30 July 2012

Affordable and Awesome

I hope you guys already know about Smoochiezz. I've done a couple of giveaway of super awesome makeup and beauty products from various popular brands all thanks to Smoochiezz.

They carry good / popular / quality brands (brands like MAC, OPI, China Glaze, NYX, ELF etc) at their sales event all around Singapore! All of these, at a more affordable price than you can get over the shelf! And all of the things they sell are authentic. So relax and enjoy shopping at places you might catch Smoochiezz!

To find out details their on-going events / sale, follow them on their Events Page and their Facebook Fanpage for updates and on-going spree from all over the world!!

You don't wanna miss out on all the savings! ^.^

Some products Smoochiezz sent me this time.

Especially love this soft and fine pink brush ^.^
From Coastal Scents ^.^

Thank you Smoochiezz =D For the most popular DUO eyelash fix glue, eyelash curler from ELF, and the nail basecoat and top coat i SUPER LOVE (more about it in a bit!), lipbalm eggs from EOS and all the great quality falsies from Red Cherry! All also i love! =D

Please look at how fine the pink brush is! I use it to put on my whipped mousse foundation. Perfect.

My favourite brush with the EOS lipblam. Instantly moisturize lips to be smooth and kissable =-*

Smoochiezz carry lashes of all style and kinds! From the most natural kind, to the most dramatic kind. Lol. So please remember to go see it for yourself! =D

This nail basecoat and topcoat!!! DRIES SUPER FAST, nevermind, it won't turn yellow one!!! Won't chip also! I have it on for about.. Wait let me check. one week plus. No chipping, not turning yellow. Given the things i do with my fingers (all the heavy duty "gold-mining") It's pretty amazing!

Alright, if you want great quality makeup/ beauty products at a much lower price, follow Smoochiezz Event page to find out where and when their sale events are happening!

For all updates and spree, follow Smoochiezz on Facebook too!

Random camho pictures from this advert set ^.^

Hair done by CLEO Hair & Make ^.^

Good luck, keep track of Smoochiezz sales event to save a lot and still enjoy all the great stuff!


Anonymous said...

hey qiu qiu, where did you get that floral dress/top? so pretty~

Clee said...

My Gosch !!! So so so so pretty pictures of you!
Especially the 2 last ones.
Such nice hair, fashion everything. They did a good Job at your hair and also you did a good Job at taking the pic :D
Pretty Quichan ^^

Anonymous said...

Super super super super love!!!!!
Extremely pretty!!!!!!!
And of course so are you!!!!!!!!!!
you always are!!!!!!!!!!

Dreysaur said...

That dress is lovely! <3
Love how your hair looks in those pictures Qui Qui : ) and the brush is so cute! I have been wanting to get a Kabuki brush for a while and that one is just so pretty~


S said...

u r so gorgeous! hope you had a great time in penang and that you blog about it soon. would love to see penang through your eyes.

Anonymous said...

I love your top/dress!!! Where did you get it? :)
Thank you, you're so preetz!

Anonymous said...

Can I know where to get the EOS lip balm ?