13 October 2012

QWeekly - BKK

Went to Bangkok with Huiwen, Becca and Huiting! ^.^

On the plane. Huiwen, Huiting and Becca ^.^

Huiwen braided my hair haha. It's quite nice but it's SO tight i can die. Confirm headache if more than 15 minutes one. So i removed it 10 minutes later haha.


Four of us share one room. Huiwen say first "I chope the single bed ah"

So after showering she just went to her bed to nua.

And then me and Huiting (waiting for our turn to shower while Becca is showering) were talking with Huiwen. And then we talk talk talk, Huiting went to sit on Huiwen's bed on the right side.

And i also, talk talk talk, i go and squat down beside Huiwen's bed on the left side.

Then Huiwen was like "你们做么!!! I ask for single bed becox i like my space!!! Then one sit here another squat there all come and crowd around me!!!"

= / okayguy.jpeg

Unloving max. I thought we girly-talk what. Can go kueh xio. Lolol.

The hotel (First House hotel i think) we stayed in is horrible. I mean the room is great (except it only has ONE power socket so all four of us have to share. I mean ANY hotel that doesn't provide a socket beside the bed is just lame) and the price is really reasonable but the hotel recept staff are all SOOOO RUDE and unhelpful. So stay at your own risk =D

Head out for dinner and it was the BEST meal i ever had in BKK!!! Thank you Huiwen =DDD That's Becca attacking the fish with a vengeance. Lolol.

Me and Huiwen. Everytime i joke about her single eyelid in my blog confirm got people speak up for her and scold me one. I don't dare to make fun of her anymore. HUIWEN IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL ON EARTH WITH NICE HAIR!!! Can or not. Lolol. I bluff one.

The fish is sooooo good!!! I wanna bring Josh the next time if we go BKK! Think it's at Chinatown.

After i had bird's nest with candied ginko nut, we just stroll around to snack and shop =))

Next day after waking up and done with 7am shopping. Lol hardcore. Us at a roasted pork shop!

And then we continue shopping like mad (just me =X and my shopping partner Huiting haha). I notice BKK shopping is really not as cheap as before. Not as enjoyable either.

Last time damn shiok one.

You see something for 100baht, you wanna buy it, you ask for a discount, they confirm can give until like 80 or 90 baht. What, give me 10 baht i also happy lol. And then if you pretend to walk away, they confirm call you back and offer you a better deal!

Of course the more expensive stuff you pick up, the more discount you can expect. LAST TIME.

Now it's like you wanna buy something, you ask for a good discount, they don't give nevermind, you pretend to walk away, they also no hiu one. I bet they are like "Go die! You don't buy, someone else will! I bet you will still buy! Singaporeans. Suckers" Lolol.

And also, the really nice clothes are all like 400 - 600 baht like this =.= Which is like 24 SGD. Ah then you pay me my air ticket is it. Lolol. Sibeh bo hua lah if you shop in BKK at this price!!!

So i am VERY disciplined one!!!

I don't buy anything more than $8 SGD. Mostly 100baht which is like.. $4.

Also ah!!! They very smart now!!! They have this like wholesale price and retail price.

Example, retail price they can put any shit price. Like 350baht.

And wholesale (usually you buy 2 or 3 or 6 pcs, it'd be wholesale price liao) price is 190.

Which means it's VERY hard for you to bargain anymore cox they will keep repeating to you, "Ah Ni wholesale price. Very very cheeeap already" They'd say it multiple times until you give up lol.

Seriously, WHO would buy at retail price lah! Of course people will buy more and for people who buy more, there's no further discount. Or even if there is, it's not much.

Suo yi lor, not as fun as i remembered it 5 years ago. I still love BKK thou!!! The variety of styles they have is HUGE. And there are still cheap stuff lah. Just gotta shop for pricetags and stay focused.

I will definitely still wanna go back again ^.^

Our last dinner~ Becca and si Huiwen. Ask her take picture she whole day BU YAO BU YAO. Bu yao but last minute still will stick her head in *angry face*

Huiting and i!!! =DDD

Whole trip we have this point system where we add to the stupid points =/

Me and Huiting are like the top two leading contestant =/ I tell you all her stupidest thing okay.

On the plane Huiting was referring to the booklet.. And she ask Becca..

Okay it goes like this..

Huiting: Where is Gold Coast?

Becca: Autralia

Huiting: Oh. Melbourne leh?

Becca: Autralia also i think

Huting: Oh.. The World? Where is The World?

Becca: ...... Errr.. The world lah?

Me: OH MY GOD. 1000 points!!!!!!!

I think cox the booklet is like a directory pointer. And it points to many different parts of the world and one of it says "The World" and Huiting thought it's a country or place. LOLOLOL.

STUPID DAO YAO SI. I didn't actually do anything stupid to be honest. Lolol. I think it's just unfair they already assume i am stupid to start with. So they throw me on the stupid contest =/

Our last day! Haha. I really slave my maryjulian denim sleeveless top badly. I love it so much lah! Can wear it in so many ways. Buttoned, unbuttoned, tied up, let down. Love.

On our second tuktuk ride ^.^ LOVE IT!!!! So cozy and fun ^.^

I really look forward to visiting Bangkok again with easy-going and fun people =DDD

Thank you girls for being super helpful and nice this trip!!!


FiSh said...

ah nice trip you have with the girls! :) the way you write bout your trip is all so cheerful and happy mood! *LIKE*

Jas Min said...

Hello Qiu Qiu!!

Where do you recommended to shop real budget barbie prices?? I'll be going there in december!! =D

Anonymous said...

i am going to bkk next few days staying at myhotel, which i heard is beside first house hotel. is the location ideal? i heard its a dark alley! :(

Hanna Lei said...

I love the braid! http://www.hannamarielei.com/

Ja said...

Where's your blue hair??? o3o
Did you have it removed already? o3o

Anonymous said...

qiuqiu! i'm so excited to go to bkk! can u please tell me where the fish your friend becca is attacking is? my bf loves fish :)

Unknown said...

sounds like your trip was half good and half bad~
i enjoyed the pictures though :)!