21 March 2014

Horizontal Gradient - Green

WADDUP!!!!! I am still in Tokyo right now!!! =DD Tomorrow is gonna be my day home! =D I really hope i can find some souvenirs back at the airport cox i didn't manage to buy much during the past two days! But i had LOTSA fun especially during kimono-dressing!!!! OMG best experience i had ever doing cultural stuff in Japan ^.^ More to come, i hope!!!

Will share more about it soon okay! Show you my latest hair colour first!

I feel it has surpass the chionest i've ever been hahaha. Sio has successfully out-done himself.

By the way, Cleo Hairmake has shifted to Central Clark Quay!!

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clark Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250

Hair forever messy lol.
Let Hand of God - Sio do his magic. Hahah.

I take going to Cleo as a therupeutic visit. Cox can chit-chat with Samantha and if not, i can always count on getting a good nice and relaxing shampooing and head massaging session from Sio.

That was him touching up my roots and then adding the colour(ssssss). After these foils of colours, he added maybe 8 more hahaha. To create the horizontal gradient.

You've seen up to down (vertical gradient) but i guess left to right (or vice versa) is not commonly seen yet! =DDD And best part is.. You can gradient any colour you like!!!

Dark brown to brown to ash brown?

Midnight purple to purple to ashy lilac???

Or like mine! Green to Turquoise to ashy Mint!!!!! I LOVE IT A LOT!!!

By the way ah.. Sio mixes his own colour most of the time. So i also cannot tell you exactly what are the names of the colours he uses cox i don't know O.O Most of the time i just tell him to decide.

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!!!!!!!! I shouldn't have gone blue lor. I should have gone all green =OOO Maybe i will O.O Hahaha.
One thing i love about visiting Cleo is Sio always make sure i leave with nice hair (that can last me at least 5 days especially when i need to go overseas hahaha) cox he'd ask if i want to blowdry my hair straight or curl or bob or whatever. 真是服务周到! Haha!
MY HAIR!!!!!!! A nice vivid green that fades into turquoise then to ash mint!!!! HORIZONTALLY!
Thank you Sio!!!!!!! ^.^V
Camho like a pro. Nice not lah!!! So far the green side got lotsa compliment i think cox that's the first thing people noticed!!! But..
Actually i love the minty-ash side ever more!!!!!!!! It's so.. Ashy and.. Minty. Hahaha. Does not make a good description nor explanation but i owe no one a living!!!! *Irrational rage* hahaha.
This one 100% no edit wtfff. Not sure if i need plastic surgery or i need to kidnap Sio and hold him hostage forever to do my hair at my house hahahahah.
New profile picture. Lolol.
This one only pull level and colour!!! No edit! I can do with a little more chin but hey, i think i am alright with Sio's hair hahaha.
Hi i am 16 year old. Lolol *vomit* What lah!!! I told you there will be picture spam of myself!!! Haha. So bear with it!!! Besides, this is the chioest i've been!!! Who knows i might go crazy again and do a crazy colour next! Brown me is the chioest lol. With a little touch of green, PERFECT!

Okay lah i shall leave you soon!!! Gotta sleep for tomorrow early day! Me and Cheesie and Wendy and Melissa from Thailand are gonna head for Shibuya or 100 yen shop =DDDDDD

I cannot wait~~~

But wait..

Of me. Lol. My dress is from rosebullet!!! =DDD I love it!
Josh help me snap this before Cleo's official launch of the new shop space!!! =DDD More on that soon!!! Cox really a lot of pictures!!! Till then~ Good night~ And if you wanna make appointment:

❤ ❤ ❤ Cleo Hairmake ❤ ❤ ❤
Central @ Clark Quay Level 4
Tel: 6338 5250


Hanna Lei said...

I love your hair -Hanna Lei

RC said...

Qiuqiu, you look gorgeous.. DEF no need for ps...

Jocelyne said...

At the end of a really long day it's so nice to come home, veg out and see that you blogged! Love your blog so much QiuQiu*~

I'm in love with your new hairstyle, it's beautifullll! Also, hope you're having the best time in Japan :)