03 June 2014

VLine, Chin Augmentation, Zygoma Reduction, Paranasal Implant - P2

Hi, please don't scroll if you are uncomfortable with people looking sick / unwell.

Even i find myself looking scary when i was recovering from the surgeries. But 1 month plus after surgery now, everyday i am feeling more sure about my decision to go with it.

Thanks to Dr Oh Myung June from REGEN Medical Group who did such a good job for me.. Sun for arranging everything for me.. And Thank You to the bigger force out there who made all these possible.. I must have been wishing for it hard enough for it to happen =)

Right after surgery.. I only remember.. That i felt like i had to pee damn bad. Hahaha. So i kept whining in my semi-conscious state that i NEED to go to the loo. But actually my urine was drained out during surgery so i don't actually have to pee but it's the after-feeling of the tube insertion i guess.
The roll of tube you see is blood draining out from inside of my mouth cox that's where all the stitches are. So there are no visible scars at all.


Post surgery, you have to take note of a few things lah. So that you won't feel so lost / confused / scared. I know all these cox the nurses advised, consoled, and explained to me.

1. There will be a stuffed and dry feeling at the back of your throat and it leads down to a bruised feeling down your neck. It makes it hard for you to lift your head with your neck muscle on the first day only. This is due to the tubes that goes down your throat during the surgery, for the anesthetics

2. You will feel blood cloaking up the back of your throat and your nose.. It is normal. Cox though the blood is draining out through the tubes there will still be some that gets to the back of your throat. you will feel discomfort and you will find out that you can blow your nose and have LOTSA blood come out but try not to do that or if you have to, try not to blow so hard okay.

3. My friend told me to ask for sleeping pills but my nurses didn't wanna give that to me cox it's important for them to know that i am doing good and okay. The nurses (at REGEN) will check on you every hourly to change your ice pack for you and to take your BP and just to make sure you are doing okay. So without sleeping pills and with all the discomfort, you will find it hard to sleep on the day of surgery. What i suggest you to do is to play soothing music and keep yourself calm.

I had Josh play my favourite oldies.. ='))) And it made me feel better.

The neck pillow (provided by REGEN) is essential. It makes it a lot more comfortable for you to fall asleep in a half-sitting position. Also the towel has ice pack inside. It is to help reduce swelling.
Patient nurses helping me to the restroom..
And back..
The little things they do like covering me with blanket and all..

They don't just do it one time and get it over and done with. All the numerous times they change my ice pack, each time they will ask if i am okay and if i need anything..

One thing i am very grateful for after surgery is that the nurses at REGEN are all very responsible and helpful.. I remember in the middle of the night, on shift was a middle age Chinese auntie living in Korea and when she realise i can speak mandarin and was silently tearing cox i just felt a little sad i was in this state lolol. She was really concerned and stayed on after changing my ice pack to talk to me and comfort me T.T Telling me it will be okay and to trust her that the day of surgery is always the hardest but after that it's much much easier..

Now that i've gone through it.. I should have just trusted her 100% and not be emo cox the next day everything was SOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!

Anyway for those who are keen but afraid.. From a person with VERY LOW THRESHOLD for pain.. I am telling you.. The hardest to go through was the day of surgery itself. After that, it's all bearable. But even on the most difficult day, i'd rate..

DISCOMFORT LEVEL: 7 (from the blood drying up at the back of my throat and from not being able to sleep properly)

PAIN LEVEL: 1 (as mentioned, at the neck cox got bruised feeling, but no pain at all on the face)

Woke up feeling a whole lot better. Neck soreness gone off mostly.. Nurses came to clean my nostril and removed like HUGE blood curd from my nostrils hahaha SHIOKKKK!!!
By the way.. This is the ONLY external wound (held together by tacks) from the zygoma-reduction surgery. REGEN does it at the hairline. I know other clinics maybe do it near the ear or sideburn. But i find at the hairline is the best cox really is cannot see!!! I cannot even see where it is after 7 days.
As i would have expected.. I kena drug allergy again hahaha. So my eyes got swollen.. In fact.. Everywhere was swollen. My whole face is swollen hahaha.
Pumpkin soup from REGEN for speedy deswelling ^.^
Me and the BEST SURGEON IN THE WORLD!!! ^.^ His assurance that everything went well instantly make me feel 10000x better!!! ^.^ Also, i tried to smile in that picture.. You can't tell? LOL.
Got back to Big John's Place to rest =) Do note that if you do paranasal implants for less obvious laughlines.. Your nose will swell slightly too okay. Cox the implants are placed near the nose. Another thing is.. Remember to apply vaseline (mine was included with my meds prescription) on your lips!!! You don't need dry lips problem with all the other problems haha!
My first meal was fresh milk =)


You should be on liquid diet for at least.. 5 days! Actually most people say 1 week. But i guess after 5 days you can suck on anything that you can suck through a big straw. Like a bubble tea straw you know lol. Like after the 5th day you can try semi-solid food like scrambled egg.. Or like steamed egg.. Soft food lah. No need to so ke lian only drink milk / yogurt / fruit juice / smoothie.

GET READY STRAWS! Straws of different diametres. I have three different sizes to suck different drinks / food. Thin ones for drinks, medium for smooth porridge.. Large for scrambled eggs and likes.

GET READY FOOD. I regret not getting ready all sort of smooth congee / baby food. In Korea it's soooo hard to find baby food in jars. I think their mums are model mums who don't feed their babies jar food. Lol. But they have lotsa instant porridge that you just need to heat up! Get ready those cox you don't wanna have to keep running out to get them. But then again.. Running out makes me feel better and moving around keeps your blood circulation good.. So.. Your choice!

GET READY COTTON BUDS (QTIPS). You'd have to use them to clean your nose constantly.. Or maybe you can just use your finger if you didn't had a nose job like i did earlier. Hahaha.

Sitting at the balcony of Big John's, drinking pumkin juice from REGEN to help deswelling. And day 1 post-op past by really quickly cox me and Josh were both getting ready for the days ahead. Stocking up instant porridge and stuff.

So much food for all guest during breakfast at Big John's T.T
But i am only having soya bean milk T.T

This day you will be able to finally sleep more and sleep longer period. Cox the day of op and day 1 post op you'd find it a bit uneasy to get into deep sleep. So Day 2 post op i slept a lot.

But remember to walk around as much as you can okay! It helps with deswelling.


I decided today that i shall do without any medicine prescribed to me.. Though i don't suggest you to do the same. Cox i have drug allergy to antibiotics. It's not serious, it just gives me swollen eyes.

But becox i don't have any pain too, i decided i don't need the painkiller..

And then also cox i don't remember which one is for deswelling.. I didn't take the deswelling pills too hahaha. SO.. If you took the meds as prescribed.. I am sure you will have a much faster recovery than me. My doctor was surprised to see me on day 7 with all the remaining swelling. I think he expected me to deswell much faster than that.. IF i had taken the meds as prescribed =X Hahah.

Josh had all these food and i had cold noodle soup.. THE SOUP ONLY. Which was really bad. Haha. Remember to bring your own straw out!!!
To cheer me up.. Josh brought me to Daiso near REGEN / big John's Place!!! =D I motivated myself to recover faster by buying some of my favourite snacks ^.^ You should do that too!!! Although it's hard not to be able to eat them NOW NOW but you have one more thing to look forward to ^.^
Day 3 post op we had to go back to REGEN to clean up the stitches in my mouth and also the tacks at the hairline. And to remove the bandage holding my chin up.
After today you can go to salons to have your hair shampooed but.. I didn't lah. I damn kiasi one so i waited til days later hahaha. In any case, NO conditioner for a month. What you see at the hairline is not blood ah, it's the solution used to clean the tacks and wound.
Instant porridge ^.^ Try to add more water to it okay. So it's less salty and also easier to suck.
And this is how i look on day 3 post op.

Omg day 4 evening after dinner everything went crazy. I had a relatively salty samgyetong (ginseng chicken soup) and then later my lips SWOLLEN UNTILLLL.. Anyway Josh had hotdog hahaha i put that in cox i am insanely jealous. I wanna eat these food when i return to Korea again!!! =DDD
And this is how i look that day omg. The weird thing is i DON'T FEEL PAIN AT ALL!!! Sian to see my lips like that yes.. But not painful at all. It's like i just feel my lips are very stretched.. That's all.

Had a bad porridge with no taste and lotsa cucumber chunks that i can't chew on haha.
And this is how i look on day 5 omg...... IT IS THE DAY THE SWELLING WAS THE WORST.
Even without my bandage it was like this swollen. When i put on my bandage, it looks EVEN more swollen. I scare myself omg. 看了我都吓死.
On day 5 i really wasn't feeling the best. I looked at my older pictures (this one was just.. About 2 months ago? I photoshopped my contact lens and a little on the chin lol) and i ask myself..

"Are all these surgeries worth it.."

"Couldn't i just live with photoshopping my pictures.."

"Will i ever look better than this.."

But then i quickly stop all these self-doubting thoughts and remind myself that everything will be better.. Cox i have the best doctor.. Best medical group working on me..

And now (1 month 1 week after surgery) i can tell myself.. I AM RIGHT. Everything is worth it. And it's just gonna get better and better everyday =) Rememeber i once said.. Only 3 months after surgery will one look the chioest hahaha. Now i am only 1 month+ post op and i can see great improvement / correction from all the flaws. Especially my zygoma and square jaws! GONE!

Laughline not so obvious anymore =)

All these are happening and my remaining swelling is slowly going off.. In no time i'd be prettier than before again! =DDD So.. If you ever go ahead and feel shitty on some days.. Tell yourself.. IT'S OK.

Wanted to see if there's still potential to look chio in this state.. But started drooling once i go chin down hahahahah. Moral of the story.. 不要为难自己 lolol!
Went on to swing a little to feel better haha.
Josh bought back a REALLY yummy samgyetong for me and for himself ramen T.T So jealous. Literately the whole recovery process.. I had to suck it up. Hahahaha.
As i have my lunch.. I see Sun Young and John airing out the laundry like a sweet couple =)))
Ask to join them for grocery shopping at a huge super market! I was for real drooling at all the fried chicken.. T.T IT GETS HARD FROM HERE ON WITH ALL THE FOOD THAT I CANNOT EAT.

But i'd tell you what you can eat and overdose on!!!!!!!


^.^ They are my must-have snack everyday during recovery! It's cold and refreshing. Cold feels good on the lips and inside the mouth! Soothes the warm sensation going on.

WENT TO WATCH AMAZING SPIDERMAN AT NIGHT WITH JOSH!!!! I damn 痛苦 cox their cinema food bar got sell pizza one!!!! I would love 10 slices to myself thank you!!!

Good news is.. By now you would have lost about 2 - 3 kg already.


Hahaha. But the food monster in you is growing bigger and bigger and you know once you can, you will gobble up any food. ANY GODDAMN FOOD.

Woke up to yummy fresh muffins baked by Big John!
Along with fresh fruits T.T
All sorts of cereal and cup noodles for everyone! Feel free to whip up scrambled egg with cheese and toast for your own breakfast if you want! =D
That day i had one muffin soaked in chocolate milk ^.^ IT WAS THE START OF MY SEMI-SOLID DIET!!!!!!!!!
Went further than Gangnam area onto Ehwa Female University area and bought LOTSAAAAA CHEAP STUFF =DDDD This time i mainly went crazy on clothes. Not so much makeup / skincare.
Feel good enough for a OOTD shot haha. Top from Bugis Street.
At night we went to somewhere nice for dinner and i ordered a tomato soup which turns out to be spicy tomato.. So Josh had it.. And this is how i niap my bread to eat.. Haha. Later he also had his own pasta. And then i ordered another soup.. WHICH WAS FREAKING YUMMY!!! But i ask Josh to take the bacon and crouton cox i can't eat them anyway. He say everyone is going to think he abuse me cox he had so much food i only had plain soup. Even the topping also he took and eat. Hahahah.
And this is how i look on day 6 =) My lips swelling abit starting to go down already hor! AND CAN SEE MY JAWLINE SIGNIFICANTLY LESS SQUARE THAN BEFORE!!!

Went back to REGEN for final check up before i fly off soon! One picture with sweet Sun and the camera / video team =)))
Went for a rejuvenating facial that helps speed up deswelling + cleanse face properly after so long!!! I feel soooooo much cleaner after the facial! Cox i don't dare to exert much force on my face! Thank you REGEN for arranging this facial treatment for me!!! T.T Much needed and appreciated thank you!!!
Saw this poster of Dr Oh on LET ME IN television reality program ^.^ They need the best when it comes to bone / facial reconstruction, they invite him on the project! He is quite charming being so talented and good at what he does!!!
Had a very good mushroom soup at Dorothy (24hour cafe within REGEN building) for lunch.


After this you may head back to your own country if you wanna have your stitch-removal done in your own country. The threads are self-dissovable but it is recommended to have them removed to avoid any chance of infection.

I meant to come back to Singapore to have them removed on 14th day post-op but later i decided that i'd let them self-dissolve =X Now (1 month+ after surgery) half of them has dropped off.

I stayed on a few days more due to flight options. If not i could fly home today.

Clever girl and her OOTD ^.^ Top from Korea ($6), pants from Japan, shoes from Korea ($2+ i think)
Went back home to see our bed and room tidied up =) Thank you Big John's Place!
How i look on day 7!!! Can immediately see results from the treatment cox you can see all the bruises coming out to be light yellow. They were later gone the next day!!!
Since i had the tacks removed, i went to have my hair shampooed that evening ^.^ SGD25 only lah. It's a Japanese salon right outside Big John's Place. The girl was totally careful not to hurt my wound.
MAJOR YUMMY MUSHROOM SOUP. But super duper salty haha. Cute hor the bowl.
Felt so good that day cox after the treatment facial i can see my face coming back slowly into form hahaha. So i decided to whip up dinner for myself!!! Haha!
Extra milky scrambled egg!!! =DDD
#sian In the end still must suck it up from a cup and straw. Hahaha.

Went out for shopping again ^.^
And my OOTD ^.^
Joined Sun and John to some electronic mall and the view at the terrace was magnificent =)))
With the two good people from Big John's Place =)))
With my guardian angel caretaker =)))
Josh also whip up the YUMMIEST MEAL I HAD IN A LONG TIME!!!!!! Steamed egg with luncheon meat!!!! The luncheon meat looks like dog food when it's smashed hahaha.
Also had a chance to know Ida (one of the guests at Big John's Place) from Norway! And i really like her! She's coming to Singapore next and i can't wait to bring her around to good yummy food!!! ^.^
Had my first chicken wing after surgery hahaha. All i can say is.. Day 8 was life-changing. Lol.
And this is how i look on day 8!

Went to express bus terminal for more shopping ^.^ There were sooooo many florists there! I think Pearl will go crazy if she was there.
Freaking good and cheap shopping there!!!
While Josh has his lunch.. I am super pleased with how i no longer have protruding zygoma on my cheek level when i do 45 degree profile.
OOTD =D Top from Bugis Street ($5), skirt from Korea ($6)
Went to meet Dorothy at Myeondong ^.^ I AM SOOOO HAPPY TO SEE HERRR!!! We had porridge but the shopkeeper damn mean lah. I down there suck on the porridge until want die, she still keep hurrying us to go off cox she closing soon. What the heck. We got in 8.45pm, she took our order and serve us already then tell us she 9pm close =_=" 要烫死我啊.
HAD THE BEST ICE CREAM EVERRRRRRR!!!! It's organic milk ice cream..
With a chunk of honeycomb that has honey oozing out like mad T.T SO GOOD. SO DAMN GOOD.
Also had one donut that night!!! =DDD Getting more and more flexible with food!

Went to try out the must try (according to Dotty) sweet potato latte (which has no tea nor coffee it's just milk and sweet potato, kinda like bubble tea lol) at EDIYA cafe.
If you see my writing.. Say hi ^.^
Us =) And a dozen of donuts hahah!
And this is how i look on day 9 post op.
At night we went for a big feast. And this is John demonstrating how a younger person have to serve a older person hahaha. Ana looking amused haha. I met so many nice people from all over the world.. Staying at Big John's.. =)) Can't ask for more.
VOMIT OMG. Live octopus..... If you follow me on instagram (@bongqiuqiu) you'd have seen the video of them squirming around O.O I cannot. Josh actually say it taste very good.
Everyone attention on the octopus haha.
SAY FLOWERRRRR ^.^ Josh, me, Ida, Magne, Sunyoung, John, Ana, Ethan =)))
For those who are intrigued by the sea penis video i posted on instagram.. This is how it looks like when it's sliced.. All i have to say is.. Do not cheat on your wives. LOL. This thing taste sweet btw.
All the nice people and weird things i've seen in one night =)
Ida and Ana tickled by the boys-club opposite. Hahaha. Apparently girls can go in there and be "entertained" by handsome goodlooking guys.
And then we went KTV til 4am!!! Fun time.. ^.^

The next day i proceed to finish up last of my instant porridge stock pile. Haha.
And Josh had his favourite ramen again. With super good dumplings recommended by John!!!
Had dinner outdoor in the house with John and Sunyong =)
They were so nice, all three of them went out to get fish for my dinner T.T And the bottom picture is this fish.. That i've never had in my life before!!! It is fish but the texture is like CRAB!!!! =OOO I LOVE IT LAH!!! I regret not knowing the english name. I wanna go back and have it again!
And this is how i look day 10 post op =))) HELLO SMALL FACE AND CUTE CHIN!!!
Early morning at 6.30am, the VIP limousine van from REGEN came to Big John's Place to pick us up to bring us to the airport =)))
Went for buffet breakfast at the airport that was so affordable and yummy!!! I had like 4 bowls of the tofu soup hahah. And i finished all of these food and 2 more servings!!! O.O I told you about the food monster growing!!!! So i lost a total of 3.5kg.. But i am pretty sure i gain back 2kg after that hahaha.
So i shall leave you here..

If you would, give me some time to recover fully before you place any judgement =) That would be very nice for someone recovering from surgery haha. I know lah it's not like i am sick or anything but a surgery is still a surgery.. Would you go mock at someone who just had surgery and tell him / her that they look better before the surgery =_="

Give it some time lah. How can a swollen, in-recovery face be chioer than a perfectly normal face. I will be back to clear before and after pictures for you to see the difference and also for everyone who say i look better before surgery to eat their words =)

For now if you have ANY enqueries please email infoglobal@regengroup.co.kr

And if you are looking for affordable and awesome accomodation in Seoul within a great location in Gangnam.. Please consider Big John's Place =)

A video of the whole recovery process and visits to REGEN for check up.. Sorry i sound a bit retarded cox of the lips lolol. Even got drooling one i didn't notice until i see the video lolol!


Anonymous said...

Hi QiuQiu,
This is the first time I m leaving a comment despite following ur blog for a long time. Take care and I wish u well.
Cheers, Van

Anonymous said...

Qiu, why did your lips suddenly swell up until so big? Is it cos of allergy to medication or the food?

All the best,

Windy said...

U r so brave, and so true to urself. Unlike some bloggers who did surgeries but refuse to admit n still dare to talk bad on others who's done it somemore.
You r my ou siang!

Anonymous said...

Sincerely admired your courage! 加油!

Anonymous said...

That takes a lot of courage... good luck with the recovery :)

Unknown said...

Hi Qiuqiu, how come your lips swell for such a long time??

Purple said...

To be honest, I was cringing while reading this post. You are really brave! <3

tris said...

太勇敢了!Loving your new look (:

Nana Lopez said...

Hi Qiu,

After seeing your photos, all I wanna do is give you a big huuuuuggggg! So, a big virtual hug to you!!!!

First of all, I commend you for being honest about your surgery and for being so brave in sharing it to us, your followers.

Second, your optimism is up the roof! Only you can go out and shop right after surgery. Others will just crawl in a fetus position. You're such a ball of sunshine.

Third, the love between you and Josh is oh so inspiring! I admire how you are always together, supporting each other no matter what.

Fourth, I know some know-it-all will comment negatively. But hey! They can shut up and mind their own business. It's your life and your face after all. To each his own.

Lastly, I am praying for your speedy recovery. You are so beautiful inside and out. Take care always!

weiying said...

I love your blog. Seriously, you are so honest and i can see that you are not shy to show off these pics. Totally salute you~!
Though i noe surgeries can help make us more beautiful, but i m a scaredy cat. Too scared of the process and the after surgery recovery period which i think would be torture for me...
Hope you get well soon ya~ I m certain you would be looking really sweet and charming now...
*p/s: Reading your blog is learning something new and always gives me inspirations and perspectives from different ppl~~ Thank you~! =D

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu,
You are so brave though i was thinking why should you do this even when you're already pretty enough. But i know everyone has their own 'wants'. But nevertheless, hope to see your full recovery pictures soon! Speedy recovery, brave women! :)


Anonymous said...

cant wait to see your chio pictures!! take care, brave girl!

Unknown said...

hi Qiu, wow you're Extremely brave for undergoing the whole procedure. It looks quite painful, but I am pretty sure the final result will look absolutely stunning, get well soon hun xxo. Love your blog it really is inspiring, the best blogs are always the ones about “being yourself”. – lots of shout outs from South Africa!!! Keep it up!

Unknown said...

I think you look prettier than ever now! The small chin looks very cute on you. Don't let anyone's words bring you down. Jiayou =D

Anonymous said...

omg qiuqiu
your swollen face is so cute
you look like a baby
you are so honest and brave that is why i love your blog
so good luck with the recovery

Anonymous said...

Ive also been to korea recently to get hinoplasty, my swelling was pretty bad but no where near as much as zygoma surgery. to be honest, i couldn't stop laughing when you took a photo of yourself trying to be chip but hen started dribbling, lol i honestly laughed for like 5 min. Cant wait to see your final result, you were pretty before but will still be pretty after!

Anonymous said...

You are very brave.

SASYACHI said...

Wish you a quick recovery :) cheers from Indonesia

Anonymous said...

Wow not only u r brave to do the surgery....u needa lot of guts to go to public with the swell too! I am sure all are worth it!

Anonymous said...

We went to the same hospital and same doc. Haha. I'm like u, recovering now. 加油! The pain is temp, but the results stay forever. It's totally worth it! Speedy recovery! =)

Anonymous said...

zomg qiuqiu, i dunno why i feel so xin tong looking at your swollen face, especially post-op day 1! please get well! (but you look abit like yurou when your face is all chubby and swollen. haha.)

Anonymous said...

You're such a brave woman to decide to do this!!! Take care and speedy recovery to you <3

Unknown said...

Hi QiuQiu! You are really brave! seen through all your photos, can see that the recovery process after the operation is not easy. Nonetheless you still remain very optimistic. Really admire your positive attitude in everything that you do! Love reading your blog and hope all goes well for you :)

Unknown said...

Ahhhh. One day, well if I ever get rich that is, I'll go to Korea and have plastic surgeries just like you. I wanna be pretty too. Heheh. You're such a brave and beautiful lady. I admire you so much. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu,

First real comment on your blog ^^ I sincerly wish you to get all well soon. Your face already looks so much deswelled on your previous blog post we alrerady can see the good results. You look even more prettier ! It's also good to see you didn't go through this alone, your husband is really taking good care of you.

I'm also seriously considering going through patic surgery for my nose which is a real complex to me that I couldn't overcome for several years and sharing your own experience and advices help me in my process. Thank you !

Anonymous said...

Speedy recovery, love ur previous look but still pretty lady now. Love urself more in ur way :)

Anonymous said...

After looking at your pictures, I am more reluctant not to do plastic surgery. I don't have guts like you. The pain you suffered from Day 1. Omg, I literally could feel the discomfort and pain by just looking at your pictures.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you wrote and posted photos of the days after your surgery. I have always been a little skeptical/critical of why people would choose to have cosmetic surgery, but reading this changed my mind a bit. It makes me feel that you had specific goals in mind going into your surgery, you knew what to expect about the outcome, and you were willing to share personal photos that would make a lot of people uncomfortable. So, you thought it through from start to finish and it seems like you made a good choice for yourself, which is all that really matters. And even on the recovery days when you were probably feeling the worst, you seemed to have a positive outlook. Thanks for writing about it-- I think I learned something!

Anonymous said...

This is weird but my friend's baby looks exactly like u post-op with the swollen face especially the lips... lol

Hope you recover quickly!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Qiu Qiu. I've never commented on any blog post before and you're the first. Because i have this very strong urge to give you some moral support!!!

Although you don't know me, I've been following your blog for quite some time now, reading about your journey to a more beautiful you and all your other life ramblings that are really funny and entertaining. I really really admire your courage to post all these photos. Although i really think that you're already pretty and didn't need this surgery, I still commend you for your courage and being true to yourself and your readers. Like, how many bloggers are like you please?!?!? There will be some haters who simply have nothing better to do and are totally insensitive but just close an eye to them cos their opinions don't matter. Jiayou in your recovery process. Cant wait to see how you'll look like in 2 months :)

Tysh said...

i got surgery a few years ago and i was in pain somenights and i cried and promissed never again... even if i was not in pain that day, i couldn't take anestesia everyday so just got off hospital and went home. even my parents cried. it was the first and last experience ahahah

Tysh said...

you are very corageous to go the street looking like that <3
i'm glad you have a boyfriend that was able to treat you very nicely during that time. God bless you 2 ^^

Jas said...

Hi QiuQiu!

Thank you for sharing! After reading your post, I have gained some knowledge and understandings from plastic surgery.

You are extremely brave to post your surgery process up and I am glad that you are recovering well!

Take care!


APRIL TAY said...

thanks for writing about this. At least I know what to expect if in the future if I decided to go for a chin reconstruction. (my chin is quite senget la)

Anyway... speedy recovery!

janice said...

awww qiuqiu you're so so brave! i would never have had the courage to go for such surgeries! i wish i could give you a big, fat hug now! here's sending you a virtual hug anyways! *HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSS* take very very good care of yourself and i absolutely cannot wait to see your fully-recovered photos! you're already looking so good right now! keep up with the faith and optimism because whatever you ask for, you will receive (Law of Attraction yo!) :) have plenty of good rest and looking forward to your pretty photos!<3

Ennie said...

hahaha OMG the lips!! couldn't stop laughing (sorry ah) and was like who is this!?!? quite sian leh post op swelling then got allergy some more. but by now must be looking good right, so worth 1-2 weeks of looking funny :D

Shierlyn said...

Hi Qiu!
I've the same allergy situation like you (eyes swell when wrong medicine taken). I fear that the procedure will cost me more than what you'd gone through. The feeling of swelling face isn't a joke.
Thanks for sharing with us your journey. Really appreciate how detail your post is.

t3ngt3ng said...

I've read every single word in this post and my only thought is you are such an incredible person! You are beautiful inside out. So brave, so positive and optimistic. We only live once. Either we live beautifully, or awfully. Wish you speedy recovery and continue to live beautifully QiuQiu.

P.S.: I have been waiting for the new episode of Budget Barbie until my neck super long liao la T__T

Unknown said...

QiuQiu your the best la.. so brave to done the surgery, i'm planning to get double eyelid surgery, but so scared to do that....
you give me a motivation ! :)
Thanks for sharing


Anonymous said...

i hope ur lip stay like this forever since u like PS so much... may god bless u ^^

kiddystick said...

Girl. No matter what people say. I believe youre pretty inside out. =) Heal up and BE BEAUTIFUL!!

Anonymous said...

how much does a v-line surgery roughly cost?
and where do the surgeons cut to make a jawline reduction
please make a post about it

and i hope that you recovered well
you are AWESOME <3

Anonymous said...

does it hurt very much
wish you a good health

RMXStudio said...

Hello, QuiQui!

I recently had the double jaw surgery and was feeling really concerned about how my face was swelling (my lips are HUGE right now). I wasn't sure if I was having an allergic reaction to the medicine or something, and hearing my mom's concern made me feel worse about it.

I just really wanted to say thank you for posting your experience, because it reassured me that nothing is going wrong with mine! I'm on Day 4 of recovery right now, so I have a ways to go, but seeing your story makes me feel determined. (We also called the doc, and they said it was going to be okay, haha.)

Thank you so much, QuiQui!

I hope you're doing well!