08 June 2010

I am so taken care of!


"Hello Juno! My fringe poking into my eyes soon!!! You free?!"

While waiting for Juno.. Nic helped me bun up my hair for an appointment later =D
I told her, "I wanna do the Dua Bao (big bun) hair you did last time for yourself"!!! ^.^

Ta dang~

So okay, answer this, do i still look like myself?
Cox i'm supposed to be a Korean, you know.. *shy*
But i look like a Japanese now *pretend to be unsatisfied with the ultra chioness*

Instead of being 173cm + 10cm for the 4inch heels, i was 183cm plus 8cm for this hair, i was standing at 191cm tall that day!!! SONG BO?!?!?

I can totally go play basketball with Yao Ming lor!!! =D

Call Juno at 90223918 for appointment

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