26 December 2009

It's 6.17am, the day after Xmas.

I cannot believe i woke up at 4.46am and then get all agitated by my sore throat, blocked yet runny nose (F, how did it manage to be blocked that i can't breath, AND THEN STILL RUNNY that the salty liquid keep flowing out?! YES!!! SALTY!!! I FRIGGIN TASTE IT and it PISS ME OFF that i do!!!) and agitated by the fact that i can't sleep. Also, i keep dreaming about Millionaire Tycoon game. The game on iphone you know? I bought the FULL version okay =DD Like i am sleeping, but i am playing the game. Very gan jeong that the auto-player will demolish my building. And then very pissed in my dream that i can't concentrate on playing becox i am having a VERY BAD BLOCKED NOSE. Everything piss me off just now, when i can't sleep. You know how important sleep is to me? VERY. Okay. VERY VERY important.

But anyway. So i really can't sleep cox i wasn't feeling very well right.. OMG. It's only 6.20am now and i hear the opposite block alarm clock going off. What kind of hardworking people wake up at 6.20am?! I hope it's for them to rush to the airport for a holiday!! ANYWAY ANYWAY!!!

I can't sleep, so i decided to sit up and do nothing for 1 hour.. I just sat there, blow my nose time to time and now is when i get to the comp to play with the photoshop plugins i just knew about today. Haha.. So swagu right.

Me ^.^

Okay, now i feel MUCH better. It's meaningless but it's fun =DDD At least it kept me occupied in odd hours like this =DDD

Good morning, good night =))


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