19 September 2012

Obasan to Tsubasa

Lol at the title i came up with. What the heck right?

So i said i would do a Dolly Wink tutorial but afterwards i realise it's maybe a.. 70% Dolly Wink / Candydoll tutorial cox i used other products like CANMAKE and Maybelline and cheapo china undereye lashes and also cheapo skintone double eyelid stickers. Haha. But they are good thou!

And end up i have maybe more than 50 people telling me i look like Tsubasa Masuwaka *shy*

Bluff one lah. I am not shy. Lolol. Cox i don't think i look like her after the makeup. I feel anyone will look like that (generic big puppy eyes) once they put on upper and lower lashes so no biggie.

Bear with me and keep reading (even thou it's a little long lol) and i hope you'd enjoy doing the same makeup on yourself as i did! The end result is VERY different from what i usually do lah =D

Obasan. Zero makeup, no edit. Only pulled colour as constant to the rest of the how-do guide.

And YES!!! I am a dark-hair human now!!! =OOO Haha. Haven't had dark hair for soooo long. Thanks to Cleo Hair and Make for doing this gradient hair tone for me!!! Most told me they love it but i'm still tryna get used to it ^.^ But okay lah, can get praises i super happy already lolol.

So let's get started with the Obasan to Tsubasa tutorial!!! =DDD

For those who are almost as clueless as me, this is Tsubasa Masuwaka. Producer of DollyWink and CandyDoll and they are especially famous for their falsies!

I also think i should have done this tutorial when i had light-coloured hair. Haha. But nevermind! Look what i found online!!! Tsubasa also got pictures in dark hair lah! Haha ^.^

 So these are her in dark hair, still DollyWinky lol. Okay so let's go!!!

First, we need to get the base right. I started using Candydoll products after Wendy introduced them to me! And have been loving it ever since. Although i still have like one whole set that i'm using now, i am not going to say no when the nice people from Shoponblog offered me! =D

Shoponblog sells all Japanese makeup and tools at a lower price than you can find over the shelf!

Check them out if you wanna get yourself some good quality Japanese makeup ^.^

And best part is, they are having a minimum of 18% Discount off Candydoll products!!!

I use the lighter tone of the CandyDoll concealer (No.1) for my undereye to cover dark eyerings and mainly to brighten up the whole undereye area.
Then concealer No.2 for the rest of my face that needs concealing. Mainly on blemishes only.

And then THIS is the love!!! Mich started using it recently and she super love it also!!! She say it's velvety and smooth and what i can say is.. This is the only loose powder i've tried that allows me to not have oily-looking face at the end of one whole day!!!


I am using this super thin cloth-paperish material double eyelid sticker in nude tone, from Ta Zhiang. I THINK it's $2.90 or $3.90 i can't remember. For 80 pairs (160 pcs). It's quite good leh i find.

This is how you should look. Parallel eyelid is crucial if you wanna achieve the Dollywink look!

Using eyeliner from CANMAKE =D I quite love this!!! Can get from Watsons i think.
Drew a slightly droopy one. Extend your eyeliner at least like 1cm from the outer ends of your eyes. As you can see here, my double eyelid line is wayyyy shorter than my eyeliner. We'd do something about it later in a bit!!! =DDD

Using eyeshadow palette from Maybelline. I never photoshop the eyelid tape. So you can see lah, the clothy-texture makes it takes on colour very easily i guess. So not bad lah! =D Anyway, just use any light colour all over the upper lid, and then, a brown on the outer and inner lid, and then, a shimmery/ lighter gold or light brown in the center of the lid. See markings i did in picture!

Now this one leh, quite important!!! Use a brown liner or a very pigmented brown eyeshadow, extend your double eyelid line until it reaches as far out as your eyeliner. Line the inner eyelid also if need!

This is how you'd look after extending your double eyelid with brown liner =D More obvious right?!

Now the highlight of the whole makeup, DollyWink fake lashes ^.^ Really really much different from the cheapo kind i use O.O Especially in pictures, they show out really well.
One side with, one side without.
Both sides with. Now that we are done with the upper part of our eyes..
Use a brown eyeshadown or anything brownish lol, line the outside of the under eyeline.
Then, stick under eyelash on. I am using the cheapo one and it was too long i had to trim it myself =( I think you all buy DollyWink or any other good Japanese brands better ba.
Oh oh, remember to fill in your brows or concealer it! If you're looking for good brow concealer, the one from Majorlica is good, heavy rotation also good!!! =D I have both! If you dark hair jiu just fill in your brows with brown pencil lor. If you light hair then conceal ba!


Now we need to add some toning and colour to the look!!! Left to Right - CandyDoll shading powder, CandyDoll highlight powder, and blusher in peach pink and candy pink!
Take the highlight powder, pinch your brush like this, and then highlight center of your nose bridge. If you will, also do highlight your undereye, and the ball of your chin right below the under lip.
Now shading. I shade my zygoma =( Never ever shade under cheeks cox it'd make you look older!!! Unless you are going for the sleek and toned look. So only zygoma and a small "V" under chin! ^.^
And then shade your nose!!! Can use the same powder also! Shade it like i've marked it in pink. The tip leh, you shade more round like i did ba. Lolol. Cox i think quite cute. If you shade it all the way sharp down might look a bit fierce. I don't know, like a rhino charging. Haha.
No photoshop on nose. I cover from the harsh ringlight you can see the shading better.
And now add colours to your cheeks!!! I apply it like two round balls on my cheeks!
Results. But we're not done yet!!! Still got lips to do!!!
Conceal lips. I am using heavy rotation lip concealer. Wendy gimmie one ^.^ And then gloss it with something sweet pink =D And......

WE ARE DONE!!!!!!!

Took this snap as first shot, turned out blur. So this is 100% unretouched!!! HOW YOU THINK?!?! TSU BU TSU BASA?!?!?!?! Hahaha!!! =DDD I think quite nice leh! And then later i photoshop green contacts, like how Tsubasa did in some of her pictures.

There, green eyes in the lower picture ^.^

My Finished Work
Obasan to Tsubasa

I never photoshop my eye-shape at all i swear. Quite proud of it!!! Cox it looks huge!!!

So this is the making of almost step by step!!! =D

To this finally!!! =DDD

Before and After ^.^ Not a very fair comparison cox i changed the colour here. But you get the idea.

Alright! Hope you like this tutorial and tweet me a picture if you ever try it ^.^

So.... I guess...

Obasan to Tsubasa, PASS?!?!?! =DDD Hahaha.

Thanks to Shoponblog again for the CandyDoll and DollyWink makeup!


Anonymous said...

LOVE you new hair. did you bleach the bottom part to get that color?

Anonymous said...

you are cool Qiuting

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Anonymous said...

I swear you're like Tsubasa's taller twin sister! Look super nice! Pls do a tutorial on how to get green photoshop eyes? Thanks for reading Qiu Qiu!

Unknown said...

SO good!
You look very different with dark hair. Much more interesting or what... don't know really! :) Maybe before you were like "qute" and "pretty" and know better word would be "beautiful" :)
Tutorial is supercool!

Satovan said...


Anonymous said...

lol your photoshop green contacts a bit fail leh!! got this one photo where its jagged lololol. anyway hi ms tsubasa wannabe ^_^

Irene Chan said...

What does shading your zygoma means? I shade the hollows under my cheekbone to make me look slimmer wor..

Yuan Ting said...

the 'before' is prettier!!

damn said...

your hair make your face look like much more smaller ! although the original ardy small ! haha!~~

Anonymous said...

Thank your for this tutorial! I think you explained really well & those pictures which you drew on really helps a lot! Thank you!! :D

Anonymous said...

Can you stop acting young and cute when you're so fucking old and ugly. And please do not even compare yourself with Tsubasa. The difference is worlds apart. It's one thing to be confident about your looks, but another to be completely arrogant of something you completely don't possess.
P.S. Photoshop should be your best friend. You look good with it. (and makeup of course)

Anonymous said...

Ah. Comment moderation. What a self obsessed/infatuated shallow individual.

Anonymous said...

one of your tooth look weird. you sure never photoshop?

QiuQiu said...

Anon, i am not sure actually! It doesn't feel damaged so i dont know! O.O

Gunila, hahah you're too kind with your words!

Irene, i shade zygoma browner to make it look less protruding i cannot shade under the cheekbones thou last time i do but now i realise it makes me look old and sunken and serious! O.O

Yuan Ting, you kidding right! Haha.

Eivin, thank you ^.^

Anon, i never say i never photoshop. Those pics that i never photoshop i will state what, to show the different of before and after using that particular product. And the teeth thing is my attachment lah! =_=

Anonymous said...

My goodnesss!!!!!!!!!
You are just extremely superbly gorgeoussssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!! SUPER SUPER SUPER GORGEOUSSSSS!!!!!!!

lilpink said...

you do look like her in this one after you did makeup.
wow. you're awesome at PS. <3
i wish i could do just the same.


Anonymous said...

i think you look very pretty without makeup!

Anonymous said...

qiu, what brushes are u using? :D

Clara Tan said...

PASS PASS PASS! very pretty! your hair looks so much healthier now! :)

yingjie said...

Where did you buy the cheap lower lashes? Look nice!! :)

skinnyrichbitch said...

So pretty! Can fight with my no makeup look alr.. Lol.. Hen mei la!!

May said...

If anyone says you're ugly, know that you are pretty. You are more than a list of mistakes and if anyone tells you otherwise, let it be the last they make. On a side note, I love your blog! (From Perth, Australia!)

And to anonymous, you leaving comments like this.. it doesn't show much of a person does it? Grow up mate.

- May Rodrick Fierze (@MFierze)

Unknown said...

I think it's super cute! Your eyes look hugeeee o.o What is lip concealer? I never heard of this, do you mean you just put normal concealer on your lips or is it a special kind?

Anonymous said...

nice lashes! but remember to put foundation on your forehead too! cause the color difference is obvious and weird!

Anonymous said...

just two words for you. love it!!!

CL said...

PASS!! Hahaha.. Thanks for the tip on lining the eyelid tape!! Thank you thank you!

Anyway does the canmake eyeliner smudge? :D

Also, your hair looks so much healthier and prettier in dark color :D

Aegyowook said...

where did you get ur lower eyelashes ? hehe i was waiting for this tutorial cause i saw you changed ur twitter dp and first thing i said was VERY CHIO ! LIKE TSUBASA !! " Pass liao pass liao ^__^ !!

Anonymous said...

Qiu Qiu...did you use a foundation shade lighter than your skin tone?? Not as obvious with lighter hair but now that it is dark...

Anonymous said...

SUPER CHIO!!! :) And I love your new hair, you look much fresher!!!

Anonymous said...

I hate putting eyelashes, they are so uncomfortable but rly big difference. gyaru style using dollywink is the best. You really look like tsubabsa, pretty!

Anonymous said...

I hate putting eyelashes, they are so uncomfortable but rly big difference. gyaru style using dollywink is the best. You really look like tsubabsa, pretty!

Unknown said...

haha so cute!

sabbit said...

you look really good!! your makeup skills have improved so much over the past few months. keep up the good work ^^

valerie said...

Hi, can i know where u bought the double eyelid sticker?

Kristen said...

I think you look great with this makeup! Don't bother about the bad comments as long as you are happy and thank you for motivating me to put on lower fake eyelashes.

Anonymous said...

beautiful but. either redo your nails or remove the old polish.

Mari said...

Lovely...you are prettier than Tsubasa anyway :)