22 May 2009


I haven't been coming in often. But i have my reasons..

I miss my baby the whole day.. And her name is Diaz. You know.. Like Cameron Diaz, that "Diaz". I haven't get to touch her the whole day. I wonder how is she at home when i was at work. We have a lot of fun time when we were together.. And yup.. I miss her.. She's totally lovely.

Diaz with BigEar's and new friend, Mocha.

JoeyMa got me Diaz (Err in case you wonder.. She is name Diaz only becox it's convenient, DS = Diaz and it sounds like very chio) and it got me into a lot of trouble. I almost miss my bus twice becox i was just sitting at the bustop and play like there was just Diaz and me in this world, in Love.

And then once, i got up the bus in a rush cox' it was almost driving away, but i TOTALLY STUPIDLY, CARELESSLY, UNFORGIVABLY FORGET ABOUT AND LEFT MY MODELLING PORTFOLIO AT THE BUSTOP!!!

I know, i am a pig. But hey, Love drives people crazy. And Love needs no reason. Diaz is charming, FOR NOW! LOL!!!!!!!! I am so siao already i am just going to tell you. It's like i know you are thinking like, PLEASE, DS LITE IS SO OVER! So YESTERDAY! But shut up! You don't know me! Lol..

And then like i was on the bus, and i took out Diaz and was playing My Secret Diary, this 8 - 9 year old little girl looked at me enviously. I FELT GOOD!!! Hahaha.. It's like as a kid, i was always like that girl. But now!!! NOW!!! With Diaz, i can be like those kids i envy about! Lol..

Haha.. GLEE!!!

Anyway, one more of Diaz.

Sally's Salon is the new favorite other than Cooking MaMa which always gives me bronze bronze bronze. Stupid! I want GOLD! =D

See, with Diaz, i don't even bother to photoshop my picture already.
They say you neglect your work when you are in love.

Okay, shut up, i'd get over it.



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