08 August 2008

Dora & Jia

Annoucement, please pay attention. Does anyone knows where to get this kind of candies in strawberry or grape flavour? This one here is Strawberry, Delphina ever bought the grape one for me, and then i bought this Strawberry one myself, and it's sooooo small, but it cost 50cents!!! You can see ah, smaller than my fingers. BUT!!!!!! Nice.. Nice.. NICE! Anyone knows where to get like one big packet or something? Maybe cheaper like that. It's made in Japan! No wonder so good!

Okay, back to Dora and Jia..

We were supposed to meet at Lavendar MRT station at 6.30pm. Then it was 8.30pm already and Dora's handphone was still off-ed.
MissyJayelle along with her REAL Gucci in.. MRT station?
Haha.. Like, whatever, right?

Jia said that my REBONDED hair was kinda good. And she followed by saying she know i'd blog about her praising me (and my beautiful hair) cox my blog is all full of shit and bo liao stuff. Hahahah. She's right!!!

Being Dora's really close friends, Jia and i was of course frantic.

So.. What friends do for each other.. Is this.

Neeways she was still in her training, so we headed from Lavendar to Changi Airport. We are pretty nice friends right.

On the skytrain
My simple (actually trying to act 清纯 and young) outfit.
Jia and her act-rich outfit. HAHAHA.
And yes! With her REAL Gucci!

Then we had POPEYE Chicken!!! Weeeeee~

Dora's spoiler-finger.
Spoiler face. JUST KIDDING! What the heck you saying about my friend?! Dora's pretty asian-bollywood starlet face!
Er, okay, the real spoiler face.

Going home!!!
Only boring people wears white & black. Hahaha.. Interesting people.. Wear blue jacket, white teeshirt and canvas skirt.
Lovely Jia!
Lovely Us!
And don't know why JiaLing like damn big in this picture. Must be angle. I gotta learn that.

I hope that Dora will have a safe trip. And will always bring along the love with her =D Love from me! And i hope JiaLing.. Will find a boyfriend soon! She not gan jeong but i am! I don't even know what kind of guys would be so lucky to have her and her bag of crap jokes.

Haha.. Must show off all my friends to you all.


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