13 November 2011

QWeekly - Not feeling well

Was at the Elizabeth Arden event the other night and really enjoyed myself!
Look at the stuff they had in store for us!!! Happy much!!!
- - - - - - -
So i've been really sick. Okay, not really sick-sick, i'm only trying to get some sympathy here lolol. But it's true i have REALLY, REALLY bad flu so i sneeze like a mad sneezer..? Also got a blocked and runny nose, sore throat and all that's yet to come, is fever.

But i feel lethargic most of the time cox of this flu BUT HEY, look who's here blogging~~~ Look look! Me!!! Yong gong ma?

I wanna eat. When i get well, i wanna eat that two packets of Tai Sun wasabi potato chips, that box of Almond Roca, the two 8inch tarts in my fridge (omg the mango one, is YUMMY TO THE MAX I SWEAR), the super cute jelly beans i got, and the long long long candies i got with Mich at Vivo =((

I wanna eat all these. Sigh. Have been having porridge for like three days. THREE DAYS. I did sneaked a meal of McDonald's with Mich when i was out thou =DDD But it was horrible to down it cox the throat was SO horribly dry and sandpapery. Lol.

Ho lah, mai goh gong liao. I go rest. You guys have a great Sunday. By the way, here's a good news for a lot of people =)) Super wonderful news.

Okay bye bye!!! ^.^

Okay say really, you want a picture of me ma?
*shy face*

You wanit. Come getit. LOLOL. Very erxin i know, my nephew teach me one. I ask him for one candy only he also action-packed and say "Yeah, yeah? You wanit? Come getit" Hahaha. He super gross one.

Yeah, maybe it runs in the family. Kthxbai.


Anonymous said...

I've been sick since Thu. Fever won't go away!

나니 said...

I've just been sick as well. You should eat beansprout soup and get well soon! : D

Anonymous said...

When is your most awkward and embrassing time?

Anonymous said...

Chio picture of you! :)

Anonymous said...

try eating xi gua shuang lozenges! it works really well! can be bought at guardian.

QiuQiu said...