24 October 2012

Taiwan to Japan ^.^

Hello!!! Back with holiday updates~!!! =DDD

Started our 3rd day in Taipei with bubble tea and OhAh Mee Sua (oyster mee sua)!

They are both originated from Taiwan and is a must-try i guess! =D

So we did!

My GIANT cup of wintermelon bubble tea with 粉条. Which is something like mee tai mak but sweet version haha. Quite interesting.

One with Audrey, who is probably chewing on chicken bone, again. LOLOL. The other post i got mention lah, that she very unlucky one. One big bag of chicken cutlet, all of us always pick out the meat, only she always pick out the ones with bone. Lolol.

Went to the all famous Ah Zong Mee Sua!!! OMG I CAN DO WITH SOME NOW!!!!

Very super duper yums. I added so much garlic and (too much) chilli sauce but i still love itttt!!! =D

It's a sit-down and no table thing by the way! I don't mind but the bowl can get a bit hot lolol.

Cheesie and Audrey sharing on bowl. We were supposed to share but i added so much garlic i don't think anyone else is keen lolol.

Wendy also had one bowl to herself cox she wanna OD on vinegar kind lolol.

Done! Off for some shopping~!!!!!!

Headed for Wu Fen Pu for some affordable shopping!

To be honest ah.. Everyone that i've asked, who went to Wu Fen Pu, told me that the shopping there is meh. Like they say the stuff are overpriced and all very korean style kind of frilly and lacey fashion and that even though it's like a wholesale place, the stuff are all not affordable even if you buy more.

Sounds like not much fun lolol so i didn't have much hope in it. BUT!!!

Every other shop has this rack. That is either 2 for NT$100. Which is like 2 for SGD4.20!!! WHICH IS LIKE ONE PIECE IS FOR ABOUT TWO SING DOLLAR.

How can they say it's not good shopping?!?!!?! =OOOO

I shopped so much there =DDD

Like 3 bags full. Not showing them all becox they are still in my travel bag =X I left it there open along with my shopping spree from BKK haha. So when i wanna go out, i surprise myself by digging out new clothes from those bags ^.^ So much new clothes i can't exactly remember what i have.

Will mention on instagram / blog/ twitter when i wear something i bought overseas! ^.^

But here are some of the things i bought from Wu Fen Pu that i get to wear during the trip thou!

Left to Right, all from Wu Fen Pu:
Blue cardi for $2.10, white chiffon top for $2.10, colourful neon shorts for $2.10
Cheesie's furry leopard prints pullover dress for SGD12.60
My colour chiffon top for $2.10, peach pink shorts for $2.10
Pink gathered flare skirt for $4.20 and $4 green knit jacket (this one is from BKK)

So you tell me lah. How is this not good shopping!!! I bought a lot more stuff!!! Mostly $2.10 or $4.20 per piece!!! =D Say real one even BKK also hardly have 50 baht ($2) stuff anymore lor.

Cheesie and Audrey shopping away. That's where she bought the furry leopard print piece! =D

Wendy also got kio the NT$100 stuff haha. Cox ah they don't accept credit cards so she gotta stretch her dollars, so she says haha. I think she couldn't shop much in Taiwan cox of the no-credit cards thing so she went a bit crazy shopping in Japan afterwards. Another post! =D

Behind our hotel (amba @ ximending), inside an alley, we spotted the all-famous TOILET RESTAURANT. Haha. You might have seen it everytime someone visits Taiwan. Food served in toilet bowls, your chair is a toilet bowl seat, your chocolate ice cream served in toilet bowl with some yellow urine-look-alike thing hahaha. Have fun if you're there! VOMIT. Lol.

Then we randomly hop into a shop that is supposed to serve famous 40 year history pork cutlet. But turns out, the pork cutlet is super meh BUT the rest of the dishes were so good =DDD Like the veg is melty soft and flavourful and we also ordered fried eggs! OH WANT SOME NOW!!!!

Cheesie and Audrey nomming away ^.^

Me and Wendy. That's her before her stomach suddenly expand to looking like REAL pregger. Really is from "not so obvious, not sure if pregnant or fat" kind of tummy, to "perhaps 4 - 5 months pregnant" de tummy!!! Haha. Quite cute leh. We all get to sayang her belly hahaha *creepy smile*

Looks very wrong but just wanna show you what 大肠包小肠 is! The sausage is so juicy oh my god. But i ate it like 2 hours later so i couldn't bite through the glutinous rice outside cox it turned hard!

Later we went for KTV til i think.. 3 or 4am. HAVOC OR NOT!!!! =DDD I am very very impressed that their KTV room got attached toilet one!!! HOW CONVENIENT!!! =DDD

❤ Heading for some Japan Love
Cheesie, Audrey and me on the cab! Wendy sitting in front lol.

Audrey and me ^.^

We all thought we were going on Hello Kitty Air (EVA Air) on this flight up so that's why i so act cute go and wear knit cap all = / But end up this flight up is not Kitty Air!

Kitty Air will be our flight from Japan to Taiwan! BUT ANYWAY!!!!!!



Them girls went crazy haha.

One camho shot. EVA Air did quite a good job with this Hello Kitty check-in room i think!!!

CUTE NOT!!! ^.^ I'm wearing my $6 knit cap, $2 pink long sleeve and $4 floral skorts from BKK.

One camho shot on flight EVA Air ^.^
I always ask for extra bread roll and butter ^.^ Love the pork salad in this meal!!!

Arrived in JAPAN!!!!! =DDD
People from Expedia arranged for us to stay in KEIO Plaza hotel in Shinjuku and it was nice =D

Grand bu grand!

Oh thank you Expedia and thank you Wendy and thank you Nuffnang for hooking us all up!

Wendy and i share room ^.^ We already disclaim, i will stand her pregger farts and burps and she will tolerate me if i cry for missing Josh and doggies. Lolol. I didn't cry this time thou =D

The hotel is so good that they use shiseido face soap =D

And then Cheesie de boyfriend brought us to one of the best ramen!!!! He did like one hour research online before he decide on this one one!!! =OOO Cheesie better be marrying him officially asap!!!

He's really damn nice lah, drove us around and then everything he also plan nicely and thoughtfully.

Cheesie, here's an extra thick rope!!! Lolol.
Them deciding on what to eat. Think so much but end up we four all order the same thing i think lol.

Oh happy girls and Cheesie de bf who looks like a water jug in this picture. Lolol.

I really really am still very impressed with the Japanese. They everything also must do extra mile and bring everything to the next level like this. Like ramen shop jiu ramen shop, they still go give people hair ties, for convenience for the ladies. Japan, you win in everything!!!

My ramen ^.^ OMG THE EGG. I very happy cox Cheesie and Audrey no eat egg yolk one. I KIO ALL THE EGG YOLKS!! Lololol. Omg my preferred travel companions should all hate eggyolks.

This is the yummy ramen place ^.^

After dinner Cheesie de bf brought us to Don Quixote (pronounced like DonkeyHoteh lol) which is open 24 hours and they sell EVERYTHING. Kinda like our mini Mustafa BUT everything is much much cuter and nicer haha. You can see some of the stuff i bought in Japan at the last post of this trip!

Dislike Halloween. All the orange shit =X But inside the shop is mainly cute pink stuff and other stuff lah. From beauty to snacks to electronics and household products.

Okay okay! That's it for now!!! Next up i think still got HELLO KITTY SANRIO PUROLAND post and DISNEYSEA POST =DDD

And and and!!! HELLO KITTY EVA AIR!!!

Alright!!! If you are tempted to head Taiwan and Japan please check out Expedia site!!!

Or anywhere in the world!!! Haha. They have a lot of choices and will help you compare prices for booking of flights and hotel and they have a BEST PRICE GUARANTEED policy! So you know you'd be getting the best out of the least $ spent!

Also Expedia is running a promotion now!

Book your trip with them from now til 4th November you will stand to reduce cost of your holiday to just $1! Every booking gets automatic entry into their daily draw!!!

Dude, $1 trip, DAILY DRAW. You get what i mean right. I don't quite get it cox it's unbelivable.

Visit Expedia to book your trip now!


Anonymous said...

its 24 oct now d leh

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omg that hello kitty room!! And you look so beautiful (:

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YAY!!! Love love love your trips with the girls!!!! all looking super duper gorgeous and happy!!!!!! everything looks soooo nice!!!!!

Carlyn said...

I love reading your travel posts, you always have such fun with your friends.

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Omg Qiu I hate boiled eggs so that means I would be your perfect travel companion *lol* XD
I love Japan, thanks for sharing this post :D You all look like you had a great time :)

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Wuah, I want to go shopping and eating now. Fun post!

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The Hello Kitty check in room is just too adorable for words... =]

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Reading this makes we want to go to Taiwan, and go back to Japan. :-) You all looks gorgeous.

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I really enjoyed reading this post, the food is making me super home sick for some good asian nomssss.

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hi! you seem to be the happiest in all the pictures. it's as if you're perpetually happy and positive. that's a really great quality in a person, blogger or not. maybe that's why you have one of the funniest and loveliest blog styles around! keep it up!

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u gals are super gorgeous~

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Your pictures look like so much fun!! Shopping would be so fun with you!

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I love your pink long sleeves top! (: