14 March 2014

Taiwan Day 2 ^.^

This post is a little (lot) overdue becox i am trying to keep track of my Taiwan trip in sequence of when it happens! So this is a whole part of Day 2, day for work ^.^

Before work i requested for another portion of Ah Zong Mee Sua ^.^ Cox i just loveeee it soooo much!!! =DDD I always add a lot of garlic! And some chili! I didn't know Josh snapped this picture haha. Not bad i eat in style, cross leg some more.

Together =)))
Random camho shot haha. Really is somehow, when i'm overseas i look chioer.
Teeni team from Singapore and Taiwan brought us all for Hu Xu Zhang!!! =DDD They really very nice lah!!! Actually i think they planned to eat something else one but the night before i mentioned to Uncle and Auntie Tay that i've never tried Hu Xu Zhang and they're like so chin-cai, "Okay lah! Tomorrow we can go" =DDD I loveeeee nice people!!!
Group shot ^.^
The famous lu rou fan really is super yums!!!!!
And many many more side dishes!!! The cabbage is melt in your mouth kind!!! Omg wo hen love!!!
Got see this hu xu zhang logo must go try the lu rou fan and then cabbage okay!!! ^.^ After this we went for the event which you already saw below! For EZEE Beauty Collagen drink!!!

I really love this drink so much and i think it helps a lot with beauty and wellness of our face and body so i bought like 40 bottles of EZEE Beauty Collagen drink on Groupon and instead of $6 plus, each bottle is only $3.50 now if you buy 20 bottles and up! It's like 50% savings!!!

Some of my EZEE Beauty Collagen drinks. I bought them from Groupon and they were delivered (Free delivery!!!) in the next two days though it says within 7 days. Another 26 bottles are in my kitchen haven't chill them yet hahah. I really super kiasu when it comes to good things i love!!! I have 2 Laneige water pack in my drawer un-used yet. One i'm using now lol #kiasu
LOL at Josh over-enthu face. Cox i tell him Wu Fen Pu got lotsa shopping. BUT I forgot to say mostly for female hahaha! I swept lotsa stuff but he got only one cap. Which looks kinda unisex fhl.
At Wu Fen Pu =D You can find lotsa suppliers there! Lotsa their blogshops get stock from Wu Fen Pu one! So expect to see lotsa people shopping with big trolley bags!
Night was still young so we went to Raohe night market! Much more yummy food to select from but no carnival games like Shilin!
One with Josh =D
IS THIS POODLE EVEN REAL?!?!? SUPER CUTE AND OBEDIENT!!!!! Just sit there to accompany her owner to sell doggy toys and all!! We bought some toys for Tiffany and Drago! And really missed them both when we saw the many doggies in Taiwan!
Dragon Beard candy =D Quite nice except i feel there's too much sesame in it! We use more peanuts they use more sesame. Smell more fragrant but the texture is not as good!
Tian Bu La (Tempura) which is like deep-fried yong tau foo with Thai sweet chili sauce. Lol. Quite yummy i guess cox Josh finished it. Also the fish paste they used is quite fresh!
Happy me walking around =)
We try to blend in by sitting around with the locals in the night market haha.
Ordered a mango ice but didn't know the portion is soooo huge! Heng we never order two!!! And quite cheap! Like this crazy bowl is only SGD$4?
Big giant chunks of mango!
I hiao so i remove my coat for a while to camho. Cox whole day cannot see my neon green top! Can only see my coat hahaha.
Ordered hot lu rou fan! I have 2 - 3 lu rou fan in Taiwan each day!!! Lol. Also, thank you for noticing my diamond ring. Lolol. Josh will be happy. Lash is from GIRLYMake No.2!
Hot and yummy lu rou fan! With PEARL RICE!!!!!!!!!!! WHY IS SINGAPORE STILL USING NORMAL RICE I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sibeh primitive. Everything taste better with Japanese rice!!!!!!!
Don't play dee damn cold so let's just eat okay. Lolol.
One thing about Taiwan night market is they always have a way to may you feel like the product is special in its own little ways and you have to try it. Like this plum store.. It says on the signboard "Grandma grew them herself" Like.. How can i not try the plums that a nice old lady planted!!! I heard Samantha say before got stocking stores also say "Granny sewed them herself" Lololol. Zek ark. Ah Ma so old dee still let her sew stockings and grow plums.
Cupcakes on display by some ang moh stall owner.
He made desserts and cakes too! Actually quite tempted to try them but the ang moh damn friendly until i paiseh i quickly walk away O.O Why am i like this!
MALTOSE CANDY BISCUIT!!!!! Mai Ya Tang biscuit!!!!!!! I LOVE MAI YA TANG A LOT ONE!!!!!! Usually eat it with like two chopsticks, roll and roll them until they turn white.
Bought it and finished it =DDD Super happy and satisfied!!!
Malt candy in cute shapes!
Then me and Josh let a very nice lady at the night market see our fortune. I did tarot and he did the card-picking thing by the birds!

So i share with you about my fortune and career okay.

She say.. I earn a lot but i spent a lot O.O But the good thing is!!! I spend to make people around me happy so it's good but i just have to learn how to control my spending. And..

I have a lot of 贵人 (good nice people who will help me a lot!) in my life and great opportunities will keep coming my way *smirks* Lolol. Anyone will be happy to hear these! Lol.

Business wise i will have little tiff with my business partner(s) but it can all be resolved if we do things slowly and patiently. I think she is totally telling me i am too impatient and that is true. Lolol.

Also she say i might meet difficulties in my line of work or in life generally but becox i have a good heart, everything will be good anyway.

So i guess overall it's quite positive?!?!? =DDD WOOHOO~!!!! PARTEH TIME!!!! Lolol.

Josh leh.. The reading speak of all his character traits accurately!!! And also say that his big break and fortune will come during the second half of his life. And it comes slow and steady.


Lolol. When that happens i am just going to stop doing work and blog all day =DDD

And go for hi-tea with my friends. Soak in my roof terrace jacuzzi, sip juice and listen to oldies.

Sigh~ My life is awesome.

Okay thank you bye bye.

Bye bye!!!!! I gotta work tomorrow you know!!! It's a Saturday T.T

BUT THANK GOD IT'S GONNA BE SUPER FUN ONE!!! I'd be at Singapore Poly for SPGG openhouse!!!!!!! There will be lotsa fun games, carnival, pony rides, archery, food and all!!!

Come!!! Bring the kids at home, bring your parents, bring everyone! Details HERE!

Bye bye lah!!!!


Unknown said...

Whaaaaaaaaaa you have killed me with all these sweets! Now I need to go and buy a dozen cupcakes and eat them all in 2 minutes <3 You do the coolest things and everything in Taiwan looks so soo fun! I will visit some time in the next years for sure, I wanted to add Singapore on the list too but I heard it's very expensive 0_o but maybe someday! For now, give me the cupcakes!

ROO! ♔ said...

o_o which night market did you go for that fortune teller?

Anonymous said...

Ang moh stall owner has his own story featured on Taipei tv before.