18 February 2011

This should be a good day..

To post this picture. Lol. Yes like picking an auspicious date for wedding, giving birth etc. Posting a picture with someone you never thought you'd meet IRL and you super like, is worth picking an auspicious date too. Lol.

Today is a ji xiang ri becox! I had McDonald's for lunch! Then yummy Peking duck for dinner! And the taxi uncle kinda love me (lol). Then i got home and Drago + Tiffany look extra cute and fluffy cox they just showered and then now there's aircon at 27dc as i type away. Lol. So life's pretty good today.

Omg so tempted to insert emoji here. Lolol.

Wendy (Xiaxue) and Sophie and i were at Chinatown before CNY cox i psycho-pester Wendy to go out with me and she gave in.

No lah i bluff, don't go try your luck to psycho-pester her to go out!

Say really, i haven't done anything constructive for damn long. All becox of the fish-eye effect in my camera. Crappy lame things like that make me VERY happy =D

You see the link? Between me being happy leading to why i haven't been doing anything.

It works like this, when we're happy, everything is right, and when everything is right, WHY DO WE NEED TO DO ANYTHING? Lol.

Only when something is not right, example, not enough money, not enough food, not enough sex, not enough clothes, not enough fun then we're not happy.

So we need to do something for money, do something to get more food and clothes and dress up sexier for sex appeal to go up and finally, get a camera with fish-eye effect ^.^V
Then everything will be perfect. No need to do anything. No need to work.

Just, be, happy. Lolol.

And the best part is? I just downloaded Whatsapp yesternight and Emoji today.


And i won't want to work. Becox happy people, don't work.

Wow, did i just make a genius theory out of bullshit? Lolol.

Happy people get impressed with themselves and other people more easily. And this makes them very likable. And being likable make them more happy.

And then they download more Emoji.

And be happier.

And the happiness snowballs, and split-ball to other people and then snowball from there.

Seriously, i need to sleep.



Anonymous said...

Post a picture of u and ur boyfriend :D

Anonymous said...

I think you adore XX so much that you are trying to be like her, copy her in certain ways.

I like XX too, but maybe you should bring out more personality about yourself, and more ppl will like u for who u are.

Anonymous said...

I agree with ^

✿Rox✿ said...

you are so beautiful~

Anonymous said...

Does Sophie have a blog? You guys look adorable! xx

Elaine said...

Congrats! How did you got to know wendy personally?

QiuQiu said...

Jace, Thank you! =D

Hello! Sophie's blog is www.sophiewillocq.blogspot.com ^.^

I gotta know Wendy through constant bugging her on Twitter. And i'm still doing so. Lolol.