06 February 2011

QWeekly - Lazy week

Sorry this week's QWeekly is gonna be shorter cox i've been too occupied with having fun during CNY eve of eve, eve and CNY day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4 (today) and will have fun all the way until day 9. Hahaha.

Okay not all Chinese get to enjoy looooong CNY break, my sisters are heading back to work. Only reality-avoiding Chinese, like me, can laze all the way. I believe i need to entertain God of Fortune, socialize with him, build some strong rapport so i will huat big time this rabbit year. Haha.

But i think i am chasing fortune away cox i haven't been replying emails =S Haven't draft what i need to draft. Haven't do anything since CNY eve's eve!!!

Sunday! First Nuffnang Glitterati Plus event in 2011! ^.^
That's Huiwen and Elise showing how qiang zhuang they are. Lolol.

And i'm 100% honored to be invited and to be given a chance to share my tips on blogging. I wrote something on my phone, pointers that i wanna share, but when i was up talking, i couldn't follow them becox i wrote too short-form. LOL. So i couldn't understand what i had prepared. I vaguely remember that i kept saying Photoshop, Photoshop, blog more often, blog more often. Lol.

 Polaroid taken during the ice-breaking game.
This is for "Take a picture with someone who has tattoo" or something like that.

We got into groups and it's damn fun please?! My group won first *smug smug smug* Thanks to Gen, Valarie, Claire, Kevin, Cheryl and MYSELF! Lolol. I don't know how we win actually! One of the other task on the list for everyone is to take a picture with Ben/ Esther/ Me. So i'm being 'borrowed' once in a while to snap Polaroids with other groups and thus delaying the speed of my group. BUT, wo men hai shi ying le. LOLOL.

Esther and Me

She not paiseh one, this shot was taken when we were all told to leave cox the venue is booked til that time. And Esther's like "Nevermind lah, take here" I'm like, "you sure they won't scold us?" She's like "Won't lah, very fast one" I'm like "You see, they asking everyone to leave" She then took out her camera to snap one, then i see she so 'brave' (LOLOL) i also take out mine to snap one.

Yeah, we're rebels. 

Okay fine, maybe not me, i'm the humji one.

Here's why you should join Glitterati-PLUS! You'd..
  • Be able to enjoy benefits of sponsorships and having fun at the same time
  • Reap higher chances of getting event passes to exclusive Nuffnang-branded events such as Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards, Nuffnang Bloggers’ Symposium or movie screenings!
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  • Take charge and create your own outings. Best of all, it’ll be subsidised by Nuffnang!
  • Last but not least, meet like-minded enthusiastic bloggers (like yourself) and adventurous people (like us!)

 Highly interactive and fun page for gplus members!

All you have to do is to sign-up!

 Afterwards is hanging out with girlfriends =DDDDDDDD
Show you more on anther post!

And abruptly, what i'm gonna show you now is GROSS MUCH. Be warned.

. . . . . . . .

. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


 I found these from my computer chair wheels. Please go clear yours now. YUCKS. It's tangled mix of my hair, dog fur, threads and whatnots.

So that's all for this week. I had so much fun with my family, bf, relatives, that i am so tired (only physically) but my mind wants more fun! =DDD CNY should happen like four times a year.


yitian said...

Omg your first pic looks like Zoe(or is it zoey?) Tay, LOL!!!

Ruiting said...

I love ur tips during the G+ meetup! The "got big boobs then show lor" really make me LOL.

You look really pretty in person! :D

GenevieveWijaya said...

!! "Where is Gen?" That picture is hilarious!! I can just imagine how retarded I was, looking so high and happy, smiling and posing for the camera when, I'm not even in the frame!!

Sueann Tan said...

Ooh hey, that's me with the tattoo in your polaroid!! I was really wondering where all those polaroids went... hahaha.