29 November 2011

Sponsored post: Say NO to buying medicine/ pills online

Gonna share a little bit on how you should be cautious about what you buy online, particularly buying medicinal drugs and supplement on the internet. At the end of the post, i hope you make good choices and don't go through the same sufferings i went through for buying drugs online =O

I blogged about my online buys about two years ago.

This was the horror.


It's a bottle of bust-enhancement pills, that i bought online.

NO MATTER WHAT PILLS YOU ARE BUYING, bust-enhancement, weight-loss, weight-gain, pills for better skin etc. SO LONG AS YOU BUY IT ONLINE without proper understanding of it, you're in risk.

The most misguided time of my life was when i decided to buy what they sell online. I understand the pull factor when you see something online and it promises you the world.

It shows you testimonials from random people, with their pictures of before and after. And how the product made their lives better.

And if there's the part about MONEY BACK GUARANTEED, it secures your confidence in the product before even buying it, and it seals the deal.

Afterall, it's not THAT expensive, really. Most of the time, what you buy online is cheaper than what the stores are selling it for. Sometimes slightly cheaper, sometimes, it's only a fraction of what you have to pay for in the stores.

So i bought it. And i spent the next three days in misery. I KNOW RIGHT. I should have stopped on the first day when i noticed the horrible side-effects.

I took the first pill in the morning.
First thing that happened was STIFF NECK. It started to get bad in the afternoon.

It felt like my whole neck turn into solid lead. It was so dense and so heavy.

Night time i took my second pill and by then the stiffness spread to my shoulders.

I went to bed in hope that i'd sleep it off and then!!! Day two! Took another pill and went out with bf in the afternoon.

By the way.. I hid the pills from him and took it secretly lol. We went to Vivocity and the whole freaking day, i walk around with my head tilt backwards cox it felt wayyyyy too heavy. WANTO DIE. But still didn't tell boyfriend why i feel unwell. I say "Maybe weather too hot" Lolol.

So i went home, took another pill at night and then sleep it off.

Came day three, i took the pill in the day time and the side-effects only get WORST.

It was really hard to breath. Like my neck is not just stiff, it now feels tight. My picture very drama hor? "Heeeelllp meee... I'm dyyyying..* Lol.
And then i felt giddy and i stopped taking those pills =((

It really gave me hope. That's why i persisted for 2.5 days even thou it felt so horrible. For being naive and careless and neglecting the importance of my own health and for wanting fast result for the lowest price.. I DESERVED THAT HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE.

Later when i went to google the ingredients of the bust enhancement pills, i found out that they contain this certain ingredient, which is a natural ingredient, yes, cox it's a herb BUT it can cause severe liver damage if taken over a period of time.


One tip i got from the Health Sciences Authority website

“Natural” does not always equal “Harmless”:"Do not assume that all products claiming to contain only “natural”, “organic” or “herbal” ingredients are safe and “milder” than western medicines.  Some plant products can actually be potent.  Also, some “natural” products may also contain substances that can cause adverse reactions when consumed with other foods or products."

So i went back to the website that sold me the pills and i left a comment in hope that people who read it will wake up in time and stop themselves from buying. But the online store owner didn't approve my comment.

So i sent them an email, no reply, no surprise. I wasn't gonna ask for my money back although that'd be nice lol. I wanted to let them know that they are doing something wrong and harmful to people.

Now i learnt that buying medicines, supplements and health drugs online is a BAD idea.

Very bad idea. Be it slimming pills, bust-enhancement pills, collagen pills, whitening pills, ANYTHING, so long as you're putting it into your body, and so long as you're not 100% sure where it's from, and how it's made and from WHAT it's made of, IT IS A BAD IDEA to get it online.

What do the people who sell it online have to lose? If anything goes wrong, they shut their websites down. As a matter of fact, the company that sold the pills to me has already shut down haha. Yeah i just went to google search them lol.

And what do we have to lose? If we're lucky, we fall sick and we recover and we learn a lesson. If we're not lucky, we can cause permanent damage to our body or even die from taking these stuff bought from random online sites.

Here's an article i was interviewed in, during the time three 16 year old girls fall badly ill after buying some supplement online to consume.

So from now on i must REMEMBER!!! You too!!!

 I will NEVER buy health products from dubious sites online anymore!!!

To convince you:

From Health Sciences Authority Website
"According to the World Health Organisation, one in two medicines sold over the Internet is fake. A 2008 report by the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines, a community interest organisation, also noted that three in five medicines sold over the Internet are either counterfeit or sub-standard."

Do you know where the medicines are made? Do you know what's the manufacturing process? Do you know if stringent tests have been run on it before it's pass to you, the consumer? Do you know how to contact the seller/ company if anything happens to you becox of their medicines/ supplement pills?

If your answer is NO to all the above.. Then i suggest..

You be strong-willed!!! No matter how enticing they make the product to appear!

I will not risk my health for the sake of convenience, lower prices or greater privacy by purchasing health products from dubious or unfamiliar sources such as random Internet websites or persons postings offers on auction sites, discussion forums etc!

Especially forums!!! NEVER TRUST THEM FULLY!!! Here's why!

When i was googling for the ingredients and the brand of the pills i took (after i stop taking), i discover not one, not two, BUT THREE different forums, having someone raving about it, WITH THE EXACT WORDS. 

I can safely assume that it's the seller/ company that's posting those in forums. To make it more convincing like it's posted by someone who actually tried the product. 

And may i show you again..

Over 50% of medicines purchased online from illegal sites are counterfeit or substandard1


1 MILLION illegal medicines were confiscated in 20102, and 694 websites were engaged in illegal activity in 2010
Products purchased from above mentioned sources pose very high risk of being counterfeit or adulterated with undeclared potent substances that may cause serious harm to consumers like us!

The dangers are especially high if the substances are prescription drugs which should only be taken under close medical supervision. 
One other risk when buying medicinal drugs from online is that your package may be detained by the immigration authorities when it arrives in Singapore. Possible reason is, the drug may be approved for sale in its country of origin, it might not be approved for use locally.

I leave you with this paragraph i read from a case study shows some serious side-effects victims of people buying weight-loss pills online.
"The patient experienced hallucinations and palpitations, both symptoms of psychosis. Sibutramine is known to have other side effects, including insomnia, headache and anxiety. Patients have also been reported to have suffered from other complications such as high blood pressure and a faster than normal heart rate."

If you need to know more about the dangers of buying health supplements online, click here.
1. World Health Organization on Counterfeit Medicines: Fact sheet No 275 (2010).
2. Ops Pangea III global results.

Erm.. Yeah one healthy-looking picture of myself. Sort of. LOL. There are many other alternatives ways to lose weight! So please don't buy weight-loss pills online!
Buy your health supplements from a licensed clinic, registered pharmacy or established retail store!


Joy said...

Hi qiuqiu! I know this is abit off-topic, but where did u buy the shirt from? :D

Anonymous said...

Did the pills actually work though? I always knew that horrible side effects would occur but if the pills didn't even enlarge your breasts why didn't they just sell like vitamin pills and claim they work?

QiuQiu said...

Joy, it's from an online shop who gave it to me but i forgot which O.O Sorry!!!

Anon, i think there are viral substances inside the pills that are believed to work for minority but MORE substances inside the pills that'd cause harm to the body i guess? Cox a lot of ppl claim to have side-effects

Anonymous said...

Wait...i'm just thinking why you need bust enhancement pills since you're pretty fine with your recent boobjob? Unless u afraid to have sagging tits but that cant be possible when u r just A cup. Or you cant do a B size cause U are really skinny..Well no offend, Just kinda curious over. Cheeers!

QiuQiu said...

Anon, maybe you didn't read the part "I blogged about my online buys about two years ago."

Anonymous said...

I know this is WAYYYYYY off-topic but why isn't there any photos of your bf yet? You two seem so sweet!

Anonymous said...

bust enhancement pills will never work. once you pass puberty, nothing you do apart from surgery will make a REAL difference

Unknown said...

Great article QiuQiu! I had a similiar experience with weight loss pills I foolishly bought off ebay. I think they were like Chinese herbal green tea appetite suppressants or something - made me absolutely sick! Keep up the great blogging :)