15 November 2011

One video to show off depth-of-field and who i'm rooting for!

The finalists for the Nuffnang Blog Award 2011 are out!!!!!!!!!

You can start voting for the bloggers HERE now!!!

I'm not one of the finalists *hold back tears* lolol BUT here's who i'm rooting for! =DDD

Most Influential blog - Xiaxue
No need to elaborate, right.

Best Lifestyle blog - Xiaxue
Hmm.. Becox waking up late plus doing things on own-time, own-target, plus having all the chioest, cutest pink stuff, flying from countries to countries every now and then.. Yeah, that's the lifestyle lol. And i really picked up and learnt a lot of things from her blog leh. From products, to food, to places, to weirdos lol. OH PLUS, her new blog design super chio got bunnies one. Lol.

Best Fashion blog - Cheeserland
Not just the runway pics and what's-hot-this-season and next season. Cheesie's blog shows how she wears the clothes and the style! Plus her blog got personal touch cox it's really not just a fashion-fashion blog. It's her blog but she's fashionable like that

Best Food blog - Ladyironchef
Good pictures + Good balance on posts of atas food/ best of your local fare. And Brad gives you the most honest opinion + useful information about the dishes/ makan places he blogs about. He once told me he hardly blogs about the food he doesn't enjoy becox there's not even enough time to blog about all the food he enjoyed. Philosophical not? Lol.

And and! Best Parenting blog - Motherinc!!!
Daphne super duper duper nice during the filming of Olay Project 360!!! I don't know what makes a good parenting blog but a nice mummy sure make it happen haha ^.^

Okay lah i'm very super biased as you can see, i'm only rooting for people i know personally lol. BUT i do wish all the Singaporeans in all categories good luck =DDD
- - - - - - -

And so i've been thinking of doing videos cox typing chunks and chunks of ramblings makes a post really wordy like this. Lol. So here's one video my bf and i did one day we were at home.

Confirm rated PG lol. It's his first "workpiece" so please be nice, and watch it. There's no meaning to it thou O.O It's just me fake sleeping, fake waking up, fake looking into the mirror. Lolol.

Will try to vlog more =D

Only cox video-editing is QUITE fun. Haha. So please subscribe to the channel lol. Just seem like the right thing to ask for since i can't ask for your vote *loserface* Lololol.


LITTY said...

I love the video. I find it really creative, please do more videos like these. :(((

Unknown said...

yes! that's great! Your bf is really talented!
keep them videos coming! I enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

Hi I love the video! You look really pretty in there. Pardon me for asking an irrelevant qn but what exactly is your hairstyle? Is it layered v shaped or cut evenly? Like what do you ask for when you're at the hairdresser? Thanks! (;

Anonymous said...

The video was amazing! Nice music and shooting technique! It was simple yet nice! Do more!

Anonymous said...

i love the video! keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

hi, my boy and I loved the video...so cute:)...by the way off topic, the heart-shaped romper that Xiaxue wore in the recent blog which she said you found it at $11? Can you so kindly provide the link? If not will you consider doing some sort of spree for it plspls?

J said...

Hi qiuqiu! Do you mind giving the link of xiaxue's heart shaped romper which you saw in taobao for $11?? :D tried to search for it but can't find ):

Anonymous said...

LOL. I have same bed set! The video was so cheesy one, it made me laugh. Good job on it - very creative.

Anonymous said...

Can you write a post on how to shop on taobao pls!

Anonymous said...

I love the blur effect! <3

QiuQiu said...

Not bad huh.. Lolol.