24 August 2008

Weird People Makes Me Wanna Shite

And it's good. Cox i have quite bad constipation. Like i'd usually PooPoo only once every 3-4 days. Unless on special occasion.

So last time i pp, it was thanks to the stimulation of pictures of super weird so-called models. I don't know if you guys ever chance upon blogs, gallery or forum where they showcase 'models'. If you don't, maybe you can ask me in private on the links. HAHA.

Neeways, it's something like this.

Awkward. Awkward. And.. Awkward?

I know, my version if actually not that bad *proud* (And ovbiously very confident that some stupid spammers will still come back and read my lovely blog, purposely must spike them).

So i'd show you some pictures for example.Err.. Just weird?
Weird hands and that expression.

Anyway, i swear i have seen worst pictures than these two. But those are local girls lah, i don't dare to show. Haha.. Singapore's too small to have direct enemies. LOL.

Back to how weird picturs might affect our bowels, i was browsing through some pictures from a online community and then immediately i feel like passing motion. It gives you the goosebumps especially when they say they are professional models.

Lastly, if you have constipation, maybe i know how to help ; )


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A sunshine girl... saw your comment and so drop by.

These girls are mature girls who confront the world with their selves. They accept their selves and should be encouraged.

Have you watched 'Gung Fu'? There is a 'big mouth' actress... she acted very well, and is an asset to the movie. Have you watched 'Gung Fu'? This is a 'Huang Sheng Yi'... She is not really needed as the subsequent Zhang Yuqi can just replace her.

Whilst the difference in opinion here, I still wish you all the best. :)

Stay sweet.