09 May 2009

Chiong for Cheap-Chio stuff!

Hello! I got something to show you ^.^

Little Miss Big Ear Mac

Which lights up! =D

It's now sleeping beside my and my pink bed.
So cute right! From HappyMeal ^.^

I'd be very busy in the days to come!
But never too busy for people that matter

I'm so going to tell you one good deal, Toa Payoh (my new hangout, like at least 3 times weekly for one more month) interchange has this store, with a $3 wagon sale. You can find peices of D&G vest, only in M size. Olive-Grey-White. Quite chio. But too big for me (what do you expect, i'm a XS/S and very proud of it) so i'm letting you in on this deal.

Actually in the same shop, i found a Daniel Yen black, bubble bottom, tube dress in size S!!! Super-dooper-wooper chio. It was in the $10 rack. I picked it up and was quickly adding it to my shoulder-cart, the sales girl told me "Sorry ah, this one not for sale" I feel so dui can?!?! I so wanted to kick up a big fuss and force her to sell it to me at $10. But sigh, i'm too nice, what can i say *shrug and smile and tilt head to the right*

But anyway, you guys go grab that D&G (i really think it's authentic, but maybe factory reject) vest. Jiayou!!! Becox my class ended at 9.35pm and those make-shift store closes at 10, i practically DASHED there. Like just chiong already. So go!

Dirty hair day.

Not that blog that belongs to your 'idol'.

I might not act like that understanding, caring thing.
But you knew, i never was good at acting.

Drama-ing, YES! ^.^


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chunmei said...

qiu qiu,u look very nice and very cute.