07 December 2009

Go check your PayPal account.

Although the problem will be resolved but it'd take PayPal 10 working days to confirm that it's a unauthorised transaction. SIAO BO?!?! Not obvious meh?!

Anyway, go check your PayPal account if you haven't in a looooong time. It's like, i never even used it ever before since i got it like 2 years ago. So dumb right? Then Melissa and Caroline decided to use it first.

I curse that whoever do such things will always have bad hair day. And when they eat chicken wing, they will get the half-cooked kind, and when they drink fruit juice, maggots from the fruit will be blended in, and when they shower, they will look in the mirror and find themselves fat, and when they wear shirts with sleeves, they will have armpit stains, and when they have friends, their friends will all find them smelly.

Okay, whatever.

I'm pissed.


Oh oh oh, i gotta show you the first time ever camming session with Silver~ Weee~


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