl name Joan from CT. She was a really nice n polite grl... Ya, phone number n name given to her n went for e interview.. During e interview, everything seems real n not a scam to me.. She Took my height n weight n oso my waist, top n bottom circumference n oso told me tat I'm marketable for my height which is 175cm n perfect body, sort of hourglass shape... Wad makes me more confused is tat I thought that if it's a scam, they will want u to pay on e spot.. But for my case, I agree being a freelance at first but she wants me to confirm with my parents n contact her if it's really ok... In other words she give me time to consider n not forced me to sign anything... Yup, the portfolio is expensive ranging from 500 plus to thousands!! She give me time to consider n did not even lyk spam call to ask for an reply... I really donno if I should believe or nt.. Some advice plz?:)

Anonymous said...

Wow lucky me , I went for the interview at CT today , and the consultant explained things to me in greater detail but when she told me i had to pay for my own portfolio that cost 670$ , i was wtf? She couldn't guarantee how many assignments i would get . I almost paid her but somehow i sense some fishiness .So decided to consult my parents first and get back to them another day . But after reading from this blog and comments i decided not to anymore .

Olga Podobed said...

lol I went and read this one also!
I'm lucky I was ugly enough not to be ever approached like this :) it would be so shameful afterwards :) But those swindlers have alot of tricks in their pockets

Anonymous said...

wtf! what's with d line "pinoy bride"??? filipinas look way better than u! and way more talented than you.
GAHHH! just look at the poses u showed ! what d! haha

Anonymous said...

Hey, interesting post; thought it intriguing... however, I found the "pinoy bride" comment a little judgemental. Stereotypes aren't really basis of fact. Still love the blog though.

SophieتIsExhausted said...

SO TRUE!!!(: <3 u qiuqiu.

jill lua said...

malaysians, indonesians and vietnamese do look alike but not pinoys. ive been to the philippines and they have this a little bit of european look. later did i know that they have been a part of spain that's why their skin is way too different from you guys. :) just saying. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Qiu Qiu,
what if the people from the agency ask you to pay for a one-time photoshoot that is necessary to create your comm card? And that I wouldn't need to pay for the portfolio, but just for that photoshoot? Would it still be a scam? Just asking! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

i think the comment 'pinoy bride' is a bit foul and i'd say its discrimination..you might not care so much for filipinos or even give a damn, but given that you're blog is public it would be good if you would show respect to other people from other races/origin.

Anonymous said...

Hi, many Filipina will be offended with your remarks about being 'pinoy' bride. Please tone that down and don't generalize.

Leanne said...

Hi, many Filipina will be offended with your remarks about being 'pinoy' bride. Please tone that down and don't generalize.

victoria said...

OMG QIUQIU. I got approached by Create Talents and the consultant was called Stephen or something like that. What the shit. I went through the same EXACT thing as what you've mentioned! I was 17 and schooling back then after my so-called "photoshoot" and they texted me for some castings but didn't continue to do that anymore. And,I didn't really bother because i was schooling and had A levels on that year. Now that you've reminded me of that, i've paid freaking $699 for their photo package! I didn't bother contacting them because the assignments sounds quite absurd! OMG i got totally scammed! Thanks for reminding me and confirming my doubt regarding the scam. NOW, after almost 2 years, I FEEL DAMN CHEATED. :/

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Haha thanks for the blog post:) I got approached a dew days back by CT, and cos I was in a rush, I hurriedly gave them my number and left. LOL. I am a guy, obviously underweight, so the person must be damn cock-eye and stupid uh. Haha and I look like shit obviously. Then they freaking called me the next day, kinda glad they gave me the name card or I would have picked up, phew, and wasted my precious prepaid money listening to them sing nonsense praises about me through the phone somemore (are you kidding me?) I am going to continue dao-ing their calls uh. Stupid. Thanks again for the blog post:)

Chriserenaa said...

Hi qiu qiu
Should I had view your post before I paid for my daughter portfolio, I wouldn't trust this stupid scam at all. I was approached by dunno how many times already, even when I was pregnant -.-z. Sound silly right? Right after a few months I give birth , I was at tampines area w my baby girl and my mother, a lady grab on my bag and start bladder ing lots of compliment . She passed me the black name card and I saw the same company name on it again, it was C.T. Normally I don't believe this kind of shit, and will told them off with nasty words. But this time, the lady saw my baby girl and That's it, I totally buy her story, she want me and my daughter to come down together for a casting and sort of consultation. Same stuffs she did to me too. Praising and praising as if I am like a goddness there. I knew deep inside it's a scam. But because I want to let my daughter to give it a try so I paid 388 for the stupid so called portfolio, after i came back again for the photoshoot for my daughter. She again trying to pull me in too. My work time doesn't allow me to have any side jobs on that so I declined again. This time after 2 weeks, the so called portfolio is only a stupid disc with photos inside. I wouldn't say I hate that company because I saw those happy faces when my relatives and my parents saw those adorable photos of my daughter. But what I hate was, that lady after the last call of letting me know the "terms and condition" and her so called 500 companies that she sent the resume to . Never ever called back again, it's was when I blow up my top and demand her to answer the phone and her co always say she is engaged w cust Or out for lunch. She nv even bothered to call back. What she said was all lies, nv did I ever get a call back. Or not even an email . That lady name was jean. She is a Pinoy . So don't even buy her story. What complement was just trying to make you buy her "package" and let her earn her commission. If I don't get any answer again. I am
Going to go Down to their office and dig her out.

feltstupid said...

HI, if i paid for the money but realised i dont want to take the photos anymore, is it possible for refund?

Yiko Tay said...

Got another model agency to beware: "New Experience" located at Lorong Limau what shit one.
Was wise enough to not even turn up when asked when I can go for the interview.
Did a google search about that agency and the comments are all negative negative and negative!
Internet is the best, Google even better! :D
So, don't be conned and agreed to Sophie's comment. :)

chris said...

just got approached yesterday. thanks for the heads-up babe!

Anonymous said...

Qiu qiu. You just saved my money. Omg. That create talents company also scouted me and i almost fell for it for not your post! Thank youuuu. I was called by this indian lady for the interview and they didnt even ask me whether i want to consider being a model. The lady kept talking and just set at timing at 7pm tmr. Thanks for the heads up! No wonder i love your blog. XD Love ya qiu qiu.

#Jaclyn:) said...

I got approached by i models and my friend got approached by create tealents. Thanks to your super awesome post I just gave the people my fake number and promptly told my friend that the whole thing is a scam! Thank you so much for posting about this~! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Doro said...

I got approached today by 我. They are super persistent even after I said I was not interested and am busy. Ended up giving my contact to the lady to get her off my back. Was skeptical about it so I went to google and chanced upon your blog post. Now I'm more certain that they are scammers. Thanks, qiuqiu (: I hope they stop doing this though, it's like earning $ through unethical means.

Anonymous said...

Parents beware, your young vulnerable kid is prey on by this scavengers. Dun believe easily what you hear or seen. Investigate, investigate and do due diligence check. Luckily I did, else someone just fall prey.
thanks alot!!

Anonymous said...

My friend got approached few years back by wo and she paid them 400 plus for a casual and bridal shoot also wtf lol. After that she only got one casting for hand modelling. Super waste money and time and worse still I encouraged her to go thinking that its a good opportunity =.=

Anonymous said...

I was on my way towards orchard MRT after work and was approached by Steven Lim. To be honest, I only knew he was 'popular' through his youtube videos so when he said he wanted to scout me I was definitely skeptical about it. How can he scout me without seeing me dance/sing/act/model etc. And like many people can testify, these 'scouters' tend to shower you with compliments you wish to hear. So dear all, please don't be taken in. Proper talent scouters tend not to scout on the streets.

Joanne said...

妈的。That means I kena scam liao la. Qiuqiu, how? How to get my money back?? I paid half of it about 900 SING DOLLARS LEHHH. Why I so naive.. ㅠ,ㅠ

Joanne said...

妈的。That means I kena scam liao la. Qiuqiu, how? How to get my money back?? I paid half of it about 900 SING DOLLARS LEHHH. Why I so naive.. ㅠ,ㅠ

Joanne said...

妈的。That means I kena scam liao la. Qiuqiu, how? How to get my money back?? I paid half of it about 900 SING DOLLARS LEHHH. Why I so naive.. ㅠ,ㅠ

Joanne said...

妈的。That means I kena scam liao la. Qiuqiu, how? How to get my money back?? I paid half of it about 900 SING DOLLARS LEHHH. Why I so naive.. ㅠ,ㅠ

deaLOVES said...

i also got scammed like recently :'( the "founder" of this agency i went to kept showing me articles of how people went to atas agency paying few hundred yet kena scammed..and keep showing me lots and lots of articles n report n interviews of him.. Thought can trust him.. End up say must pay $5000 for portfolio but since im a student i only need to pay $2000. i began to feel sceptical and wanted to leave but he keep saying "so you dont want to be a model? Give up alr? So fast? $2000 cheap alr.. What you hesitating i dont understand..." then keep on showing me all the articles... End up i bobian paid $50 as deposit. Omg why i so stupid!!

deaLOVES said...

Yea like what Yiko was talking about, i was scammed by New Experience... Was told to pay $5000!! But given a discount so im suppose to pay $2000 cuz im a student-.- oh yea and i was also scouted i think by Create Talent as well at bugis. I find myself so stupid to actually believe this nonsense... Luckily i only gt scammed $50...

Anonymous said...

OMG, i got an appointment today and wasn't convinced that they were going make me become a model but was considering to go to their office but under god's grace, I found your blog post. Ahhh scammers! :/

Anonymous said...

OMG, i got an appointment today and wasn't convinced that they were going make me become a model but was considering to go to their office but under god's grace, I found your blog post. Ahhh scammers! :/

Anonymous said...

This needs to be seen by everyone in sg. beware of scammers like these!

Anonymous said...

Hi, great post. Got approached by imodels. Went down for interview and it's definitely a scam.
No way you should be paying $1290 for 8 photos.
If they were that confident about you they would pay for your shots.
They people there are way too complimentary, and basically full of @@@@.
I couldn't help notice that the guy interview me was wearing very tattered pants which was weird for a good agent.
Glad I didn't pay.

JiaMin said...

Hi QiuQiu,

I got scouted by 我-models a few months ago, i never knew it was a scam, but lucky i researched on it and found out its a scam, then my friend introduced me to create talents, i was really dumb to believe her words and i actually told my sister whether she wants to join and she actually joined create talents for like more than $800 for her portfolio.. And the makeup is REALLY BAD! I feel so bad... made my parents waste $800 for a few casting calls that they gave my sister but never got a reply... :(

Shafiah Abdullah said...

Hajimemashite, Qiu Qiu nee-san!

I really love reading your blog, especially this one entry. I am of 173 cm tall and to become a model have always been my dream. However, the reality is too harsh when there are such agencies that use people/girls like me to make money. What you said in this entry is true and it is inspiring me to become my own self and be confident about it.

Arigatou, for writing such a wonderful entry and I am sure that lots of girls out there like me think so. Keep on writing your reviews!

☆CrAzy Abing☆ said...

Omg, i read this blog after my interview on wo-model, but i m not interview for model, i am going there for searching a job, i am so excited when i gt the job there, but i havent start work yet, bcuz they ask me to sign 2 n 4months contrat with them. but i nvr tot that if i work there will be become one of the scamper. Luckly i din sign any contract with them if not i will be the one who asking ur all's phone number and keep approaching someone to sign the photoshop plan, omg, no wonder the salary so so high. but those asking ppl on the street is pity guys, mayb they having a long contract under the company with low starting salary. It so terrible, really luckly wif read ur blog, really thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

I too got approached countless times but I always not pick up their calls cause they won't let me go if I don't give them my number =.= So much many for that few sucky photos? You can even see their shadow at the background what is that seriously. How bout I build up my own portfolio with better photos than them with help from my own photographer friends ? Here comes the best part. For FREE and MUCH better photos.

Aisling said...

Thanks for this blog post. It saves goodness knows how many girls hundreds of dollars that could be better spent elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the post (:
the last few concluding paragraph was really impactful and inspirational. (:

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the blog post! Sigh I wish I read your post before signing a contract with C.T.
Totally wasted $800 on my portfolio. Was supposed to be $500+, but the lady kept pushing me to do an additional outdoor look on the day of the photo shoot. Stupid me caved in to her and paid an additional $150 :(
I was very turned off when additional costs that were not mentioned before like the cost of the ampoule and fake eyelashes were added on the day of the shooting. Heck it was so last min it was like right before the MUA applied the ampoule that she told me. Like "Hey btw i need to apply this ampoule and it costs $25. You can choose not to apply but your skin will not look nice etc etc" Say until lile that of course I apply lor :(
So I wasted a whole month of my pay on it, but I wasn't even happy with the photos when I received them 1 mth later :(
I've maybe gotten 2 casting calls in the past 3 mths, but they are looking for people to go give out flyers on the streets. That kind need models meh?! :O
Anyway worst thing is that after 2 mths of no contact, another person (not the one I always get in touch with) from C.T. called and ask me to go down for interview. They didn't even know I already signed with them! Totally laugh die me. Speaking of which, I am gonna call them tmr to break my contract. Thanks to this post for reminding me haha
Thank you QiuQiu for writing about this, hopefully fewer girls will fall for their ploys! :)

Anonymous said...

I knowt that most people think that i models holdings is a scam? I joined imodels last year... had to pay for portfolio but money was made up by the many jobs i received from them... (got 5). Not all are scams!

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu, thanks for sharing the post! It's been three years since you did, but Create Talents is still being the same scam job scum that they are. I don't think I can feel any more stupider than I do handing over 1k plus dollars to them. I actually thought it was a good investment so I used up my savings on their bullshit.

When you go to their office after they've 'scouted' you, some aunty would sit down with you, ask you about your background and talk to you ever so nicely. That aunty knew that I was a foreign student, and that I was living on my savings. But she insisted that working with Create Talents would help me out with my finances and I'd earned more even while studying. Then, like part of a script, the aunty pulls out portfolios showing all these 'successful' projects they'd done. I'd never seen anyone grovel so much and so desperately like a dog. I should have gone with my gut feeling that Create Talents was cheap and fraudulent. But the aunty was so nice and even came off as motherly. And I actually thought that if you had a company set up, flimsy, cheap and tacky as it seemed at the basement of Dhoby Ghaut Exchange,it would be legit, because Singapore is a first-world country. But it seems that even respected first-world countries have their fair share of scam job fuckfaces.

And during the photoshoot, the make-up artists charged me $20 for a pair of fake eyelashes. And told me to use two pairs because my eyes weren't pretty enough for the camera and the lashes would help make my eyes 'pop'. Of course don't forget the ampoule shit. They said without it, my face would fuck up from all the make-up they'd put on me. So I made a dumbass decision and gave them an additional $60. Even during the photoshoot they pushed more packages on me saying that it would widen my chances of clients picking me for the projects. And one dumbass decision after another, I gave them more money. The photographers and make-up artists are no different than the agency admin. They would seem so pleasant and helpful when they want your money. But once they've taken your money, they would be in such a hurry for you to just leave. And if you want to ask questions they would reply irritably and impatiently, with none of the initial I'm-going-be-super-nice-to-you-because-I-want-your-money facade.

Whatever Create Talents says is a bunch of shit. I do hope no one else falls for whatever fucked up con job Create Talents is running, and avoid mistakes that need not be made.

Anonymous said...

I got approached by imodels thrice but it sounded so dubious. I went online to check it out and many people said it was a scam but I still went down at the third time because I had time and was bored. hahaha cheap thrill but I was really excited to go and check out the place (+ waste their time). The place was a studio apartment, I went with my mom and the woman took us into a room and started asking for my details and chatting wtih us nicely. I was initially hyped up and then she started showing me all the past works they did for their 'models' but then I got really tired and sleepy and totally shut down. The woman asked why I suddenly seemed so 'sian' then I just replied I'm tired. After like a frigging hour, she took my height and weight and brought us to the other studio to show us the phototaking place. She asked if we're interested and I just replied 'I'll think about it' and left the place. HAHAHA IN THEIR FACE (I had fun making the woman talk for the one hour)

Anonymous said...

I got appraoched whenever I wore dresses. They will normally aim for people who like to doll up. And almost all the time I got approached from wo model right, the person who appraoch me always is phillipino, so weird lor. Luckily I nvr believe them cos my friends tell me is scam people one.

Anonymous said...

I thought you did invisalign before your wedding? confuse*

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU QIU QIU to have blogged about this helped clear my doubts and confusion!! I'm so glad and thankful :-)

Anonymous said...

I just got approached by Create talents around Bugis area yesterday and was very surprised. Thanks so much to your post, I just rejected their interview today.

It's unfortunate to hear that u are one of their victims, but it's good to hear that u learn from ur past mistakes! Thanks for posting this up! You are really awesome!!!

Calista said...

Hey thanks for the post QiuQiu. Saved my life and so much $$$. I got approached by a woman named Jean too. Nearly went for the interview today but called to cancel after reading this. To their credit they didn't try and sweet talk me over the phone.

summer said...

hi!! I just got into ur blog as I am looking for infos on I-models.. I paid 100 as my down payment and still has 498 balance.. would it be best to not show up or tell them im not interested anymore? im worried coz they already have my details! pls pls pls reply!

Anonymous said...

Thank you qiuqiu for this post! Today at 4:40pm, i just got scouted by this young man in blue dress shirt. He said i was qualified to join their agency. CREATE TALENT agency ._. He gave me this black business card with an unused website and also some phone numbers. On the flip side of the card, theres this line that says "we see people a little differently." Wow i thought this was actually real :(

Anonymous said...

What do u feel if I posted a picture of you side by side with my maid??..she's more beautiful than you..so try not to be racist, ur a blog writer..be sensitive

isaac sp said...

Omg!!!!!i should do some research on web before go through the damn as call modeling agency(scammer agency)just has been scammed last week as I seen this blog,I knew that I'm gg-.-,is better donate those money for charity box or use on something's we would lik to buy but in confusing of too expensive,save money as well...just can be say I too dumb...now the photoshoot I will be told them cancel of it,because already know the truth of this agency just will be absorb more money of u....really wish that I can see this blog before pay them....hope that no more victim will be trapped of they scam....

Anonymous said...

They scouted me 2 years ago and made me pay $700 for the portfolio. In the first two months they called me for casting which I did go.The sms/call subsequently reduced. I thought they would have forgotten about me but recently I received sms for some casting.

I'm no longer interested in this but I'm wondering what happens when you break your contract / agreement with them. Are you required to pay some fees for breaking the contract / agreement.

I feel rather stupid, in any agreement or contract made, both parties should have a copy of document. Cannot believe my stupidity back then.

Meiyue said...

ugh i just called CT after a year of not getting projects and jobs
i asked them if i could request for a project and they told me they'll call tomorrow to talk to me about it
i'm hoping i can at least gain something from the $588 and return some money to my parents so i can leave that shithole forever
im actually quite a photogenic person but the pictures came out horribly i look terribly tacky i cry im fucking suey sia

Anonymous said...

you dont have to pay for anything....

Anonymous said...

I saw your post after I joined them. So I didn't expect so much from them. But unexpected, I got jobs. It's not really a scam.

Bonnie Tan said...

I saw your post after I joined them. So I didn't expect so much from them. But unexpected, I got jobs. It's not really a scam.

Bonnie Tan said...

I saw your post after I joined them. So I didn't expect so much from them. But unexpected, I got jobs. It's not really a scam.

Anonymous said...

I think it is a rather silly post because the photo shoot taken that many years back is considered really good. How can you compare the past and now? And after all your looks changes so much. I really see no point of this post, as you are just not happy because they did not get you into any jobs and you releasing this blog entry to mislead your readers.

huiminchen79@outlook.com said...

I just let my boy joins since a mother can always dreams. Though till now my boy didn’t get any JOB so far but he did went to few casting. He’s enjoying it.
Well hopefully my boy will get selected for a JOB soon! cause he’s really adorable, at least to me.

*writing as a favor for the coordinators as they're really nice to us. :)

Anonymous said...

Is there anyone who has taken action to get back your money? I have also been cheated of nearly a $1000 recently. Pls advice me on what i can do.

Anonymous said...

i just received their namecard today at dhoby ghaut mrt station. im glad my parents told me never to give my numbers away when people approached me so i gave a fake number, age, and name. they told me to ask my parents first and theyll call me soon since im "under 18".i went home to google their company and saw this blogpost. im do glad i didnt give them any of my personal information.

Sam_16 said...

Qiuqiu, I am actually quite new to this whole thing and truth be told, I already signed up for it. Call me naive all you want, but I already invested $100 into a $890 portfolio. However, there is something that I would like to know is that is it true that Imodelsholdings is a scam? All over the internet, people are criticising it, calling it a high risk investment or a scam. I had checked for it's credibility before and thought it seemed like the real deal. However, when I added the word scam next to the agency's name, all the complaints came spewing up over my search page. Now the only thing I can ask you is what am I to do? By the way, I am still in secondary school and am currently sixteen. Please reply soon. I feel like ripping my hair off in my current state of stress right now.

Anonymous said...

Omg I just got cheated. :(((( I signed up and it is $1270. I even have to pay for the eyelashes and some makeup thing, Argh. Naive shit. But CT just looks so professional. Gosh,

redwinediner said...

Thank you for sharing your experience here so other people don't get fooled!

Anonymous said...


Beside scam on people to pay for portfolio shoot, they always cheat money on those who sign up with them.

Most of the time, the agency will pocket the actual fee and tell the talent a lower fee before deduct their commission or tell them a fake amount.

The Scam Way
Client pay $800 per talent
They tell the talent, the client pay only $100
So they will use $300 to deduct their commission of 40% and give them 60%
In many case they just tell the talent the fee is $100 flat and pocket the rest.
(some time they will tell you that they deduct those money for portfolio shoot, mug shoot, casting fee, comp card fee, registration fee etc... check a few more agency before you sign up, most of these fee are not required)

The right way:
Contract agreed on : Agency 40% / talent 60%
Client pay $800
Talent take 60% = $800X60% = $480 (agency should pay this to talent)

Create Talent created a web site to try to clear their name, but if you never cheat so many people, why bother to keep posting to try to push all the negative remark to page 2 of google search?

Trying too hard to clear your name is useless. Just do a honest business is better than trying so many trick to give a fake front. One cannot cover for too long if they keep doing bad.

Anonymous said...

CT will always approach many people on the street to make money out of them by selling them a pink bubble dream.

By having a nice office in good area and do up the office nicely will be easier to scam because image sell.

So you will trust them just by;

1) Saying you can be a model (that already make you feel good)
2) Bring you to their office to show you what they stage up for you to see to impress you on the appearance thinking they are professional
3) Show you some of their work. Even if it is only 1% of their talent get job, it is still good enough for you to get impressed, doesn't matter 99% is not getting good job or just there to do extra role like super low job, and most likely you will be one of the 99%)
4) Tell you that they can give you casting and audition but if you cannot secure any job that is not their trouble (but to some extend why sell such expensive portfolio to someone who you do not have faith they are model material?)
5) And promise you a certain amount of casting is also a way to release them from having you stress and go after them later, so as long as they send you for 10 casting you need to stop harass them because it is your faulth that you are not pretty enough.
6) By not giving you a contract on the package they sold you so you cannot claim back your deposit and do not have document on what you sign up for.
7) How many time have they go to the court? I think the boss can sleep and answer all those question because court is like their second home.
8) If they are out to scam you, all contract is draft in a way that you cannot get back at them.
9) Nobody in this industries will tell you that this offer only last for today, because they aim to work with the right beautiful people, their focus is not in portfolio money, unless you are not the beautiful people, you are just a target.

Overall they are just trying to make portfolio money by selling a pink bubble dream to a wrong group of people who crave to be in the beautiful people industries.

Before you take out your money, do your research well. Do not be a victim.

You cannot outsmart them because everyday they are thinking 24 hours of how to scam money out from your pocket and to use the modeling words to sweet talk you into it.

Anonymous said...

omg I have been approached by imodel recently at Somerset but luckily I walked away declining the offer, they approached countless of girls but many walked off like me which is a relief

Anonymous said...

omg I have been approached by imodel recently at Somerset but luckily I walked away declining the offer, they approached countless of girls but many walked off like me which is a relief

Cheryl Cheng said...

Agencies need good images of you to promote, so if you have them there should technically be no charge for that either. Generally most models that pay to join those smaller or dodgy agencies do not get earn enough to cover the fees. Of course the few great looking models set up properly seem to get most of the work.

Vannessa said...

I am a full time model and actress with iModels Holdings. In NO way is iModels Holdings a rip off. They are 100% a true talent agency that books huge accounts.

Kenny(Booker) has become family to me because she is one of the rare genuine business women in this industry. I refer all potential talent to them and suggest anyone reading this to go to them! Reach out to iModels again and they will surely help in the most honest way!

Anonymous said...

They asked me for a deposit. But i told them is too much and gave $20 as im in a rush. So they did ask me to pay for a portfolio which cost $169?? Any idea is it a scam?? When i left, a lady(Yumiko) sent me a sms asking me to return on 21Mar for the photoshoot and pay the remaining $149. Should i come back??

Anonymous said...

They asked me for a deposit. But i told them is too much and gave $20 as im in a rush. So they did ask me to pay for a portfolio which cost $169?? Any idea is it a scam?? When i left, a lady(Yumiko) sent me a sms asking me to return on 21Mar for the photoshoot and pay the remaining $149. Should i come back??

Clark Ang said...

iModelsHoldings is as good as it gets. They blow their competition away with their professionalism, and attention to detail. It is so refreshing to have calls and emails returned in a very timely matter (usually within the hour!)

Other modeling agencies I have worked with have done nothing but disappoint; they nickel-and-dime their models and clients, and reduce their integrity by assigning "model numbers" huh??

Overall, iModelsHoldings is an excellent agency. Professional, with a boutique feel. I highly recommend working with them!

Glen G said...

My teenage daughters have all been with other agencies in Singapore, and iModelsHoldings is by far the best! They are super responsive to calls and emails. They provide a personal and caring touch that other agencies lack. One of my daughters spent a year with another agency doing little to nothing in the way of bookings or even castings. Within a month of switching to iModelsHoldings, they had her booked for a spring print ad campaign for a major national retailer. They work super hard to provide opportunities for their talent and models and you never feel like just another face on their wall.

Jazz Fern said...

Create Talents-An Agency for Dreamers

I just got Create Talent's info through facebook page (read- nobody approached me, just got here). I was very happy and I did the payment as well (I had already researched about other modeling agency in Singapore, This seemed fair enough for me). I took my portfolio and trust me guys, my money or time didn't go waste. I landed up 2 TV ads after a week itself.

I took up the offer and after that what happens will really shatter their dreams, who rejected similar offers. I got 2 contracts and this time, Create Talents will pay me for my work. I am so happy and done with one project and waiting for next TV ad project to come.

Kudos to Create Talents!!! Finally, I became a model.

Anonymous said...

iModels is a top-rate and highly professional agency.

The people are what make modeling and talent agencies tick, and kenny and the rest of the iModels staff are knowledgeable and skilled in the industry--specifically in the way dealing with the biggest clients.

iModels is awesome.

Jeniffer said...

iModels Holdings Model Agency is professional, personal and an amazing agency to work for. Even when I went there for my first interview they made me feel so comfortable.

The iModels Holdings agents are wonderful at communicating with you and making you feel appreciated. My experience in this business with the agency, the clients and the other models has been nothing but stimulating and rewarding. FYI: I first went to iModels Holdings when I was over 22.

Anonymous said...

We did a lot of research and we know some people that have gone through iModels Holdings and they said that they liked it. So, we gave it a shot. I did the competition for the cruise one, and I got an internship, and I'm currently working on becoming a teacher. Overall, my experience with iModels Holdings has been great and it has increased my social skills in being in front of people.

Rachel Tan said...

Wish I didn't took my decision after reading here. I was approached by Create Talents about a year ago near DhobiGhat and I happened to share my number and as expected, they called me and I went to their office and they explained the services, modeling projects and payment as well. It was looking very promising, but don't know why I believed the reviews here more than my instinct. I rejected the offer and also told them not to contact me further.
But, now I feel very bad!!! U know why? The same create talent agency confronted my friend and I alerted her to not to opt for such modeling agencies. She said to have verified with other firms and told me that this one is better than all. She signed contract with them and also did her mind-blowing portfolio (I feel so bad when looking at her pics). She has also got 2 TV ads now.
It's been a year though not sure whether they can recognize me if I apply again. Feels bad for myself for just going after reviews, not experimenting in real.

Maria Jazz said...

Hi guys. I was approached by Create Talents near Orchard last month. Yes, as you guess, they all had praises for my look. Lol, I just did a new haircut.

Coming to the serious issue, I was happy when I got the offer, but after reading this blog, I felt the other way.

But, as the blogger mentioned, its only her thought, not experience..I thought of experiencing in real. Yes, of course they charge for portfolio, but tell me guys which modeling agency will offer at free cost? They wanted me to look fab in the portfolio and so do I.

I took up the offer and after that what happens will really shatter their dreams, who rejected similar offers. I got 2 contracts and this time, Create Talents will pay me for my work. I am so happy and done with one project and waiting for next TV ad project to come.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious that the comments above are written by an iModels and Create Talents staff. They are spamming a couple of other blogs as well. Oh by the way, iModels and Create Talents are owned by the same boss. So, don't be stupid and sign up for both agencies.

Anonymous said...

Haha i just had an interview yesterday and paid 100sgd as a deposit for a 970sgd photoshoot. Actually they're first offer is 2170sgd for photoshoot but i said it's so expensive. Can I still cancel the agreement i signed for? Can i still refund my 100sgd? (Sigh) I'm consumed with their praises. I wish i've read this before I went there.
Thanks for this blog anyway!

P.s. Filipinas are beautiful the way we are, so don't make us a subject of hilarious things.

Anonymous said...

Haha i just had an interview yesterday and paid 100sgd as a deposit for a 970sgd photoshoot. Actually they're first offer is 2170sgd for photoshoot but i said it's so expensive. Can I still cancel the agreement i signed for? Can i still refund my 100sgd? (Sigh) I'm consumed with their praises. I wish i've read this before I went there.
Thanks for this blog anyway!

P.s. Filipinas are beautiful the way we are, so don't make us a subject of hilarious things.

CasanRV said...

Looking at the above comments, even I felt like got cheated by Create Talents and Models, but got relaxed some of the positive reviews as well. I did sign up for Portfolio and was so worried for not getting any offers or casting calls. But right now, I am more relieved as I get calls, messages from them for relevant casting call. I just did only 2 small ads so far, but still quite happy about it, though I played a small character. It is just the start I believe.

Let me tell you all that it isn't a scam agency.
I have received TV ad by them and of course, I have a beautiful portfolio of myself! Don't know where these scam things are coming up? Anyway, I got modelling all thanks to them.

CasanRV said...

Looking at the above comments, even I felt like got cheated by Create Talents and Models, but got relaxed some of the positive reviews as well. . I did sign up for Portfolio and was so worried for not getting any offers or casting calls. But right now, I am more relieved as I get calls, messages from them for relevant casting call. I just did only 2 small ads so far, but still quite happy about it, though I played a small character. It is just the start I believe.
Let me tell you all that it isn't a scam agency. I have received TV ad by them and of course, I have a beautiful portfolio of myself! Don't know where these scam things are coming up? Anyway, I got modelling all thanks to them.

Mahesa Rangga said...

Well I've been applying to some jobs abroad in Singapore since I graduated from Univ.(currently residing in Indonesia now). I remembered applying for a Management Trainee in these two modeling agencies (iModel and Create), invited for interview and was really happy that I can finally live abroad again.. but then I did some researches about those companies and found SO MANY MANY MANY articles just like this one you wrote, soooo nope! not gonna go there to work for these people, I see how they work now, so nope! thanks for the review, and tbh yes you are quite pretty :) have a pleasant day!

Anonymous said...

Should you pay for a modeling portfolio? The short answer is...yes, you should pay for a modeling portfolio if you do not have enough professional looking images to create your own. (Most people don't and have to pay for it.)

The long answer is that probably about 10% of the people who charge you to create a portfolio are actually professionals who can create a decent portfolio for you.

Select carefully and don't feel you have to pay the most expensive price. Check them out on the internet and look up for Better Business Bureau participants.

Take some time to research before spending your hard earned moolah on this. Check out their projects and clients too.