17 July 2012


One picture at a neglected garden at TOKYO DISNEYLAND =))) ^.^ It's really nobody care to go there one!!! Cox it's near the entrance and we basically had the whole garden to ourselves ^.^
Look at all the flowers!!! Remember how the roadside flowers in Japan also very chio?! Like why can't Singapore plant plants like these ah? Real question! Is it the weather not ideal?
Touristy pose ^.^
And again haha. They had a Easter special when i was there ^.^
My 100baht bag (SGD4.20) Not bad hor.
Trying to find a nice head piece like what i did in Hong Kong Disneyland ^.^ Read HERE.
Hi mailbox, smile for a picture.
Finally found the headpiece for this trip =DDD I ask Josh what he think about this, he say it's the most unique out of all the Mickey/ Minnie and Marie Cat. So i got it, right? Later you see =.=
Nice cafe house as background ^.^
So i ask Josh to snap another picture for me. And he say "You really wanna wear this silly thing? Looks like juu tao bng" 猪头饼 lolol. Simi sai. He say see long already it looks very silly.
But i don't care!!! Putting it back on to get some churros ^.^ Some of the carts have strawberry churros! =DDD But the Q was madness so i didn't get to try it.
Hi, me and yummy churro ^.^
And let's go! =DDD We gonna walk around and then go catch the parade!!!
Deng deng deng ^.^ Magical.

Didn't manage to catch a very good view cox didn't know there's gonna be a queue even before the whole parade start! So if you're going there remember to Q early!

So yeah, no good view = not much picture but......

I was so happy i cried O.O

Like i was already feeling very grateful to be able to go to Japan. Then i get to go to Disneyland. Then i'm right there watching a very magnificent parade. ALL THESE, made me very emotional.

NEVERMIND. Not to the point of tears yet.



I was like.. Omg omg omg i am sooooooo happy!!!!!!!!! SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!!!

Then. Nevermind.








Dots cox i don't know how to describe. Lolol. So i just cry and laugh and wave at the characters.

And i had to turn away from Josh cox i don't wanna let him see me cry hahaha.

A bit loserish. And after the parade we went for a few rides and walk around cox i wanna see the whole place!!! We only go for all the 20 minutes, 30 minutes waiting time rides.

Some can go up to 120 minutes O.O And still got a lot of people queue for it!!!

Maybe next time i go back i'd queue ^.^

Frozen mango =DDDD YUMS MUCH!!!!! And spot my own kind at the background. Haha.
Cartoon world ^.^
Minnie Mouse house oh and, MY PIZZA PIE!!!!!!! It's the nicest ever!!!!! It's like the apple pie we have in McDee here right, BUT with cheese and tomato sauce etc!!! LOVE MAX.
Favourite snack in Disneyland ^.^
My makeup that day ^.^
Forgot to put on lipstick =.=
Headband from NEW LOOK ^.^
Look at the flower again please ^.^
Random camho shot ^.^
It's a small world.
Cute Disney set meal ^.^
Sorry can't get over how flowers in Japan are so beautiful ^.^
Erm. A bit ashamed to say i took more pictures of myself than of Disneyland but i really do enjoy everything there!!!!!! =DDD The whole place is filled with cute kids. Whole trip, i only saw ONE whiney kid. And i really don't think she is Japanese O.O
Not gonna caption camho shots from here on! Lololol. What you want, "Me"? Lol.
Me with peace sign. Lolol. Still trying.
Next parade me and Josh smart already. We went there earlier by 45 minutes ^.^ And it's very very relaxed one!!! All the people (mainly Japanese i think) just lay out their picnic mats and sit down happily with their family/ friends sharing drinks and food ^.^
Me and photobomber Josh.
Pretending i don't know the camera is pointing at me. Haha. I mean, me pointing the camera at me.
Act cute ^.*
The parade is gonna start!!!!!

Miss Bunny =D AWWWWWwwww they doing the awwww action!!!

Huge egg. Might be a makeup guru. Lolol.



Anyway this time round (second parade) i thought to myself "I cried on the first parade, i'm good already. And i am mentally prepared of how overwhelming the parade can be"


All the street performers ALL SUPER DUPER ENTHUSIASTIC and HAPPY and CUTE and i can totally feel they put all their hearts into making every visitors happy!!!

So i was already a bit on the verge like this.

And then THIS lady.. Was doing a group shout out/ cheer and she did it with so much joy i could hear her voice so clearly and i was like "OMG NOOOooooo" And i started tearing again. Hahaha.
Cute Easter egg outfit ^.^
Minnie your ride is the prettiest!!!!!! ^.^
Yes it is =DDD
And then a must-do.. Snap picture with castle ^.^
One more ^.^
After we left, people rush to the same spot i was to snap pictures. Lolol. Why like this one! Steal our angle hahaha. I told Josh to start charging for all the angles.
JUMP shot! This one also must have at Disneyland =DDD Haha ^.^ Really is very happy one!!!!
Closer shot with the castle =)
 ❤ ❤ ❤

We went to a cafe i think name is.. "Granny's Cafe"? O.O Not sure!!! This whole set meal cost like SGD14 only i think!!! And i never eat salad much but this is love!!! Comes with this citrus sauce, that you can just break with one hand, and squeeze out from two packs. So intelligent!!!

Granny's pie with cherries and sweet cream =DDD

Chestnut tart ALSO MAJOR YUMS. All also i loveeeee!!!!!

The whole meal. Did you spot that?

YES. THE MICKEY EGG =OOOOOOOO And, the sausage is the best. And the chili meat sauce is the best. And the scrambled egg is the best. I don't know which is bestest really.

And then we stroll around some more, to buy gifts for our friends and family and then Josh say he needs to for a smoke break and i was just siting at some bench waiting for him and then he came back with this =')))))) =DDD I LOVE YOU DARLING!!!! *shiver* Lololol.

It's a necklace ^.^ Very kiddish one =X But okay i accept!!! =DDD

This trip to Disneyland will forever light up my life =))) I'd always remember!!! And it's always cheer me up when i think about it and keep me holding on to good faith about life!!! =)
Going back to the hotel.
And then we head out to look for more food! And when we're done..
And on the way while strolling back to the hotel.. WE SAW THIS!!! Like a push cart thing!!! =DDD So "got feel" i thought we must try! It was okay! Not say very nice but better than all the ones served in our foodcourt haha. I'd say this is the least nice food we had in Japan!
Old school hor.

And then we head back to the hotel and this.. Is the view =) Thank you, Japan. For being so beautiful.
Thank you EMODA, Apparel Web and Nuffnang for linking me up with Japan =))) And for putting me at this super awesome hotel =D Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Alright i hope you enjoyed this super long post about my face! Lolol.

I didn't get to go to Disneysea =( But it's okay! I'm looking forward to visit Disneysea on my next trip up Japan!!! =D And if everything goes well maybe i can go with Cheesie, Audrey and Wendy =D

Super thankful i have Josh with me on this trip =) And i'm catching up with Nami San tomorrow!!! =DDD She say she's bringing a gift from EMODA for me =DDD HAPPY!!! =DDD

Alright i hope you will have as much fun as i did, or more, if you ever head Japan =D

You'd think this is the end of Japan trip but got more =X Lolol.



Sabrina said...

omg.....i wish i can go there one day!!! its so colorful and fun!
"Huge egg. Might be a makeup guru."
hahahahahahhaha!!!! if i see that egg, i chase after her because i want to hug her!

Anonymous said...

Hi dear, I love strawberries a lot. May I know where can I get the strawberry polka dot top??

Test said...

Aah I wanna go to Tokyo Disneyland, it looks so much more fun than the one in Paris! I went a few years ago and it wasn't so good :/
Looks like you had a lot of fun, and lovely photos as usual Qiu! ^_^


Anonymous said...

okay qiuqiu we get it you're super pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

The hat actually fits you very nicely!!!!! dunno must be the disney vibe!!!!!! hehehe
looking super duper pretty in every picture!!!!!!
really really really wanna go too!!!
can't wait for more disney posts!!!!!

Angela's said...

Hi! :>
Omg, i love your colorful romper! Where did you bought it? :>

LITTY said...

True also that Dumbo ears need more love since most people will buy Mickey Minnie or Marie. :P

i_leftmyfootprints said...

Wah that was really fun..n how they make the mickey egg yolk? Did.u.ask. heehe

HitomiNeko said...

awww look so much fun! although there are some same things with Disneyland in US, but I love to see all the different things, esp the parade ( cuz they always change) ^__^ n i want the mickey egg! never had that b4! haha

xoxo HitomiNeko xoox

Prisilia Felicia Liando said...

You look really beautiful, everytime visit ur blog you look more and more chio one!!<3 freaking love the post! I feel happy just by reading it I almost tear up :'D

Anonymous said...

you really look beautiful in this post, like the most beautiful one, make me also wanna cry T_T lol. where u buy ur slipper? what makeup u use in this post? haix too pretty alr i wanna know. haha lol

Anonymous said...

I don't know why but somehow when you're at Disneyland, you look prettier than usual. You look like the prettiest version of you. First in HK disneyland, now Toyko. o_o

Cynthia said...

love how you didn't choose the typical minnie mouse ears! looks so much fun, very jealous!

Fionism said...

Sooooo charming qiu qiu :3

Anonymous said...

How tall are you?(:

szuchen said...

Love love this entry.. And you look super pretty as always..Such a great blessing you have.. thank you for sharing.. :-)

Kiwi said...

Tokyo Disneyland looks so pretty! Or at least you made it look so with such pretty photo backgrounds lol. Love your hair and make-up too!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or do you look like a combination of Xiaxue and Cheesie? Because wtf I think you do. Super pretty but I went between thinking some pics were Cheesie and some Xiaxue!

Anonymous said...

You're so lucky! :D Glad that you enjoyed the trip! Please do post more of this trip! I wanna see!

Susan Lolo Bua said...

Waa.. Qiuqiu so cute eh!
love your pictures cuz your face always look happy and smile!
you are soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
just why never take picture with you Photographer *your Bf? :)

God bless you

elaine.lynnwong said...

aiyooo... y you so grateful for everything one? listening to you with your happy tears, it made me tear too!!! =/

Anonymous said...

You're exceptionally pretty in this post! :D

SarahJoy said...

i can totally understand why u teared ..hehe cos i did too..not just disneyland..i teared when i saw mt fuji..n i teared when i went tokyo tower~ awwwwws~

SarahJoy said...

i can totally understand why u teared ..hehe cos i did too..not just disneyland..i teared when i saw mt fuji..n i teared when i went tokyo tower~ awwwwws~

Anonymous said...

where is the slipper from! So nice!! hahaha in so weird.

Anonymous said...

wtf josh smokes?

Willyn said...

You are absolutely beautiful. You seems like a lost princess in Disney land, lol!!

Willyn said...

You are absolutely beautiful. You seems like a lost princess in Disney land, lol!!

Anonymous said...

woooow!!! pretty japan!! your photos are nice! especially the ones you took with the castle hahahha

QiuQiu said...

Hello!!! Thank you guys!!!

The slippers is from F21! =D

Anonymous said...

AHHHHH! Pictures are sooooo well-taken ^^

Sockhan said...

Hi qiuqiu :)

Envy your life like totally!
Omg.. you sure is a lucky girl!

Love your photos too!
So pretty!! How I wish I could be friends w you! :D



Saiyidah said...

what a doll! ♥

Candy Mielle said...

Everything is so colorful and cartonize, Haven't been there before. Make-up guru was so true *seems like!* ... haha! Great trip!

Anonymous said...

Hey Quiqui ,beautiful pictures :D You look super good &yeah disneyland seems fabulous !

Anonymous said...

Hey qiuqiu, can you share where you bought your bag? Was hunting that style of bags but i dont know where i can get those bucket bags with frils :D


Sukey said...

qiuqiu,what is the effect of all your photos ? :D it look so dramatic and nice !

Anonymous said...

Wat camera you use to take pic ?(;

Cheynna said...

omg I hope you get to go with Cheesie and Wendy and Audrey!! ^^ I love reading a post with all of you in it coz you all so pretty :D nice post btw! have a great day qiuqiu c: