03 November 2010

Picking it all up..


For those who are following me on twitter (HERE) might realise that i am only picking up how to put on falsie, paste double-eyelid stickers and realising that brown eyeliner complements my eyes better than black eyeliner. Althou having said that, i really still think that black eyeliner still makes me look pretty chio. Haha.

So i'm not gonna say i'm a suagu and a noob. Becox, i might be to you all.

But deeep, deeeeeep down in my heart, i really just think i've been too complacent about how pretty i think i look after putting on makeup. HAHAHA. Really!

It's like EVERY single time, after i dab on concealer, i'd be like,

"WOW, you're soooo HOT. How did you do it?"

Then i'd reply,

"I don't know.. Am i really that pretty? My nose is quite big you know.."

Then i'd answer,

"No lah, i've seen other girls with bigger noses.. Yours is just normal lah. Plus your smile is really megawatt!!! You're born to be a winner!"

Then i'd end the conversation with..

"I know right..."


So in order to be prettier, next thing to pick up is how to REALLY put fake eyelashes on. Don't know how many freaking times i spoil my own day becox of these falsies!!! And i wanted to do eyelash extension but i heard it'd be painful if you put something on your face like a pillow for example. And plus i sleep like that.

Haha. I know many of you sleep like that also right.

So i don't know, is there something like a soft eyelash extension? Haha!

And after i master that, maybe then i'd consider bracing up courage and determination, conquer fear and past trauma (read here) and pick the broken pieces up.. AND, learn how to put on contact lenses, and remove them. Haha!

Okay night night!


Anonymous said...

How do you put on your contact lens then? :O

Anonymous said...

I think you look like Joanne peh. lol

Anonymous said...

I prefer you without make-up qiuqiu. You're way better looking without all those make-up. Trust me:) Natural~

QiuQiu said...

Anon, photoshop =)

Last anon, if i trust you my readers would have all died. LOL. From sore eyes, unstoppable vomiting and all. HAhaha.

Misa said...


do you really photoshop on your contact lenses?? I think you have amazing photoshop skills if that was true.

actually i have done 'soft' eye lash extensions before about 2 years ago in a shop at far east for 80bucks.

i asked for super natural extensions that were stuck on strand by strand so it was very natural no one knew it was fake.
and you have no problems sleeping because i sleep on my face. hahahaha

its quite steep though im sure you can get some really pro beauticians to do the 'soft' version for you. not sure about now coz i havent done them in a long time


QiuQiu said...

Thanks Sweet! Will go find out more about the SOFT kind of extension! =))

Anonymous said...

What i meant was, just natural make-up. Without all those make-up. You do look good natural:)