18 August 2013

What a week ❤

Hello! Here i am mobile blogging again =DDD I hope i for real figure out how it works becox previously it screwed up my blog view on phones.

Thanks for informing me, those who did! I informed Lionel from Ripperwerkz and he fixed it really fast so now i am trying again to determine whether blogging on mobile Blogger app is the culprit lol. So if my blog screws up and can't be zoomed out on your phone again, let me know! I don't know how you can read this paragraph if it is screwed up but if you are patient enough to come to the desktop to load my blog again maybe you will. Haha. I got too long-winded again right.

OKAY WHATEVER. Haha. Alright some snaps from my phone again!

Went for radio interview with the Nuffnang bloggers and the DJs were all really funny! Here are some people i manage to snap a picture with! Clockwise..

Ridhwan (From Ah Boys to Men) lepak one corner with me lol, he was very nice lah, go prepare foor with Jian Hao who invited us all on the show and who was really really nice and hospitable he and Ridhwan prepared like lotsa food for everyone but the only one.. Who ate them non-stop was Peishi lolol. Don't see she small size small size O.O She eat like a.. (As one of the DJ say, beast) lolol.And one with Rachell who just had a major haircut =O It's crazy, no need transition one, from duper long to ultra short. Haha. But it turned out nice so good for her!

A picture with some of the girls who came down to say hi and let me style them at the GUESS event ^.^ Thank you guys soooo much!!!

Here's some self-shots haha.

Full outfit from GUESS.

The denim shorts make my legs look longer hor haha. Very good.

Okay last one.

Some cuppies at the event.

Haryani a reader who looked super damn good in her perfect fit of GUESSjeans and totally working it. I think she bought it in the end with a $30 discount ^.^ by hasgtagging #GUESSjeans of yourself trying on the denims you can enjoy the discount too!

Me with Siu Qi ^.^ Who is only 13 years old! She's soooo cute and polite and her got her mum to bring her to the event ❤ And her mum waited really patiently for her while she try on the outfits! Thank you ah ^.^

With Caren!! I think she super super great in those denims!!! The jacket and the jeans both! Thank you for the gift also ah next time don't need get me anything but thank you ^.^ And help me thank your sister for letting me style her also! ^.^

With a reader Agnes and Shamin the REAL denim specialist! I don't know what i'd do without Shamin that day!!! Thank you Agnes for dropping by and for letting me throw on so much clothes for you hahah. Fly high babeh~ ^.^

One more with Shamin, superhero of the day. If you wanna get help in finding your perfect fit, you must look for her =D She works at Paragon GUESS store ^.^ Any denim specialist will be good too but i see how enthusiastic, truthful, helpful and knowledgeable Shamin is about denims cox whole day she help me and the readers so much! So big big thank you!!!

One more that i manage to find in my phone! A readers from Malaysia ❤ Thank you for popping by!!! ^.^

Sorry if i missed anyone out cox too busy couldn't get a picture on my phone with everyone! But thank you if you took tome to drop by to say hi =)))

Here's one with two other bloggers doubling up as denim specialist that day!

Jayne and Fay! Nice working with you guys!!! We are all decked up in GUESS outfits haha.

One with the GUESS people who were all super helpful that day ^.^ Thank you guys!!! Everyone so energetic and fun, makes the day so enjoyable haha.

One with the Nuffies ^.^ Thank you guys for burning your Saturday to accompany us and work alongside and be out assistants ah hahaha. We damn pro, denim specialist for one day only got like 6 assistants to be our 左右手 lol.

Okay one of me! Do you want another one?


Me! Haha. What, another one?


Okay lah really last one of my self shot. Anyway i REALLY love how fat-grafting is working on my face =D DocDoc will have more updates so i'd share again! For one we're meeting the top entries from Singapore and then shortlist their stories along with the top entries from overseas before we finally pick the winner of the $5000 cash =O I am excited to go through the stories with the DocDoc team!

How about me + Baby Yurou? I don't want call her baby yurou anymore i call her Naughty Yurou! Cox that's what she is!! Haha.

I was forcing Ah Bong (her brother) to snap a picture with me, he refuse so we struggle and wrestle a bit =__= Why he refuse to snap picture with me i don't know but one day i will make him *rage face*

Then this Naughty Yurou come and smack my thigh and say "Oie! Gor Gor 我的嘞!!" =__=

你的就你的啦! 要打人的 meh! Lolol.

Then WHATEVER she wants you must give her. If not she will fake cry (but fake until very real) and then complain about you to the WHOLE family. "那个臭爷爷咯!" And try to get you on her side. Haha. Sibeh manipulative.

Me with Naughty Yurou's mum, my 4th sister, Dirty Pearl. Lol. We don't look alike hor *谢天谢地* lolol.

I love days just spending time at her house with my dad and Yurou and my other dirty sister will drop by sometimes cox she stays near to my si jie.

So she often goes over for free food and free electricity cox she slways talk about bringing her electronics to Si Jie house to charge lol. Gian bng.

The other day at si jie's place we were all watching UFC boxing match on TV and i ask around.

"Why men can go topless and show their nehnehpok to everyone but woman cannot?"

Some answers were like..

"Cox men de nnp is smaller, girls bigger"

I'm like, "Not true. That guy topless on TV for example, has bigger tits than me"

Then more answers were like "The guys show it cox they wanna show muscle and show how strong they are" or like "the guys npp shape is different than that of the girls"

Weak. All the answers are very weak. Lol. I'm thinking there's no answer to it. So i shall forever put on clothes and bra for a msyterious reason.

Ending off the post of the dumplings / gyoza / wanton my sister and brother-in-law handmade. That they are very proud of.

Soup version.

Deep fried version. This i much prefer! Crispy and golden brown. With a bit of juice ❤

They were so (overly) proud of it they prepared like portion for 80 - 100 people at least i think.

Each portion has like 10 - 12 pieces.

FML. I am going up to her house to eat dumpling again today.


Huishiloveqiuqiu said...

Erm qiuqiu, idk why but cannot see the photos leh.

Anonymous said...

Cannot see the photos you uploaded.

Ruby said...

Can't view pics on phone!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't see your photos! It's always like this with all your posts that you posted from your phone /:

Anonymous said...

I cant view any photos from this post

Anonymous said...

Me too can't view photo on mobile, so sad!

Anonymous said...

Did you like all those girls? You put hearts for some and smiley faces for others. Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Cant see the photos ): using com.

Anonymous said...

Able to view properly now on my phone but can't see the pictures you have posted:/

Anonymous said...

I'm using iPad now and I can view everything perfectly.

Anonymous said...

No photos leh!

Anonymous said...

so funny on the portion for 80 - 100 ppl!

Anonymous said...

That girl's not Shamin la. Her name is Kelly, Kelly Juliet Monteiro, so if anyone wants to look for her, you will never be able to if you look for a Shamin... Hahaha :p

Hanna Lei said...

It looks fine on my mobile! -Hanna Lei

Anonymous said...

Cannot see pics on my iphone5 :(

eileen said...

Cant view photos on note 2! :(

Alice Lee-Yang said...

I could not see the pics this morning around 10am on my iphone. Now I can see pics on my iphone and my laptop.

有得吃 home-made wanton 不要 FML 可以吗? 因为真的看起来好好吃。 Hahahah...

Anonymous said...

Able to see the pictures on my phone now!

Anonymous said...

no photos!!! whats wrong with u. keep experiencing problems pls fix! i wanna read

Anonymous said...

Previous mobile blog posts are ok but not this one. I've tried viewing for 2 days but the photos will not load on my hp : (

Cat said...

My Android phone, kindle fire and three Windows computers all run this fine! :p :p :p

Anonymous said...

im using lappy! unable to view pics from this post on internet explore and google chrome! :(

Anonymous said...

Everything ok now! Thank you!

QiuQiu said...

Hey guys! I also don't know why i sometimes can see on my phone, sometimes cannot! Sometimes can see on my desktop, sometimes cannot! I think i just forget about mobile blogging ba!

QiuQiu said...

Anon, i like all the girls who came cox they are very nice. Someone like you who ask such stupid and petty question would be someone i wouldn't like.

Alice, find one day you come my si jie house, bring your son lah!!!

Cat said...

It's funny that something as simple as decorating a photo or not, would cause people to question who you did or didn't like.

I think people read to far in to things lol.

You probably just stuck a few things here and there thinking 'this looks good' as far as how your blog entry was going to look.

I doubt you sat there and thought 'this person gets no hearts on their photo because I hate them *evil laugh*'.

Seriously ladies, relax!

Some of us females are evil and conniving but not all of us! :p

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiuting, may I know where did your Si Jie get the Hello Kitty sauce dish from? Thank you!