29 August 2008

What you think of at certain time of your life..

Will affect how you look, TREMENDOUSLY.

I am not so hardworking to find my childhood picture, so this is the earliest i could find of myself.

Age: Hardly 16.
Thoughts: Wanting to be kind, and not lose temper so often.
Look: Kind and harmless, indeed.
Oh, and standing beside me is my long time friend, Shalyn Phua.


Age: 17
Thoughts: Totally crushed, dumped by first love and really friggin' lost in Quantity Analysis lecture and tutorial. LOL.
Look: Like SHIT. Period.


Age: 17 odd
Thoughts: Pretending to be happy and that everything is good in life. Thinking that old-aunty pearl necklace and ceramic-permed-hair would be attractive to man.
Look: Fake smile, auntish and.. Irrelative, but look very b l o a t e d.


Age: 17 odd
Thought: I should just tie up those ugly permed hair and be happy
Look: Err.. Really quite happy?


Age: 18
Thoughts: Totally lovable cox' i just fell in love =))))))
Look: Lovely!
You think i look a bit like Japanese this time? Er, okay, never mind, i am happy to look like a Korean now. HAHAHA.


Age: 18 odd
Thoughts: Sensually lady-like, and hmm.. Quite hot?
Look: Like how i thought! LOL..


Age: 19
Thoughts: Fortunate and blessed.
Look: 幸福!
And i was 43kg then okay. I totally love love love being 43kg!!!


Age: 19 odd
Thoughts: Want to finally get a job. Need to look matured.
Look: Matured! A bit old! And i look more trust-worthy right.
And ta-dang~ I got to fly for a while with this picture. Lol. Not really, it's with luck.

And i fly fly fly~~~

Like a lil' birdie bird~~~ Bird~~~ Bird~~~

To Hong Kong!!!
Age: 20
Thoughts: Hopeful of a better than best life.
Look: Hopefully happy, right? Got such thing? I think so, even complexion also so good back then.

SO. My advice is for everyone to stay happy, positive and please remember to heck-care some things. As for what, i don't know. But for sure we can't be careful about every single thing, every single people. And.. If we have to move on in life anyway, we might as well make good.

I am happy, cox i believe i am!
And then i really am ^.^

Your Happy Q at 21.

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