05 May 2009

Vote for me

Please drop by here to vote for me at some blog award Omy is hosting. Thou i have no idea what it's for but since somebody sent me a nominee *shy* I should just get on with it right.

Would appreciate if you vote for me! ^.^ I think i am under the "Best Modelling Blog" category. Christalle is there too! You can vote for her, AFTER voting for me that is. LOL.

Thank you.

Actually right, you should vote for me. I mean, i have been a pretty nice blogger, i think. Like, i don't curse and swear that much, i show you pretty pictures and is funny time to time. LOL. I am so totally selling myself already.


For my self-indulgence and for your eye-chocolate,

What else, right.
Outfit from Nippon Fasshon

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