27 June 2011

QWeekly - My birthday wishes are noble.. Lol.


It's my hair lah.

I quote Jacqueline, after she touched my hair, "Omg, like pubic hair" =.= Lolol.

I grab a small bunch of hair, but it won't settle. It's like a furball or something. Lol. Pong Pong one.

The ends are the worst.

They shamelessly keep saying hi and want to appear more on my blog. Lol.

Pull out shot.

My birthday is gonna happen on Tuesday 28th, I think one can make as many birthday wishes as possible, lol, so if one super good one doesn't come true, some other will.

So i'm looking for a new hair-salon services sponsor.

And the location of the salon gotta be..

Along purple line!!!

The main reason i hardly visit Artica (and they have agreed to my request to stop the sponsorship) is becox it's on the red line! And here's the travel log for the laziest person on earth if i visit them.

- you can skip it, it's lame. Lol -

Get out of the house - Difficulty level 10/10
Take the lift down - Difficulty level 1/10
Walk to LRT station - Difficulty level 3 if weather not hot, 5 if hot
Climb up stairs to LRT platform - Difficulty level 3/10
Wait for LRT - Difficulty level 1/10
Take LRT to MRT station - Difficulty level 1/10
Walk from LRT platform to MRT - Difficulty level 2/10
24 mins trip to Dohby Ghout from Punggol - Difficulty level 3/10
Walk from Dohby Ghout to Red Line - Difficulty level 3/10
Wait for red line MRT - Difficulty level 2
Walk from Orchard MRT to FEP - Difficulty level 3 or 5

So.. Every little part that takes me away from my bed, my computer chair, my house, i also super geh gao one. Lolol!

And to cut my travel by half, which will in turn make me more motivated to treat my hair, i've decided to look for sponsorship only along the purple line.

To work out the rest, email me qiutinger@gmail.com Thank you!!!

So my birthday wishes revolves around looking slightly better. Lol. Like better hair for one. Better skin (already happening cox Adonis is freaking near me!!! =DD) and maybe a chioer pair of eyes, smaller nose, less saggy butts and less cellulite on thighs. Thank you.

And my wishes are all to look better becox like this people see me also good mood. So it's all for you. Lol.
I'm tired, it's 5am when i type this. Night! ^.^ Show you lotsa pictures soon!!!


smok√ę said...

Oh my Qiu qiu, what happened to your hair? It looks like some kind of cheap cheap wig leh.

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu the bra damn expensive! you bought it or did you get sponsored?

QiuQiu said...

Yan, yeah =(( Really quite fried.

Anon, i didn't buy it! Not sponsored yet! Just went for fitting =D

Anonymous said...

maybe you wanna try essential? I tried the hair treatment mask and my hair feels like I went for treatment at the salon (: give your hair more lovee~