04 May 2009


Going for something casual, comfy and chic or..

something street-style, cool and STILL comfortable. OR!

something feminie, super glamourous and still very comfortable!

I am sure if you are a online-shopper, you'd have already realise that some online shops doesn't at all deliver items that look half as good as what you see online. Some have the threads falling apart, some have the button half-dropping, some just doesn't look like what you ordered anymore. Worst is, most looks good but the material KNS! Stiff, rough and after one wash, you can just throw!

Of course, my personal blogshops are not like that. You can visit them here.

But anyway, back to this blogshop. The ladyboss personally travelled to Japan, just to screen through the goods before having them delivered to Singapore, direct! So you can expect grade A quality, class A material (when i wore them for the photoshoot, i feel like a coccoon. Cotton soft!) and PLEASE! No more seeing one item at this blogshop, and seeing the SAME BLOODY item at the next 10 blogshops.

You can even find something retro, girlie and yes, COMFORTABLE!

*random insertion of chio shy-sexy-laughing picture of me*
WHAT?! At least i am like the first.. First.. Spokesperson of Nippon Fasshon!
LOL. Sibei buyaolian.

Also! If you hart CUTE bling blings, they have it too! From Japan directly brought in by ladyboss of that blogshop! You better grab it before they finally realise that their price is way too low for cute sweets like those! See below for my FAVOURITE of the batch!

I love love love this!

And this little rocking pony is good to go with Tees or cute dresses.

Please visit Nippon Fasshon for more pretty cute treats for yourself!

Don't buy what 100 people are buying at the same time, from the same blogshop, anymore!



chunmei said...

qiuting,u really look very nice and very cute,i hope i can be same with u ..

Unknown said...

Super nice dresses! And you look so beautiful in this shot!